Did you know that Lions are disappearing?

Did you know that Lions are disappearing? Did you know that lions are disappearing? Their populations are rapidly decreasing around the world. And the rate at which they are declining, is alarming. Shocking Facts In 21 years it’s population decreased by 43%. Regionally, lions have gone extinct in 15 African countries. In 1996 the IUCNContinue reading “Did you know that Lions are disappearing?”

Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier. It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’sContinue reading “Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out”

What drives you while planning for safaris?

What drives you while planning for safaris? What convinces you to hit the road and pay a visit to the wildlife in the wild? “There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitudeContinue reading “What drives you while planning for safaris?”