Wildlife conservation awareness is not well known within local communities in Kenya despite the country having most of its wildlife living within the community.

Most of the local communities see wildlife as a source of income (having opportunities to sell their merchandise to the tourists) and tourists attraction, very few really have the connection with the wildlife.

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Human-wildlife conflict has been a problem in the country and this maybe one of the reasons why those affected by it rarely treasure the wildlife. They see wildlife as a threat to their farms, lives and space. They have faced a lot of negative outcomes as a result of human-wildlife conflicts and thus have negative perception towards wildlife.

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Most of the communities living within conservation areas invests in farms which are frequently attacked by the wildlife from time to time. This creates a strive between the farmers and Kenya Wildlife Services. In Kenya , for one to be compensated on such damages, it involves long tiring processes that mostly end up unfruitful. And as a result it has led to numerous demonstrations whereby the farmers threaten to take actions themselves and this means killing wildlife that trace passes their farms. This is a clear indication of created bridge between the local and the wildlife conservation organizations.

Conservation will only be successful once the communities understands and embrace the value of the wildlife. Once they understand that tourist attraction is not the only reason for conserving the wildlife. This will also help them refrain from land encroachment and poaching.

Wildlife victim


Majority of poaching in African countries are executed by the locals after being offered good tips by the big fish in the international  market for illegal wildlife trafficking markets . So the local is made to choose between earning heavy bribery to poach or earn ” nothing”  to protect wildlife.

We all agree that this is a tricky situation to a group of people who are inadequately informed on the importance of wildlife conservation and living in total poverty. How do you change their perception towards wildlife and make them embrace wildlife conservation positively? Answer to this question will be a strong background and foundation to the future of the wildlife species.

Most of the demonstrations held in defense for  wildlife conservation issues is mostly fueled by the NGOs, students and the international bodies, which is an excellent , but true success will be fully attained once the local communities join the force. They are the backbone of wildlife conservation and have a strong pivot to it. They live along side the wildlife and interact frequently with them.

Local communities have been living with the wildlife for centuries and their  co-existence has been positive, the problem is the external parties that are corrupting their minds and this is the greatest threat to wildlife survival.  Its important we start by salvaging the local community support as we continue fighting for wildlife conservation and being their voice.

Africa has very unique wildlife but all these are dependent on the impact that will be created  from their conservation and protection. Every journey starts with a step and together we can do a lot. Lets promote conservation awareness across the local communities, share the tourism benefits with the local and most importantly change their perception towards wildlife.

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Having an open mind

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.”
Terry Pratchett

It’s not always about the money

We spend 99% of our lives working to pay our bills and live a better live,

You may get confused and tend to think that's its all about the money,

That's why you find yourself working in a job you hate,

Working very hard to a point of not allowing your body to breathe.

Now days we all all sort of insurance covers that covers almost everything,

From theft, accidents, education, diseases, retirement, kids, death and even funerals among others,

It give a false assurance that you are all set and should not worry about any of that,

After all, insurance company will do it for you or how many put it, your money will take care of it.

All this has contributed to us working without taking off to enjoy the fruit of our labour,

Then we die without having enjoyed what we denied ourselves in the hopes of saving more,

We get too old to go for a hike with dollars lying in our accounts,

Eventually dying and leaving all the hard earned money to others.

Don’t be afraid of change

Change can be really threatening and humbling,

But mostly come with best fruits.

No one likes change even the risk takers,

They have just taught themselves how to deal with changes.

Change may bring unexpected results but you have to encourage yourself,

To push forward no matter what,

Evaluate if you have to make more changes or push on with the current one,

After all, we are working to find what works for us and bring the best out of us.

Next time you have an opportunity to make a change,

Go for it.

Most of the time what matters is being Alive

Are you living or surviving?

Unfortunately most of us are surviving, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

We are so occupied with everything happening around us.

To a point of forgetting what really matters,

Living our lives fully.

This is why some are brought back to their senses by terrible circumstances.

Such as death, divorce, job lose, sickness, among others.

Such circumstance bring them to their knees and allow them to seriously think about their lives.

It awakes their souls and see clearly what matters,

Hence start living as supposed too.

Do we all need such misfortunes to start living?

Or can we learn by ourselves how to do it?

Yes we can be able to choose to live,

And stop surviving.