You Can’t Always Get You Want

Sometimes It takes a good fall To really know where you stand.Try to keep You Mind right Your soul straight and Your Heart strongSometimes you get what you needYou Can't Always Get You Want


Is it a bright day.?

We are shortly past mid year, so 2018 is quickly fading away.

We have made progress and failures along the way.

Maybe we are not yet where we promised ourselves to do this year, but we still have 5 months to make it happen.

Am not very happy with the death of some rhinos that were to have a new home in Tsavo.

Am still following their investigation progress, with full details. We can try to understand how we lost those precious animals.

Its a bright day.

If you are healthy, have a roof over your head and purpose.

Those are enough to push you forward.

Ensure to brighten someone’s else day today.

Bright weekend friends..

Letter to all Rapists

How is the going,

Living with the knowledge of what you have caused to your victims,

Do you pose for a minute and reflect on the impact you left in them.

Maybe you enjoyed it, or felt remorse afterwards, or yet to figure out what you feel about the whole thing.

Many lives have been lost, others destroyed and more damage done,

The weak ones gave up and ended their lives,

The strong ones keep fighting to have courage to stay alive,

The confused ones are yet to know what to do next.

If they thought in terms of revenge,

They would wish that one day,

You too have  kids just like them,

Then these kids cross ways with a monster just like you,

And get raped.

As they crawl and cry for help,

Trying their best to overcome the pain and accept the situation,

You will watch the pain you made someone go through ,

Through your kid’s eyes,

Maybe then you will fully understand the consequences for your monster actions.

But what they will do is forgive you ,

Try to make peace with the past,

Hoping karma will catch up with you,

Forgiveness is the only thing that will heal the wounds,

As well as boast will to live.

If you thought you conquered,

Then you are terribly wrong,

Yes you were a stumbling block,

And that was turned  to be  stepping stone,

For a bright future,

So you were damn wrong.
If you are victim or have a relation with one of them. Maybe a friend or a sibling or

anyone you know. Help them understand that it was never their fault to go through it.

We may never understand what it really feels but we will always be there for them. Live

is precious and a gift, problems and such incidences can be used to build strength. Lets

concentrate on the positives and make peace with the past. As long as you are still

breathing, you have a purpose to accomplish.