The Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions in Kenya

IMG_20171007_105907It was a meeting for the conservationists determined for their voice to be heard against injustices towards the animal species considered to be endangered. The key species highlighted were the lions, rhinos and elephants, which also happen to be among the big five of the Kenyan wildlife.

The walk was scheduled to start by 8:00 am and participants were expected to arrive between 7:00 am and 8:00 am. By that 7:00 am, almost all the participants had already arrived. Passion for conservation has ready improved and this is a good news to the future of the natural resources. Another great achievement is the growth of youth numbers in the conservation activities. Youth had come out in large numbers unlike last year.


Our cabinet secretary for the Environment and Natural resources, Madam Judi Wakhungu, officiated our walk some few minutes past 8: am. She has been savior to wildlife since she got into the office. She has implemented a lot in this sector and Kenya is now a haven to its wildlife.

We were taken through some warm up activities and psyching up, in preparation for the walk. It was fun and bonding opportunity among the conservationists. I was also not left behind, I was able to add a new friend as we did the warm up.  After roughly 45 minutes of warming up, we were ready to start off the walk. Judi Wakhungu officially  flagged us off and youth filled the air with songs to psyche up the walk.

Wildlife direct volunteers and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers assisted in ensuring that the conservationists and the motorists shared the road effectively. The conservationists stuck to the guidelines thus promoting smooth movement flow during the walk.


The walk covered 15 kilometers and this was manageable through the chanting and sing by the youth. Youths are very creative and during the five hours we spent walking was filled with songs that promoted conservation education and awareness. The songs illustrated the importance of conservation, threats they face and what we can do to protect them.

We were able to convince more people along the way to join our walk and those who couldn’t make it seems to have heard our voice. They showed their appreciation by giving us thumps up signs. This was an indication of success that our voice was being heard.

One walk annually can’t make a big difference but our voice was heard and that’s the genesis of success towards conservation. The conservation activities in Kenya includes walks, cycling, marathons and competitions, among others. These activities have increased the knowledge enlightenment among the communities whereby most of the wildlife is found. Most of the wildlife in Kenya live among the community compared to the ones within the conservation areas. Communities have been co-existing with the wildlife but lacked the correct and comprehensive knowledge on the importance of wildlife thus leading to be use of the locals in illegal activities such as poaching. Succeeding in ensuring that the communities is adequately informed on the importance of conserving the natural resources will be a milestone for wildlife conservation.


It took us five hours to walk from the Nairobi Museum of Kenya to Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters in Langata. We were graceful received by a very talented deejay who made us dance furiously despite the long walk. We danced for almost forty minutes before being addressed by the various leaders from the different conservation stakeholders.

The speeches took few minutes and conservationists were appreciated for their course of action before being released to attend the exhibitions. Different organizations offered booklets with information on how the wildlife affairs have been succeeding with time and offered opportunities for memberships.

By now I had already got a squad of both new and old friends. We shared our common interests that had brought us together and decided to visit the Nairobi orphanage.


At the orphanage , we were to see few animals such as the lions, monkeys, cheetahs, leopards, wild cat, spotted and striped hyenas, Warthog, crocodile, buffalo, wild dog, crane and bone remains for ancient elephant, rhino and antelopes’ horns.

It was a worthy walk and we do really hope that our voices against injustices towards elephants, lions and rhinos stops. It’s my hope and wish that all the activities undertaken in promoting conservation don’t be in a vain and yield results ensuring that wildlife survives for many generations to come.

Conservation starts with you and me. Whatever you do ensure that you are on the positive side of the conservation. Our wildlife is too adorable to disappear. Developments are excellent for economic growth but let’s not prioritize them and eliminate the nature resources. Mother Nature will also take care of us if we allow her the conducive space.

Meanwhile you can go ahead and practice natural resources conservation wherever you are. Nature needs you.




Trip to Northern Circuit

It was a chilly Saturday morning and leaving bed was tempting debatable. While debating whether to wake up or extend the sleep led to us being left behind by the bus and had to catch up with the help of motorbike. No make-up or double deciding what to wear but grabbing whatever that was easily accessible to the hands.

We were heading to the northern circuit for our field trip and this time, our companions were the first years. Being a fourth year class, travelling with the first years was the best decision ever. Of course they were already in the bus minutes earlier with massive notebooks ready to grab all the knowledge out there. They helped us to picture our  younger selves years back and evaluate whether they have been any growth or just wastage years. It provided a reality check up.

After managing to fix our simple bags in between the huge suitcases carried by our companions, we took our seats ready to head to Aberdare National Park. This was our first destination and it was a very long journey from Narok County as we had to travel through three counties.

