I Need Some Space

I need space to think clearly, I need space to re-energize myself, I need space to exhale whatever is clouding my life, I really need some space. Unlike you, am unable to speak out my frustrations, Instead, I prefer to have some me time during such moments, Just like electronic devices needs some charging, IContinue reading “I Need Some Space”

Am Humbled

Thank you very much Nash and Mahin for the award nominations. You are one of my best friends online and am grateful to you for nominating me for the  Friendship, Liebster, Sunshine, Versatile and Blogger Recognition Awards. Nash is a very talented writer who will always surprise you each time he writes any article, he isContinue reading “Am Humbled”


They come in many shapes, forms, sizes, etc. They are diverse and each bring something into our lives, Whether good or bad, helpful or not, They are called friends. Some end up being family, Being there for us no matter what, They can literally do anything for us, We may stay a while without communicationContinue reading “Friends”