What Do You Know About Foxes?

What Do You Know About Foxes?

What Do You Know About Foxes? Are fixed dogs or cats? Beyond their cute fur covering their body and long bushy tail. As well as the qualities attached to them, they are not good pets. Taming them has never perfectly worked. I guess it’s a sign that wildlife should just simply be left to remain in the wild. And left to occupy and live in their natural habitats.


They are somehow small to medium omnivores that are dog-like. But not dogs. Mainly feeding on the inverbrates, small vertebrates, as well as plants and eggs.

They have a flattened skull, upright triangular ears, a pointed, slightly upturned snout, and a long bushy tail.

Leach is the term used to describe a group of foxes. While a male fox may be referred to as a tod and a female one as the vixen. The little ones are cubs/pups/kits.

They are several species of foxes but only 12 of them are considered to be true foxes. They include:

  • Red Fox
  • Gray Fox
  • Arctic Fox
  • Fennec Fox
  • Kit Fox
  • Swift Fox
  • Blanford’s Fox
  • Cape Fox / Silver-backed Fox
  • Corsa Fox
  • Tibetan Fox
  • Ruppell’s Fox
  • Bengal Fox/ Indian Fox

They are widely spread across the world. And belong to the same family as the wolves and jackals.

They have a very short lifespan

They can manage to live up to 10 years.

Unlike some dog families that are very social. Foxes may live solitary or be engaged in very small family groups.

Conservation status

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Ways My Pets have been awesome to me

Ways My Pets have been awesome to me

Yes, there are various ways my pets have been awesome to me. They have been literally my life guardian angel ever since I was a small kid.

Being the shortest, shy and fat kid, you become the easiest target for bullies. They will also pick on you, as they make your life at school miserable and kinda a hell on earth.

I was quite bullied at school and due to my introvert nature. I rarely shared with anyone , except my pets. My bullies upgraded their technique each passing day and they seem to enjoy this hellish ride.

Back at home, it was different. My parents tried their best to create us a paradise. They offered what they could and help us understand why they were unable to provide some of things we may have requested. They encouraged open communication but there was a little problem.

They both worked in our shop which happened to be the same place where we lived. So they work up ver early to open the shop, and closing time was pretty late. So if you needed to tell them something or have a talk with them about anything. It would have to happen at the shop. So somehow, it was not an easy place to go and tell mama about the bullying stuff there.

I feared the customers hearing of my problems and the interruptions as they come to buy stuff. So as much as mum encouraged us to tell her anything bothering our little souls. Her schedule was pretty occupied.

And this where my pets came in handy. Luckily dad introduced me to pets very early . My first pets were a cat and two squarrels. They were my world and everyone in the house respected their existence . Even if they did like the company as I did.

My pets listened to me

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Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Do you have kids? Love interacting with them? Or even baby sit them for your friends, neighbours, family , among others.

Have you ever think about animation and their effect on kids?

Tv shows, movies and any other media contents is mainly animated. Almost everything in the kids world is in animation mode. Kids get an opportunity to be introduced to “animals” from their early age.

They are able to relate to the characters easily and end up having a good connection with animals. This might explain why kids easily connect with their pets.

They treat them with respect, see them as friends and will do anything to protect them. They don’t discriminate , as they will play with pets of other kids. They have a lot of love to share around. Maybe we share learn from them and kill all the hatred we hide inside our dark souls. That end up causing us to be tribalism, racist, terrorists, just to name a few.

I personally love animation with the many years that I have. I love cartoons too and definitely love babies. Still waiting to have some of my own some day.

The animation helps to create characters that helps to bring different behaviors out. There are both good and bad ones. A kid can easily judge an animal from what they see on their animation stuff.

Who doesn’t love the chipmunks? And Alvin and the chipmunks (chippettes) help to elaborate how sweet they are . What about the RIO, the sweet singing stylish macaw (blu). Just to name a few.

They end up knowing animals to be just like others. But get corrupted when they grow older. Sad.

Have you heard the assumption that animals no matter how dangerous they may be rarely hurt kids?