Narok County.jpg

Narok County has very unique landscape and abundance natural resources, despite staying there my four years in campus, I never got enough from the magnificent view.  The meadows are so tall and roads snake their way through them. The special monkeys grace the road as they scratch each other’s back, feed each other while enjoying the view of the vehicles and people passing by.

Our first night was spent in Nyeri, a very awesome town to spend a night in. The accommodation and meals was cheap. It’s not crowded like other cities in Kenya and the night are silent, clubbing is very minimal. We retired to bed early since we needed enough energy for hiking  both Aberdares and Mount Kenya.

7 am found us in the bus, it took us roughly forty minutes to get to Aberdare National Park. At the reception we enjoyed the sight of very beautiful strong horses and a small museum that contained very useful historical objects. The procedure didn’t take long and we made our way into the park. The park is heavily covered by different vegetation.  I love plants especially the indigenous species, they are the genesis of life and Aberdare is my favorite place with exactly that.

Aberdare National Park

Elephants in Aberdares are much smaller compared to the ones we are used to in Narok. This is so because elephants in Aberdares are the forest elephants while those in Narok are the Savanna elephant. Their adaptations to their area structure leads to their sizes. Other animals included the African lions, leopard, baboons, monkeys, and abundance bird species, among others. We then headed to Mount Kenya.

For a long time I had enjoyed hiking and climbing the beautiful mountains via YouTube, and here I was to actually do it. These are two very different worlds and its true, the real hiking and climbing is the best once you gain the rhythm. The amateur me was in a dress and some open shoes, totally unprepared for the hiking. But one day, I must go back and do it right. The bus helped us cover the first few kilometers up the mountain and we hiked the rest. Myself and a few friends of mine never made it to the highest point and had to surrender at some point where we went ahead and turned our lemons to lemonade as the others soldiered on. In our midst we had a talented deejay who mixed songs for us as we waited for our friends to come back. It was a party in the wild. I guess both groups had fun.

As we ascended back to our bus, we laughed, made jokes and bond since ascending is much easier than climbing. The lucky ones who made it to the top shared the sweet beautiful moments and photos. The mountain had a very fresh atmosphere, air filled with monkey chanting, bird’s songs, whispers from the trees and the spring waters was so sweet.

We had to spend the second night in Nyeri again. Our feet were sore and we were dead tired so that night there was no much of storytelling rather guys slept almost immediately after taking dinner.

Our journey to Samburu started at around 8 am. You could see the difference in the vegetation cover, it was becoming drier as we drove towards Moyale town. What shocked me is the activeness of this town, it’s a 24hrs operating town. And accommodation is in surplus but many of the have weird rules, how do you tell me to leave my valuables with a watchman who only has a simple stick. It took us almost an hour to get a real good hotel to spend the night, we also bought the dresses worn by women in this location and some souvenirs. Food was great and temperatures were very high.

On our way to Samburu National Park, we encountered a hitch whereby our bus broke down. We were lucky it happened at the gates and not inside the park. The driver checked and evaluated that the situation, it was a big mess so we had to keep ourselves busy as they sort the issue out.

Samburu members

We visited the nearby manyatta and enjoyed the samburu cultural activities. There was an ongoing wedding ceremony and we were allowed to join in. We danced, jumped and sung, imitating the natives who kept giving us the best smiles ever. They were great people and hospitable to us. After several hours of dancing and singing, the ceremony came to an end and we dispersed. One group decided to head to the nearby river for swimming while the group, we headed to the Samburu National Park office located at the gates. Since our bus was far from being usable, we decided to tour the park verbally. The wardens and rangers were helpful with information and we learnt a lot from them. They were also kind enough to spoil us with a humongous delicious lunch and comfortable mattresses.

Our bus got fully fixed at around 6pm and we could no longer make it into the park. Despite that hiccup, we enjoyed a lot in Samburu and of course I have to go back to Samburu and complete my trip into the park.

Our next destination was the Meru National Park, home to the award winning movie Born Free.  It hosts a lot of amazing wildlife from elephants, zebras, rhinos, lions, leopard, monkeys, cheetahs and a number of bird species. The sad thing was when we came across an elephant carcass, poaching victim. The tusks were missing on the elephant’s head. It was a huge adult elephant, a clear indication that our wildlife are still in danger of extinction if we don’t succeed in fighting poaching.  Be the voice to our voiceless treasure.


Meru town offered us a good busy night and a climax to our trip. Our trip to the northern circuit was one hell of a trip to be repeated someday with no hurry.

Kenya is a blessed country with abundance natural resource which at least of extinction if we don’t collectively protect them. Use any chance you have to ensure that the future generations get to enjoy what we are enjoying at the moment as well as visit the different areas and see the wonderful wildlife .


Epilepsy Took Away My Sister’s Dream

She comforted and promised to write me letters while away since I was being enrolled to a boarding school while she was lucky to remain in day school. It was our first time to be in different schools and that was my last day to see my sister “normal”.

