Wildlife conservation awareness is not well known within local communities in Kenya despite the country having most of its wildlife living within the community.

Most of the local communities see wildlife as a source of income (having opportunities to sell their merchandise to the tourists) and tourists attraction, very few really have the connection with the wildlife.

human-wildlife conflict.png

Human-wildlife conflict has been a problem in the country and this maybe one of the reasons why those affected by it rarely treasure the wildlife. They see wildlife as a threat to their farms, lives and space. They have faced a lot of negative outcomes as a result of human-wildlife conflicts and thus have negative perception towards wildlife.

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Most of the communities living within conservation areas invests in farms which are frequently attacked by the wildlife from time to time. This creates a strive between the farmers and Kenya Wildlife Services. In Kenya , for one to be compensated on such damages, it involves long tiring processes that mostly end up unfruitful. And as a result it has led to numerous demonstrations whereby the farmers threaten to take actions themselves and this means killing wildlife that trace passes their farms. This is a clear indication of created bridge between the local and the wildlife conservation organizations.

Conservation will only be successful once the communities understands and embrace the value of the wildlife. Once they understand that tourist attraction is not the only reason for conserving the wildlife. This will also help them refrain from land encroachment and poaching.

Wildlife victim


Majority of poaching in African countries are executed by the locals after being offered good tips by the big fish in the international  market for illegal wildlife trafficking markets . So the local is made to choose between earning heavy bribery to poach or earn ” nothing”  to protect wildlife.

We all agree that this is a tricky situation to a group of people who are inadequately informed on the importance of wildlife conservation and living in total poverty. How do you change their perception towards wildlife and make them embrace wildlife conservation positively? Answer to this question will be a strong background and foundation to the future of the wildlife species.

Most of the demonstrations held in defense for  wildlife conservation issues is mostly fueled by the NGOs, students and the international bodies, which is an excellent , but true success will be fully attained once the local communities join the force. They are the backbone of wildlife conservation and have a strong pivot to it. They live along side the wildlife and interact frequently with them.

Local communities have been living with the wildlife for centuries and their  co-existence has been positive, the problem is the external parties that are corrupting their minds and this is the greatest threat to wildlife survival.  Its important we start by salvaging the local community support as we continue fighting for wildlife conservation and being their voice.

Africa has very unique wildlife but all these are dependent on the impact that will be created  from their conservation and protection. Every journey starts with a step and together we can do a lot. Lets promote conservation awareness across the local communities, share the tourism benefits with the local and most importantly change their perception towards wildlife.

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Live In The Present

Each day is a new opportunity,
A new unwritten page,
Another chance,
It’s a beginning of something good.

Yesterday may have been a bad one,
Full of disappointments,
Unbearable pains,
But it’s gone now.

Don’t allow the future take away your happiness,
We will get there step after step,
Over worrying about it may create more harm ,
Relax and be open minded.

Today is what matters the most,
Live and enjoy each moment,
Don’t let anything hold you back,
It will be alright.

Can a mother neglect her baby?

Do you think its possible for a mum to neglect her baby?
In this era, I have come to learn to learn that everything is very possible. Even the most craziest think you can think of. It’s possible.

We are in an era whereby physical appearance have been given a lot of weight. People are doing crazy stuff to their bodies. Just to have that “perfect” body. The ladies are the biggest culprits. This has come with a cost.

Ladies are no longer willing to carry their own pregnancies. They are investng on the surrogate mothers. They don’t want to mess up with their hour glass shapes. They are willing to do abosuletly anything to have it that way. Babies are being introduced to formulas way too early. They are being denied the essential mum’s milk.

It does’nt end there. The baby is left at the care of a nanny. They are the ones to shape and bring up the left out lovely angels. Seeing their mothers is like a booked appointment. Its very limited and short.

Surprisingly, these mothers are very good at updating the babies’ progress all over the social media. #moments. Bragging of each progress made despite not aiding in any. Paying a nanny or some else to do your job is not parenting. Parenthood can not be bought or price tagged.

No matter how busy your are, you have to find some quality time with your babies. That’s why the laws advocated for both maternity and paternity leaves for all employed humans. They understand the importance of paents in babies’ lives at the very beginning. Especially mum’s involvement once a baby is born.

