Sometimes you will not understand why

Its not everyday or every situation that you will get to understand everything. Especially why or how they end up happening.
You may feel bad, angry, disappointed or even defeated. That feeling of being a fail may weigh you down. And make you doubt your previous efforts. Its okay, it happens.
Many thoughts will cross your mind. You will keep guessing and self doubting yourself. But this will only make things worst. And its not either to avoid all these that easy.
If pity party works for you. Please do but don't allow it eat you up. Be sad, scream, blow some steam. Do whatever you need to. Until that feeling goes away.
By doing so, its when you get to go past it. Its not easy as you may think. But it gets better with time. A little help and boast to your self will, you will be okay. 


Can we have order in the house?

There's noise everywhere,
I can't concentrate or hear anything constructive,
Different people talking to different people at the same time,
Am getting confused and frustrated,
Can we have order in the house?

Holiday month

December is here!

A month that has a celebration  univeral to the whole planet.

Christmass,  a holiday celebrated by almost everyone irregardless of their believes. Some just use it to have good time with the families.

Simply what a holiday entails.

To some its time to have a break from the offices that prisons us most of our days. Others its time to go for a safari, sunbath at the beaches, hit roads by doing road trips, go visit our parents, see countrryside and give cities a break, among others.

Its that month to be merry and thankful to have made this far. The 365 days are almost done.

Make December an awesome one and burry all the worries.

It’s not always about you

Have you ever met this kind of human beings?

Everything that happens around them, they will always find a way to make it about themselves.

And am like, do you know how many billions we are on this poor planet. You are just like a drop in the ocean.

So relax and understand that its not always about you.

Why am I angry?

I still don’t really know why am this angry at her.

It was an eventful day and was happy about it. Unfortunately , on my way home this happened.

I came across a couple fighting. Waiting they were not fighting since the lady was the one receiving the beating. The guy was fighting her ruthlessly, even throwing stuff like broken bottles at her. She was trying her best to apologize but this guy seem not to get any of that.

People had just surrounded them , as if watching tv show. No one tried or showed sign of helping these people out. Claiming that fights between couple should be left to the couples to solve. But hey, this lady’s life was on line here. This guy could end up ending her life while they watched.

I tried to ask one of the guys in the audience to try to hold down the fighting dude since he was the big one. He just snobbed me and told me to enjoy the show just like everyone else. This was bullshit so i went for the extreme measure. I decided to give a call to one of my friends who happens to be in the police department.

At least he seem to care and able to do something. He was very effective because they responded in the shortest time possible. The lady was already bleeding from all the cuts she got from the broken glasses.

Then boom, she almost gave me a heart attack. She requested the police to release his husband, As it was a simple misunderstanding. That things will be okay. What was wrong with her?

The police had no choice but release the guy. And they left.

Guess what!

Just as the police car left and I decided to go home and mind my own business. I had the screamings again. The fight resumed.

Am still very angry when I remember or think about this incidence.

LETS ALL SAY A BIG NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. No person is allowed to cause any kind of abuse to their partners.

Do you easily take ownership of your mistakes?

How often do you take ownership of your mistakes without blaming it on something or someone?

Especially the devil, I don’t know about where you are. But wher I am, most people when they have no one to blame for the mistakes or something to use as an excuse. Then the devil is used as the guine pig. And they will easily blame it on the devil/demons. Not forgetting parents, friends, enemies, collegues, cars, alarm, and the list is endless. Am not very sure if that’s suppossed to be the case.

The more we keep looking for excuses and things/people to blame for our mess. We deny ourselves an opportunity to learn from them. Sometime, its true something or someone may have contributed to our mess. But we remain the CEO of your life, hence have the final go ahead in everything you do.

What about you? Do you take ownership of your mistakes?

Her Wish

Her wish is difficult to give,

And its even harder to let her know.

She has never asked me for something this passionately,

To a point of allowing me break some rules,

Just to be able to make her wish come true.

I feel as if am the bad person here,

With no option to change things,

And give her this wish,

I just gave her a smile and no answer,

Empty hopes and possibilities.

I love her so much,

And breaking her heart will literally kill me,

Am torn within and really confused,

Yet to decide what to do about the wish.

I Know I Mess up All the time

He is a mess but I think its not intentional,
I have seen both side of him,
The extremely good and well collected side,
As well as the broken and lost side.

But he seems to be at the negative edge,
He is only thinking of how many times he has messed up,
And putting it as if he only messes up,
Not allowing himself to also see his good side.

Yes, he knows what to do to correct things,
But its not that easy,
Plus he is not good at opening up when depressed,
He prefer to confine into his beer and few smokes.

I wish I could be able to make him understand,
How speciala and unique he is,
But for now,
I will allow him some time to himself and say a prayer.