She was naturally bright and didn’t need to do much of reading like us for her great grades. She is funny, loving, empathetic, beautiful, genius, just to name a few. Everyone loved her from the teachers, workers, students and neighbors. She has always been my rock and best friend.

She loves watching airplanes especially at night and will always drag someone with her to enjoy the beautiful sight. She also loved studying stars and identify different moon shapes. We ended up spending most of the nights admiring the skies and counting falling stars. Her dream was to be a pilot someday until epilepsy happened.

My mum never told me what had happened to my sister until she had one of her seizures in my presence. It was the most heartbreaking experience I ever had. It lasted for almost ten minutes after which she didn’t remember what had happened and only complained of a head ache. My mum tried to explain to me but I could not fathom anything then, I was still young and wondered what had happened to my only small sister. I was heartbroken.

She no longer excelled at school since most of the time she spent with mum visiting hospitals. Mum was so desperate to a point of visiting herbal doctors and prayer houses, she left no stone unturned. Unfortunately none seemed to offer much help. Mum was not taking it well and in the process her blood sugar and pressure started acting up on her. My sister was her little girl and this was unbearable for her.

My sister hated the medication side effects and would resist to take the medication most of the times. She was also getting stressed for not performing as before at school and this resulted in her started being unsocial. She alienated herself and spent most of the time in her closed room. She shut many people out but luckily kept writing me letters. She could ask me difficult questions but I had to find answers to encourage her.

While in campus during my holidays, I could volunteer at her school and this enabled me to understand what had befell my sister. This also boosted my sister’s spirit and I was happy to be there for her.  Her memory was greatly affected and thus not able to remember anything for long. She could actively participate in class but forget everything within few days. The condition greatly affected her brain especially her memory part.

She didn’t do so well in her secondary education and mum decided to have her work with her at her shop. My sister embraced the idea open minded and after several therapy sessions, she started taking her condition positively and turned out to be our biggest encouragement. She even started making fun of her seizures and keeps assuring us that she still has abilities to be the superwoman. What she doesn’t know is that she is already a superwoman and am the luckiest to her as my sister.

She may not be the pilot she desired to be someday but she is an angel sent from heaven touching and changing many through her inspiring stories, bible teachings and funny moments she shares with everyone. She always put others before herself and ensures everyone has a smile on their face.



Customer Service Representative

A successful customer service representative is a valuable asset to business growth and customer relationship. They have to provide excellent customer service experience.

Attributes of a successful customer service includes:

  • Excellent listening and communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Tenacity
  • Strong speaking skills.
  • Patience
  • Knowledge of the product and services
  • Ability to use positive language
  • Acting skills
  • Time management skills
  • A calming presence

These key attributes will enable customer service representatives to provide an excellent customer service experience to the customers. Good customer service experience is a strong marketing and branding tool.

Proper training and support is essential to the growth and success of a customer service representative. They have to be up to date with all the activities that affects the customers. A well trained and supported customer service representative will be useful to the customers.

The biggest challenge facing the customer service is dealing with the irate and angry customers. These customers can a times really push you to the wall not forgetting some of them may in the process take it out with you, and you have to manage the situation ASAP. I always wish that customer also remember that the customer service representatives are humans too and have feelings that can be hurt.


I remember one day while I was working as a customer service representative, I encountered a very irate rude client who tore me into a billion pieces. As I was busy doing my best to offer him the best customer service experience despite his unrealistic demands, he was busy lashing out  how stupid and poor I was to work as a customer service representative. He shifted his service frustrations to my personal life he thought he knew.

Customer service representative is the contact between the customers and the business, and the customers depend on them for their solutions, queries, information, among others.

Simple Ways to lose weight

Our current lifestyle mostly involves spending long hours in offices and eating of fast foods. As a result, we have gained more weight and number of individuals with obesity is growing at an alarming rates. Experts have created awareness on obesity encouraging people to check on their calories intake by ensuring that we eat healthy diets.

Having excessive weight has a million problems attached to it, for instance, you; can’t enjoy yourself at the beach in a bikini, can’t play with your kids, hiking and partying is intimidating and it also makes you look old, among others.

No one would like to suffer the above and if you would like to shed those extra pounds then try the following tips;

Always eat your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will include a mix of proteins and whole grains. Proteins will reduce the urge to frequently snack during the day while whole grains will provide your bodies with vital elements such as carbohydrates, nutrients and fiber.


Not all of us love gym or activities involved. You can start by dancing to TVs commercials, radios jams, dance while you do your chores, practicing yoga , rope jumping , taking 30 minutes’ walk daily, taking breaks at workplace in between the shift, taking stairs instead of lift, among others. These are simple exercises that will boost your weight lose activity.