It has been said, filmed or even looked into. And many tend to believe that animals will rarely harm kids when they cross roads.

Maybe its because unlike older people, they don’t panic hence not producing adrenaline that cause us to wanna protect ourselves. By either running away, hitting back at animals or doing anything that will get us out of such situations.

For them, it will be just relating to their characters in real life. So they animals will end up not seeing them as a threat .

Wow! I already missed being a baby.

Start with baby steps

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Animals Too Have Feelings

Just like humans, animals too have feelings. I was very happy when I saw billboards advising citizens to respect animals by not being cruel to them. They went ahead to show some of the actions considered cruel while handling animals.

Most people tend to assume that animals don’t feel anything . Or maybe what they may feel doesn’t matter or count. Hence end up mistreating them in awful ways.

Some of the acts may even be due to ignorance. Whereby the perpetrators has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

These actions include:

  • Feeding pets human foods.
  • Confiding pets in cages with environment that is not conducive
  • Neglecting a pet.
  • Remaining silence about it and allowing it to continue happening.
  • Killing them mercilessly.
  • Using them for experiments unethically.
  • Smuggling animals.
  • Feeding wildlife in the conservation areas and zoos.
  • Poaching
  • Killing animals for fun. (trophy hunting)
  • Using animals for entertainment (bull-fighting, dog-fighting, cock-fighting, animals circuses, among others)
  • Leaving pets unattended to for a very long time.
  • Causing pain on animals from beating them.
  • Denying them….

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Why Pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow

Are you in agreement that pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow? It may be a Yes or a No. But allow me few minutes we reason together.

Pets are increasing fame into our homes. More people are embracing having them in the living space and considering them as part of the family.

Unlike the old days, where dogs and cats were the one majorly considered to be pets. More animals have joined the club. You will be surprised of some animals animal lovers consider as pets. Love is what matters here the most.

Pets can range from birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, marine animals, among many others. They are several requirements and guidelines that helps enrich relationships between the pets and their owners.

Pets are best at providing companionship, security and even completeness. They need a lot of care and understanding. But also have plus side and benefits that no cash could ever buy.

Animals rarely hurts babies. In fact some deadly animals have been witnessed leaving babies unharmed when they crossed each other’s path. I think they are able to feel their innocence and relate in a way we are yet to understand. Pets such as dogs and cats have been known to be some of the best nannies.

They are able to have a relationship with the babies. To a point where they understand the babies and their needs. To rock them while they try to cry or to make them sleep. Play with them and allow them do stuff for fun.

Have you ever had a chance to mingle with a kid who grew up around animals and those around stuffed animals? You will notice…

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The Blogger Appreciation Award

The Blogger Appreciation Award

Happy Monday, Folks! I am delighted to have been nominated for the Blogger Appreciation Award by the wonderful and talented Josh . This award was created by Charles French, who is an accomplished writer and a professor, and he has just released a new book titled Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society. This horror novel has received wonderful reviews, and Josh suggested we check it out, so let’s do exactly that.


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  • Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
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Positive Paragraph
Something positive about me? Mmmmmh, lets see….
Am a strong woman who believes that no matter what is thrown to you, you have powers to defeat it as long as you keep the right attitude and perception.
I believe that true happiness comes from within and being nice even to those who don’t deserve it is a bonus to a healthy life.
I love all animals both wild and domesticated, despite not having the best writing skills, I do my best to pass across the conservation education and awareness.
Its my wish that one day I will be able to write books on the same and even produce documentaries.

Nominees are listed below in no particular order. As always, this nomination is a token of my support. If you run an award-free blog, then take this to mean that I genuinely appreciate your content and our online ‘conversations.’

Now I know…

Did you know that in the ancient Egypt 4000 years ago saw cats as symbol for fertility and motherhood? They even dedicated a temple for them……

As you digest that, the “wild cats”  are considered royal in Lamu, Kenya. Existence of these cats have a religious aspect since they believe that the prophet and his disciples were fond of them.

