What Do You Know About Foxes?

What Do You Know About Foxes? What Do You Know About Foxes? Are fixed dogs or cats? Beyond their cute fur covering their body and long bushy tail. As well as the qualities attached to them, they are not good pets. Taming them has never perfectly worked. I guess it’s a sign that wildlife shouldContinue reading “What Do You Know About Foxes?”

Ways My Pets have been awesome to me

Ways My Pets have been awesome to me Yes, there are various ways my pets have been awesome to me. They have been literally my life guardian angel ever since I was a small kid. Being the shortest, shy and fat kid, you become the easiest target for bullies. They will also pick on you,Continue reading “Ways My Pets have been awesome to me”

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild Do you have kids? Love interacting with them? Or even baby sit them for your friends, neighbours, family , among others. Have you ever think about animation and their effect on kids? Tv shows, movies and any other media contents is mainly animated. Almost everything inContinue reading “Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild”

Animals Too Have Feelings

Just like humans, animals too have feelings. I was very happy when I saw billboards advising citizens to respect animals by not being cruel to them. They went ahead to show some of the actions considered cruel while handling animals. Most people tend to assume that animals don’t feel anything . Or maybe what theyContinue reading “Animals Too Have Feelings”

Why Pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow

Are you in agreement that pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow? It may be a Yes or a No. But allow me few minutes we reason together. Pets are increasing fame into our homes. More people are embracing having them in the living space and considering them as part of the family. Unlike theContinue reading “Why Pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow”

The Blogger Appreciation Award

Happy Monday, Folks! I am delighted to have been nominated for the Blogger Appreciation Award by the wonderful and talented Josh . This award was created by Charles French, who is an accomplished writer and a professor, and he has just released a new book titled Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society. This horror novel has receivedContinue reading “The Blogger Appreciation Award”

Now I know…

Did you know that in the ancient Egypt 4000 years ago saw cats as symbol for fertility and motherhood? They even dedicated a temple for them…… As you digest that, the “wild cats”  are considered royal in Lamu, Kenya. Existence of these cats have a religious aspect since they believe that the prophet and hisContinue reading “Now I know…”

Animal welfare and rights

So we agreed not to be mean to things/who we dislike, good , i like that and thank you. We all know our rights but do you know any rights for the animals both the domestic and wild animals? Don’t worry i will enlightened you on some of the welfare and rights that were formedContinue reading “Animal welfare and rights”

If you don’t like/love something/one at least don’t be mean to them.

It’s normal not to like everything or everyone but it’s very unfair to be mean to them for no good reason. There was a 🙁 kitten outside my door today morning that was too 🙁 to even smile at my camera. Apparently my neighbors are not cat people and worst, they usually kick them wheneverContinue reading “If you don’t like/love something/one at least don’t be mean to them.”