Did you know that Lions are disappearing?

Did you know that Lions are disappearing?

Did you know that lions are disappearing? Their populations are rapidly decreasing around the world. And the rate at which they are declining, is alarming.

Shocking Facts

  • In 21 years it’s population decreased by 43%.
  • Regionally, lions have gone extinct in 15 African countries.
  • In 1996 the IUCN Declared lions to be a vulnerable species.

Snippet about Lions

Their scientific name is Panthera Leo.

It’s one of the big cats in our wildlife world, also known as the king of the jungle.

They weight around 125 to 272 kilograms and may live 10 to 18 years in the wild, but up to 30 years in the activity.

They can be found in savannas, plains, grasslands, dense bush, and woodlands.

They depend on the herbivores for food as they are carnivores.

The adult lion has no predator except the humans.

Reasons why we should not allow Lions go extinct

It’s the king of the jungle, how do we sit back as they go extinct. Wildlife kingdom will lose it’s king. We need them.

Lions are apex predators in their ecosystems and play a crucial role in keeping a healthy balance of numbers among other animals, especially herbivores like zebra and wildebeest . Which in turn influences the condition of grasslands and savannas.

Lions are amazing animals despite their huge size. They have been known to cherish a relationship with those close to them even humans. They know how to be grateful and cherish those moments.

They ensure order in the jungle. By marking their territories just like the other predators. They help promote even contribution of predators throughout the jungle. Hence able to manage the populations of the herbivores.

What contributes to the lion extinction?

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Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier.

It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’s time to just relax and have some good time.

Beaches and big hotels maybe most preferred by many. Enjoying some vitamin D and sand bathing. What if you still get that vitamin D and get to make awesome memories. This is because Africa is hot, literally hot. Vitamin D from the sun is everywhere every day at least twelve hours.

Africa is still developing, so most of it is still in its raw state. Developments are yet to cover all places. So you will be able to get an insight of how things ran many years ago in its remote places. Simply, Africa is full of surprises and very welcoming to everyone in the world.

That said, what are some of these places can you be able to enjoy all these.

Here we go:


Chyulu hills

It hosts the greatest wildlife estate called Maasai Mara National Reserve. Also known as one of the best wildlife destination in the world. The Maasai Mara Reserve is also where the greatest wildebeest migration takes place.

It’s a home to a variety and good number of national parks and reserves. Not forgetting the historical sites, cultural centres, sanctuaries, nature parks, mountains, among others.


Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s the other half of the greatest wildebeest migration. A home to some of largest herds of wildlife mammals.

For beach lovers, Zanzibar offers you exactly that. And a lot of history to learn from.


Murchison Falls National Park

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What drives you while planning for safaris?

What drives you while planning for safaris?

What convinces you to hit the road and pay a visit to the wildlife in the wild?

“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”
Karen Blixen

What is a safari?

When the word “Safari” is mentioned, Africa and its wildlife pops into our minds. This is because Safari is used to describe the journey to Africa’s conservation areas.

The journey includes hiking, photography, rock climbing, camping, trekking, expeditions ,and also sort of awesome crazy stuff we are able to do in the jungles.

In short, safari is a visit we pay wildlife and indigenous communities.

Options while doing a safaris

Safari has evolved with time and activities keep changing with time. Just like technology, it keeps changing.

Virtual safaris

Safaris can be very expensive and more tourists and embracing virtual  safaris.

This involves streaming a safari at the comfort of your home. Organisations stream live from the jungles and allows you to join in virtually.

All you need is good internet connection and a laptop/smart TV.

Volunteer safaris

This is for those who don’t mind offering a helping hand and mingle with the locals.

It allows you to offer free services to the conservation areas such as the orphanages, santuaries, conservancies, among others. In return , you are provided with a place to sleep and meals.

It also allows you to offer donations for the wildlife and community welfare.

Its one of the most noble form of safari.

Road-trips safari

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