Its Okay To Be Vulnerable

How often do you do allow yourself to be vulnerable? Our world is moving very fast and everyone is working hard to keep up with that pace, We have been developed and modified to understand that there is no future for the “weak” species, Being strong has become mandatory for survival in this planet. Look […]

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Rock climbing

It’s a fun activity to undertake and full of fun but a scary one too. It involves climbing up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. I remember during our survival techniques course at the campus we had to do it on a real one , the natural one ,not the manmade one. […]

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Have you ever wished that everything could go silent for just one minute, All the noise to just disappear, Solitude is the best remedy and gift we can give to ourselves, Solitude is what we need. The cities are too loud and crowded, Noise pollution is at its best, You spend many hours stuck on […]

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Small in Size Big in Value

The best safari drive involves enjoying both the big and small fauna as well as the flora. Most of us only concentrate on the big game leaving out the small ones. And thats where we all go wrong losing golden opportunities of enjoying  true treasures of nature. Today I will introduce you to one of […]

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Life is good

Life is full of harsh conditions as well as best ones, But most of us dwell on the bad ones. We live as if the world is against us, Always blaming things or people for our mistakes. Life is like a coin, You only spend it once and how you spend it is entirely on […]

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Stop playing safe…

No matter where the seed find themselves, they go ahead to grow into what they are purposed to be. Playing safe hinders you from realizing your full potential. Anything half baked or half worked on is never appealing. No one likes that so why do you want to be that very thing we all hate. […]

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