What a man can do, a woman can do better. One thing for sure it that, no matter how feminist you may be. They are some roles that are exclusive for females. Whether we like it or not. It’s awesome that the girl child has been able to conquore all the odds and proved not to be inferior. But this should not be at the expense of our womanhood. It’s what make us unique from the men.

There’s another type of women who are wierd. They dispose the new borns immediately after birth or abort when they are almost due. Just like the dead beat fathers, they don’t want anything to do with the babies. They refuse to take responsibilities. Willingly they neglect their duties as mums.

Its sad, we have women who will do anything to be able to have that child but aren’t able to. They have undergone all kinds of treatments but the outcomes have been negative. They are desperate to have their own child.

Staying at home moms arrangements can be difficult at this era. But this doesn’t mean , babies should be neglected when they need their mum. They should be able to be offered al, the required support and motherhood experience. Consimetic motherhood aint working.

If you are unable to embrace full motherhood as a woman, no need to do it quarter way. Fathers neglecting you can be devastating. But it’s worst coming from mothers.

We still work twice hard to prove we can offer same service as the male. And its challenging. Some still think we are not capable to drive big achievements. But they are very wrong. We were able to proof them wrong. Let’s ensure our motherhood nature is not taken away. Its one think we are naturally excellent at.

Hats off to all working mums that make time for their little angels. Thank you for working extra hard work both at home and work. You are role models to many. You will enjoy your labor’s fruits someday. And those who decided to quit their job or venture into self-employment. just to be with the kids. Congrats. It’s not a call many would embrace.

Happy World Earth Day

Earth’s day theme for this year is to “End Plastic Pollution.” It’s a day dedicate to show support towards environmental protection and start in 1970.

Earth day can been part of daily lives if we applied several practices friendly to the nature. Going green will help us protect planet earth and save money. There are several tips to be applied and can be easily accessed at Earth Day. If you are able to apply at least 20 of the given tips then you will be able to enjoy clean atmosphere and a happy planet.

End Plastic Pollution is a campaign geared towards  promotion of  knowledge and awareness of the effects from plastic pollution. It includes four major components:

  • Creating support for the adoption of plastic pollution global framework regulation.
  • Promoting education and awareness of plastic pollution as well as mobilizing citizens to push their governments on the same.
  • Offering knowledge on how to control and prevent plastic pollution.
  • Promoting the local governments in making policies and laws that will deal with plastic pollution.

Lets understand the effects of Plastic Pollution

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Political Will is vital to Conservation

Political will is the firm intention or commitment on the part of a government to carry through a policy, especially one which is not immediately successful or popular. It is the motive force that promotes political action. A collection of political benefits and costs resulting from passing of any given law. Passing of these laws may upset some and please others.

The government owns all the natural resources and its their mandate to manage them. They are responsible in ensuring that these resources are sustain-ably  conserved. And this is why political will is vital in conservation. All the policies and laws protecting natural resources are made in parliaments. The personnel entrusted to protect the natural resources are employed by the government.

In short, the government is the major decision makers when it comes to natural resources. With that in mind, they can be able to save or neglect the resources. If they don’t contribute enough and needed political will, natural resources will be doomed.

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How do you name the little humans in your region?

All of us have names that were given by someone when we got born. Some chose to stick with those names while others decided to change them.
In African we have several means used to name the little angels. They include:
  • Events surrounding the birth, which can either be positive or negative circumstances or emotions.
  • Order of birth
  • Time of the day or season.
  • Religious believes.
  • Named after relatives or very close friends.
  • Just to name a few.
In the other part of the world, humans have found a way around it too.  Some name  babies based on the names made by utensils, place of birth, grandparents, places, among others. The internet have also proved name generating app that assist parents get beautiful names for their babies.
The naming of babies is considered a very important decision as it reflects parent’s personality and not the baby. It’s one of the first major decisions made for us by our parents.
So the other day I accidentally overheard a conversation about naming of kids of deadbeat fathers from a local radio station. They were arguing on whether or not to include a deadbeat father’s name to the child names. One party argued that since the father is not taking any responsibilities, he should not be given an opportunity to be included in their babies’ names.
While the other one claimed that they should be included. He argued that regardless of not being responsible, he contributed to the conceiving of that kid and that gives him a right to have his names somewhere.
At first instant , I was angered by the second party sentiments. Why should the deadbeat father have the privilege to be included in the kid’s names ? They have already spelled it out their non- involvement interest with the kid. Its straight forward, they didn’t want anything to do with the kid so why force it on them. It may just be a name but carries a lot of weight. This will be like forcing them what they have already declined.
But then I thought about it. Yes I support not giving the deadbeat father’s name to the babies. But what I don’t support, is entirely cutting off the father from the kid. Most of the unplanned pregnancies are not well welcomed and guys have an easy way out.
It may take them some time but it eventually get into them. The deadbeat fathers will eventually wanna meet their babies regardless of their previous unpleasant behaviors. They may do it when its too late or early enough but still, its valid.
Whether you end up getting another guy who will take care of the unplanned baby like their own, you shouldn’t deny the biological father a chance with their kid.
The kids also have a right to know the truth regardless of the situation. And this has to come from the mother. They have to be allowed opportunity to know what really happened.
I am not sure which means you apply or plan to apply while naming your kids, but what I would advise. Give it your best , in that your kid will be glad to stick with it during their lifetime. They will be glad to let everyone know about it proudly.