Eating of healthy diets

For you to succeed in losing weight, you will need to eliminate sugars and starches in your meals. Eliminating these foods will help you manage to lower your insulin levels, reduce appetite and hunger rates. A healthy diet includes proteins, vegetables and fats. Eat small servings and adopt slow eating.

Are you ready to get back to shape?

Plastic Bags effects

Plastic is a material consisting of synthetic / semi-synthetic organic compounds that can be pressed permanently out of shape without breaking thus can be molded into solid objects.

The success and dominance of plastics starting in the early 20th century led to environmental concerns regarding its slow decomposition rate after being discarded as trash due to its composition of very large molecules.

Polythene bags have been taken for granted but its high time we start paying attention on their damage to the environment. They are produced using petroleum, natural gas and other chemicals that are toxic to the environment.

Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photo degrade- breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways.

Plastic bags take 10 – 100 years to decompose and due to their easy accessibility, they are used in enormous volumes that end up in the drainage systems, water bodies and all over the place due to the poor littering habits.

Our poor littering habits coupled with insufficient infrastructure for waste management has created the disposal problem of solid waste, including the plastic waste in the urban areas.

Animals have suffered the effects of the poor plastic waste management and died as a result of suffocation from eating the plastic bags mistaking them for food. Almost all the animals that graze freely on a large scale of land will have few paper bags in the stomachs since the plastic bags are very light and they go where the winds take them , where this will be the open land where the animals feed from or the water bodies .

Our drainages keep blocking due to the plastic bags that build up and block them. The blocked drainages are a hub of disease, pollution and even death.

The only solution to salvage our environment from the plastic bags side effects is to ban their existence in our markets and invest in eco-friendly bags.

Dear Kenyans lets embrace the plastic ban and save our environment from suffocating.

About Me

Nature is the most precious gift with its wonders never seizing and always refreshing.
It literally fuel our survival on this plant.
The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, innate disposition”, and in ancient times, literally meant “birth”
Within the various uses of the word today, “nature” often refers to geology and wildlife.
It is often taken to mean the “natural environment” or wilderness–wild animals, rocks, forest, and in general those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention, or which persist despite human intervention.
I love nature and conserving it is one of my mission.
Stay with me and together lets contribute towards conservation of the nature and species survival for the future generations.

Human-Wildlife Conflict in Kenya

Wildlife conservation awareness is not well known in Kenya despite the country having most of its wildlife living within the community.

Most of the local communities see wildlife as a source of income (having opportunities to sell their merchandise to the tourists) and tourists attraction, very few really have the connection with the wildlife.

Human-wildlife conflict has been a problem in the country and this maybe one of the reasons why those affected by it rarely treasure the wildlife. They see wildlife as a threat to their farms, lives and space. They have faced a lot of negative outcomes as a result of human-wildlife conflicts and thus have negative perception regarding wildlife.

Most of the communities living within conservation areas are invested in the farms which are frequently attacked by the wildlife from time to time. This creates a strive between the farmers and the Kenya Wildlife Services. In Kenya , for one to be compensated on such damages, it involves long tiring processes that may end unfruitful most of the time. And as a result it has led to numerous demonstrations whereby the farmers threaten to take actions on their arms and this means them killing the wildlife that trace passes their farms. This is a clear indication of a big bridge between the local and the wildlife conservation organizations.

Conservation will only be successful once the communities understands and embrace the value of the wildlife. Once they understand that tourist attraction is not the only reason for conserving the wildlife. This will also help them refrain from land encroachment and poaching.

Majority of poaching in African countries are executed by the locals by being offered good tips by the big fish in the international  market for wildlife . So the local is made to choose between earning heavy bribery to poach or earn ” nothing”  to protect wildlife.

We all agree that this is a tricky situation to a group of people who are inadequately informed on the importance of wildlife conservation and living in total poverty. How do you change their perception towards wildlife and make them embrace wildlife conservation positively? Answer to this question will be a strong background and foundation for the future of the wildlife conservation.

Most of the demonstrations held in defense for  wildlife conservation issues is mostly fueled by the NGOs, students and the international bodies, which is an excellent , but true success will be fully attained once the local communities join the force. They are the backbone of wildlife conservation and have a strong pivot to it. They live along side the wildlife and interact frequently with them.

Local communities have been living with the wildlife for centuries and their  co-existence has been positive, the problem is the external parties that are corrupting their minds and this is the greatest threat to wildlife survival.  Its important we start by salvaging the local community support as we continue fighting for wildlife conservation and being their voice.

Africa has very unique wildlife but all these are dependent on the impact that will be created  from their conservation and protection. Every journey starts with a step and together we can do a lot. Lets promote conservation awareness across the local communities, share the tourism benefits with the local and most importantly change their perception towards wildlife.

# Conservationist254

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