What Do You Know About Foxes?

What Do You Know About Foxes? What Do You Know About Foxes? Are fixed dogs or cats? Beyond their cute fur covering their body and long bushy tail. As well as the qualities attached to them, they are not good pets. Taming them has never perfectly worked. I guess it’s a sign that wildlife shouldContinue reading “What Do You Know About Foxes?”

Kenya’s 2nd National Climate Change Action Plan (2018 – 2022)

Kenya’s 2nd National Climate Change Action Plan (2018 – 2022) Kenya’s 2nd National Climate Change Action Plan (2018 – 2022). It’s basically a continuation and a comprehensive version of the 1st National Climate Change Action Plan of 2013 – 2017. This Action Plan first identified priory areas that helped shape the details to be included.Continue reading “Kenya’s 2nd National Climate Change Action Plan (2018 – 2022)”

Into the Wild Rabbit Hole

Into the Wild Rabbit Hole Into the Wild Rabbit Hole. Have you ever been lucky to spot baby wild rabbits in the wild. If not, don’t worry. Many don’t get a chance to spot them. This is due to the technique used by their mother. They are good at hiding their babies. Did you knowContinue reading “Into the Wild Rabbit Hole”

Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy

Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy. All these energies are destined to provide us electricity. A very importance source of power to almost everything we do in our daily lives. Do you know which of the above your country uses to produce power? Due to climate changeContinue reading “Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy”

Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya)

Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya) Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya). An elephant that touched the lives of many through her incredible tusks. That were long enough to touch the ground while she walked. Queen of Elephants She passed away sometime back as a result of natural causes. Which is believed to have been contributed byContinue reading “Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya)”

Plastic Ban In Kenya Score Sheet

Plastic Ban In Kenya Score Sheet Plastic Ban In Kenya Score Sheet. Time to check how far we are since the ban. Do we have anything to celebrate about? What are the winnings? On 28th August in 2017, Kenya took the bold step of banning plastic bags. They also introduced heavy fines and jail termContinue reading “Plastic Ban In Kenya Score Sheet”

Are Elephants Endangered?

Are elephants endangered? How vulnerable are their towards extinction? Elephants are endangered species and at least not very vulnerable towards extinction. This is due to their growing populations as results of conservation efforts. Someone may ask, how can a species that has a population of hundreds of thousands be endangered? Answer will be , theContinue reading “Are Elephants Endangered?”

The 5 W’s and I H of Wildlife Conservation

What are the 5 W’s and I H of Wildlife Conservation? Let’s try to break down what wildlife conservation entails. Conservation has been a global concern lately. And more people are showing interest in it. It’s no longer a thing for the concerned parties like the researchers and the like. People are now recognising theContinue reading “The 5 W’s and I H of Wildlife Conservation”

Do you believe in ”legal” hunting?

Do you believe in ”legal” hunting? And what is this legal hunting? The only legal hunting that I know and agree with is. Is a predator (minus humans) hunting it’s prey. It’s their natural way of getting food or protecting their territory. Humans killing animals have no basis of being legal. It’s just an excuseContinue reading “Do you believe in ”legal” hunting?”

Our Coins Our Heritage

Our coins our heritage. That’s right. That has been the song in our media devices as Central Bank of Kenya make Kenyans aware of the new coins. Yes, our president revealed the new coins few days ago. No more presidents’ faces on our coins. I like the idea and tend to think it will bringContinue reading “Our Coins Our Heritage”