What’s Happening with Kids Nowadays

I still don’t understand how kids turned out this way. They are no longer kids per say but unprepared adults. They are busy getting babies so in short, babies have babies. And sad thing is , almost everyone is getting comfortable with the idea.
I remember when I was growing up, despite my mum being very busy with her business. If I committed any mistake, she always had time to discipline me and it was the worst thing to happen. It was a world war 3 for me. So I had to avoid anything that would lead me there. Most of the time I spent with our home workers so I still don’t 100% agree the reason people keep blaming on the “absent parents”.
The current economy is not friendly to a stay at home parent. Both parents have to be working to make ends meet. To make it worst, they even carry their work to home. At the back of their mind, I believe they are doing all that so as to offer their kids better life. And as we know, everyone is doing their best to offer a better life to their kids tha what was offered to them by their parents.
As much as you are busy working for a bright future for the kids, work equally hard to make sure your kids have the right directions to follow. In your busy schedules, always slot your kid’s upbringing in it. Let them know what to follow and what not to. It’s not wrong to say No to their unrealistic demands once in a while. Help them understand how each decision have impact in the future lives. make it your business to know what is happening in their lives. Freedom is a good thing to allow them but always remember that too much freedom is dangerous. Don’t allow your hard work to be spent in rehab and police stations if not death. Your kids should be your top-notch priority.
What about the role models? They are few nowadays and many of them seem to live a double life. Have you ever paid keen interest on people on the official video, vlogs and real life. It’s not a surprise to find out that they may be living a very different lives in each of those platforms. Yes, we are all doing our best to live like chameleons. So what happens when a kid falls in love with one of the famous persons as their role model. You will find yourself digging deep about your role model so as to understand how they do it, right? Then boom you find yourself in the past known privacy which is no longer private anymore. Internet snatched that from many. Whether you like it or not, internet will have a way to expose you out there. Back to our digital role model, you have identified them so how do you know what to sieve and what to apply in your life. To be sincere, very little in being offered to these kids. They are left to choose on their own but when they make bad decisions, we go for their necks.
Another thing is the TV PG, you know it right?. The media have work tirelessly to ensure that before they show any TV show, they have identified according to age. They go ahead to inform about it every time a show begins. But that’s just a first step and may be worthless if nothing follows it. Do you think your kid will change channel when they don’t apply to the required age bracket? Human are curious by nature, so it will be very likely if not obvious, for them to explore whatever is being restricted to them. So the media efforts of informing the PG/GE will be in vain.
Kids are able to watch everything and especially what they are not needed to see. Human are well-known for imitating. That’s how we grow and it greatly affects how we turn out. They will start applying what they watch on the screens. Not screens alone but even what they see on the streets especially the big cities. Long time ago, in Africa, kids were raised by the community but nowadays things changed. You will find yourself in a very hot soup if you tried to correct someone’s else kids. People are busy showing off and neglected the important fundamentals. Parents are urging with each other in front of their kids. Some parents have also refused to embrace their age and stuck at the teenage age, doing crazy stuff. How is the kid able to filter what to take in and what not to?
Lets stop being sad from a distance and take action. They are our future generation and its our job to ensure they turn out in good shape. Do your part and listen to them, we have just been talking too much.