They do look similar to the ordinary cats, the domesticated ones, but they are sleek and angular. These features are similar to the ones during the time of Pharaohs in Egypt. They are easily spotted in the streets of Lamu scavenging and lazing around. I also once saw them at the Nairobi Orphanage Center, the captivated ones. 

hey you.jpg

So cats especially the black ones are not evil at all….I remember how as kids we were lied to that if a black “wild” cat crossed the road in front of your vehicles then you would be involved in an accidents. Very funny and scarcely, right? Then some told us that some “bad” people could be able to turn into cats and do bad stuff to us. And yes as much as I resisted to believe all that, I really feared the big black cats….

I was reading a Komba magazine and came across some really cool crazy cat facts:

  • Cats sleep 70% of their lives: now you understand why they are naturally lazy and love cuddling.
  • Some cats were mummified like Pharaohs in the ancient Egypt.
  • You can reduce risk of stroke and heart-attack by third if you owned a cat. 
  • It was illegal to slay cats in the ancient Egypt.
  • While we sweat everywhere, cats only sweat through their cute foot pads, no wonder they are always clean and cute.

How as your day.jpeg

Cats are the best buddies when you need a company to cuddle your arms and feets. They are playful and best friends.

i like youLets play moreToo boredYou look cute

Happy owning a cat now and curb risk of getting that hurt attack or stroke….

Animal welfare and rights

Very true and sad.jpg

Always remember

Be the best caretaker.jpg

So we agreed not to be mean to things/who we dislike, good , i like that and thank you.

We all know our rights but do you know any rights for the animals both the domestic and wild animals?
Don’t worry i will enlightened you on some of the welfare and rights that were formed to protect animals.

Animal rights vs animal welfare

Some of the welfare and animal rights include:
1.It’s against animal’s right to carry out any behavior or experiments that causes suffering them.
2. Animals should not be overworked.
3.Animals should be provided an environment where they can breathe properly.
4. Whereby an animal is to be killed, it should be given a quick death.
5. It is wrong to abandon injured, sick or mutilated animals.
6. Animals are to be provided with a conducive environment and be provided all the necessities including veterinary assistance.
7. No animal should be exposed to cruelty and government should protect them.
8. Both domestic and wild animals should not be abused in any manner.
9. You are not to work unfit animals or working them to exhaustion.
10. It prohibits poisoning of animals with certain poisons.
11.Animals should be raised according to their species and behaviors.

Animal rights

Did you know that animals can be represented in court and be fought for if any of the rights are stepped?
Countries like Indian banned use of captive dolphins for entertainment. They also restrict killing and consumption of cows. Indian are more focused on welfare of the stray and wild animals. This is a good trait since these animals mostly have no one to speak out for them while the domestic ones can be protected by their owners.
Malaysia prohibits shooting of stray dogs.
It is wrong in South Korea to kill an animal in the presence of another animal of same species. The killing should also not be done in public. You are not to collect fluids from bodies of live animals.

Please be kind to animals

Will you be their voice?

Will you speak for the voiceless.jpg

Animal welfare and rights

If you don’t like/love something/one at least don’t be mean to them.

It’s normal not to like everything or everyone but it’s very unfair to be mean to them for no good reason. There was a 🙁 kitten outside my door today morning that was too 🙁 to even smile at my camera. Apparently my neighbors are not cat people and worst, they usually kick them whenever they cross their path.

This is just one of the kittens of the other four who I guess were having breakfast somewhere else with their mum. The mum is usually very protective and you can’t even go near them for a photo.

It’s against animal’s rights to mistreat them in any manner. May it be a stray dog/ cat/ injured bird. They are just like us, after all we all belong to kingdom animalia. Be nice to them and you will experience their warmth in return.

Sometimes when we want to have some air, we usually end up straying in parks or open areas, not necessarily going to a specific place but just taking a walk. Has any animal ever thrown a stone at you for walking around aimlessly? Then why should you throw stones to animals when you assume that they are stray animals. We are taught that whenever we give smile you receive one back. So let’s be sensitive and respective to anything with life. You don’t like it, move on and don’t do anything bad.