Passion Is Everything

Passion is everything. It can help you understand something very well more than someone who had to under education program.

The sun was very hot, very normal for people living in Mombasa. As we made our way to the beach, it was already full despite being a week day.

The boats were ready
The boats were ready

People are quickly appreciating importance of having holidays and relax from their very busy day jobs. Many of the people here came as families.

It was really impressive to see parents and their children enjoying themselves at the beach. One of the families really caught my attention. Their dad was so funny and lively. He lied down and his wife together with their kids applied the sand all over his body. They covered almost every inch of his body, including his face. He was a big guy with a big tummy. But that seemed not to stop him from having fun.

They were happy to do it to their dad and didn’t stop laughing. It was hilarious. This motivated the other dad’s to request same from their family. The beach looked funny.

The view was enough to make you smile
The view was enough to make you smile

We decided to have a ride into the marine park before joining the fun. Several guys approached to offer boat ride services. One of them stood up. He was very persuasive and we decided to take his offer.

He knew the ocean like the back of his hand. From the different parts of the ocean to the different animals. He was a great swimmer and diver. With no equipment but just a pair of shorts.

The ocean was calm
The ocean was calm

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You will finally get your voice

Are you the shy type,

Forced to say "Yes",

Simply because you can't voice out your opinions,

Don't worry,

You will finally get your voice.

Sometimes you try to speak up,

You gather all the courage you can get,

Only to freeze and words escape your mouth at the final stage,

It's a bad experience and hurting,

But with time,

You will finally get your voice.

It really suck to be unable to speak up for yourself,

It causes massive damage to self-esteem,

Making your nights long with silent cries of help,

That no one expect you knows,

But with patience and support ,

You will finally get your voice.

Make it your life goal,

Let the change start from within,

Believe in you and appreciate yourself,

You are important and your opinion matters too,

One step at a time,

And you will finally get your voice.

Look for a supportive mentor,

Open up to them and start your courage building,

Practice speaking up your opinions with them,

They will be able to offer help ,

And finally your voice will be right there with you,

Ready to air out your opinions when need be and no longer

saying fake "Yes" due to intimidation. 

My Best Friend That I never Met

“Hello dear friend,
hope you had a great day as mine
Confirm affirmative Roger out”

That was his pick-up line when he slide into my DM.

It was a good one because I was unable to ignore him so I responded,


That’s how our friendship began.

He nick named me ”Charlie-Hotel-Echo squared” when I started referring to him as “Kilo-Alpha”.

My attachment program exposed me to radio communications. So we were able to communicate. It was fun and he was kinda very funny.

He was based in Somalia that time. Working to ensure that Al shabab bandits don’t destroy innocent lives and property. He enjoyed every bit of it and made it known to me.

As our friendship grew, we shared more about our daily live activities. Shared ideas, brain stormed stuff , among others. Our friendship became a productive one.

I learnt about war and Somalia through him. He only allowed me to know what a civilian is allowed to know, if you are wondering. He shared the his experience in the war-zone country. It seemed like he was using me as his exhaling buddy. And I was happy to offer him a listening ear.

His wife was based in Dubai. A very hardworking woman and beautiful. He was very proud of him and worked very hard to keep her happy. He talked about her very much, especially when he thought he was about to face a difficult situation.

He lived as if it was his last day. And the amazing part, he was passionate about his work. He was passionate towards his job. Being a soldier was his childhood passion. He didn’t become a soldier for money or need of a job but to ensure safety of the many vulnerable people.

He may have never realize it. But as we shared our experiences, I learnt a lot and embraced life with a very different perception. He made me see life as a gift to be treasured. Appreciate the need to embrace and work on my passion. Simply living with a purpose without caring too much on the money making part.

Sometimes it was painful to chat on the things he was experiencing. He really made me scared but I had to pretend for the sake of not pulling him down. He allowed himself to be vulnerable with me. Which was scarily at first. He loved country music and sharing positive vibes plus bible verses. He was extra-ordinary.

Then something happened, and this time was different. He went silent and didn’t respond to any messages. I wasn’t worried at first, because it happened and we could catch up later. When he gets to a place with network. So I assumed, this was one of those times.

As I stayed hopeful that he will eventually message back, my hope were shuttered down by a very sad breaking news. The soldiers had been ambushed by the bandits and several soldiers lost their lives. I went into a denial state. And convinced myself that he was among the survivors.

Days passed but Kilo Alpha remained silent. Then reality finally caught up with me. His Facebook account was deleted. It was like he never existed there. Kilo-Alpha was no more, he was among those who lost their lives.

It pained so much to a point of making me experience several episode of extreme stress. I lost my best friend. We never got an opportunity to meet physically. But he secured a place in my heart. He gave me useful lessons in life. Brighten my dull days and above all, made me believe in my passion again.

Kilo Alpha you are my hero. I hope the next life is more interesting and nice to you. You left empty spaces in our hearts. But gave us reasons to live purposeful.

”Kilo Alpha Confirm affirmative Roger out”

I hope the answer is:


Goodbye till I see you again.

Nobody knows anybody

How many people can you argue that you really know them
Maybe your best friend, relative or even your partner
You are sure and think that you know them pretty good
After all, you and them are transparent to each other.

Do you have things you strictly keep to yourself?
Things no one knows and you will do everything & anything to keep it that way
Think about that for a minute,
So do you think there's anyone out there who truly knows you?

Just like our brains, 
We are after protecting ourselves,
In everything we do,
And naturally have set boundaries for that.

If you feel that by disclosing a certain information,
May cause harm or anything negative outcome,
You will do your best to keep it hidden,
And you ensure to keep it that way.

Every Saint was once a sinner,
No one can claim to have a clean sheet,
Each one has a past or something they are not proud of,
So it's very normal to have those secrets.

If by mistake you find out about something / someone, 
You were not supposed to know or see,
Before you judge and start wondering,
If you ever really knew that particular person.

Just remember,
Nobody knows anybody,
We show the version of us that we think you want,
Or the version we want you to have,
And this may vary with different people.

That's why you will have best friends forever,
Inner circles guys, partners in 'crime',
Frenemies, among others,
Each of them have a version of who they think you are.

So don't be mad or try to force it,
Be contented with the version they have given you of themselves,
Don't judge them harshly,
That's their personal decision.

Same goes to you,
Don't be pressured to be who they want you to be,
Or what they think is best version of you,
You are the boss here,
Be who you are with no explanation to make.