Sea Urchins

Sea urchins are marine creatures. They are echinoderms and belong to the class of Echinoidea. And can be found in the floor of oceans. They prefer areas with coral reef for safety measures.

Sea urchins love to live within the coral reefs for safety measures
Sea urchins love to live within the coral reefs for safety measures

Sea urchin have more than 100 known species. Which are different in sizes, color and shapes. But mainly in round to oval body shapes. Most of them are red, green, brown, purple or black.

They come in different shapes, sizes and colors.
They come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Sample species of sea urchin include:

  1. Slate pencil urchin
  2. Caribbean sea urchin
  3. Sea potato
  4. Purple sea urchin
  5. Red sea urchin (longest living)

Their bodies are covered by both spikes and hard shell. The ones with longer spikes are the dangerous one. They have no bones.

For you to be able to tell between a female and male. You need a closer microscopic viewing. Or by observing reproduction.

The spikes are used for:

  • Defense
  • Movements
  • Hunting

Some species of sea urchin have spikes containing venom. Hence giving deadly sting to anyone going near them.

Some spikes contain venom, hence should be handled with care.
Some spikes contain venom, hence should be handled with care.

Sea urchin have 5 paired tube feet that have suckers at the bottom. The suckers help in movements, hunting and sticking on surfaces.

Their mouth is located at the center of its body’s underside. And comprises of five tooth-like plates. While the anus is located at the top of its body.

Sea urchin primarily feed on the algae. They do feed on sessile (immobile) or slow-moving animals occasionally as well as dead fish. Hence they are omnivores just like humans.

Sea urchin observe external fertilization. Whereby the female lay eggs and the male spread sperms on them.

Sea urchin are considered a delicacy in some countries. They are also hunted by crabs, birds, sea otter, among others.

Some people consider sea urchins to be a delicacy
Some people consider sea urchins to be a delicacy

Interesting fact:

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It will be an awesome day

It's 6:30 am and alarm goes ding-dong.

Without further ado, I open one eye wide enough to check the snooze button and my finger does the justice. 10 minutes added to my sleep.

The 10 minutes run so fast that I end up snoozing 5 times or was it 8 times? Lost the count along the way.

Thoughts starts giving me pep talks. Which shortly turns to warnings and eventually threats. I start thinking of all consequences of being lazy. I see myself have a hectic day.

Fear try to scare me but my body is yet to respond. I think this one of the things that made my 10 minutes seem very short.

Then I try to plead with my thoughts to allow me exceed the sleep for a few minutes peacefully. But there was no way, I was winning this fight.

The phone slides off away from my bed and the alarm won't go off. I try to cover my head with pillows. But the alarm song is so loud and annoying.

Why did I choose such a bad song as my alarm tone? Then I remember, it was supposed to motivate me wake up ASAP. Plus the high volume was to make me jump out of the bed.

I have no choice left here but just divorce my bed. My eyes are yet to fully surrender, they are still itchy and not opening up. I drag myself to the bathroom.

Common sense start sinking in and things start to make sense. Reality hits me and my speed shots. Chap chap, things start flowing and boom, time to start my day.

It will be an awesome day.

You will finally get your voice

Are you the shy type,

Forced to say "Yes",

Simply because you can't voice out your opinions,

Don't worry,

You will finally get your voice.

Sometimes you try to speak up,

You gather all the courage you can get,

Only to freeze and words escape your mouth at the final stage,

It's a bad experience and hurting,

But with time,

You will finally get your voice.

It really suck to be unable to speak up for yourself,

It causes massive damage to self-esteem,

Making your nights long with silent cries of help,

That no one expect you knows,

But with patience and support ,

You will finally get your voice.

Make it your life goal,

Let the change start from within,

Believe in you and appreciate yourself,

You are important and your opinion matters too,

One step at a time,

And you will finally get your voice.

Look for a supportive mentor,

Open up to them and start your courage building,

Practice speaking up your opinions with them,

They will be able to offer help ,

And finally your voice will be right there with you,

Ready to air out your opinions when need be and no longer

saying fake "Yes" due to intimidation.