Let’s talk about the Zero Waste

Let’s talk about the zero waste.

It has been discussed and campaigned a couple of months now. And more people are embracing it as well as giving out their opinion about it. It’s one of the moves geared towards conservation of mother nature.

How does she do it?

Have you heard of Lauren Singer, a regular New Yorker who could fit her four years waste in a jar. She a true definition of almost zero waste.

Her own words, “I do compost and recycle but only as a last resort — I try to avoid packaging at all costs”

She is quite impressive, right? And shows that it’s possible to reduce our waste when we decide to.

Is zero waste possible?

Am yet to totally agree with it since at some point we will encounter some unavoidable waste. And it takes time and discipline to give up habits. So to me I guess, it should be almost zero waste. As opposed to zero waste.

So what’s the idea here?

Whether zero waste or almost zero waste, ways to get there are similar. And they include:

Refraining from use of one use plastic stuff.

That includes plastic bags, disposable utensils, among others. This one is almost catered for by most countries. As ban on the one use plastic is being enacted to these countries.

Practising recycling and reusing stuff

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I don’t hate, I take time to know someone

As I was having a conversation with one of my friends during those lazy weekends. His friend joined us and I unknowingly zoomed out. I slowed down contributing to the talk. And shortly afterwards, I excused myself.

After several months, we were in the same situation. But with a different stranger. The cycle repeated itself. Then he pointed out about it. He had observed me for some time and noticed. I rarely like most people at the first sight or even few days.
That’s when I decided to confirm his observation. Since personally I had not really notice it. Am not very outspoken to strangers face to face. And it was true. I take time to like someone or be free with them.
Sometimes it may come out as if i hate or dislike someone. But that’s not the case. I just take time to get to know someone. Before I can actually get free with them.
I wouldn’t want to say something or joke about something  or even point out about something. Which will be misunderstood or used in a wrong way while referring to that chat.

One time while I was still in campus. We were just chatting about random topics. Then a topic about roles of females in the community came up. To be specific, role of a wife.

The feminism and love for gender equality in me could not allow me stay calm ,as they tried to imply that wives were meant to be in kitchens cooking and taking care of the babies, and their husbands. Some even went ahead to say arranged marriage is the solution to the many broken homes.
Each side of the conversation gave their opinion and what we each thought will work best for a good home. This was not my problem. My problem was aftermath.
Most of the people in that chat started avoiding me and labeling me. Apparently they were all from a community that believes women have no say in the society. So they thought I was disrespectful. They didn’t have to say it on my face, their actions spoke louder.
My problem was not how they treated me or stomached my opinions. But from where they came from. I think they were yet to open up and embrace what I told them. They were brought up believing what they aired during the chat. And were yet to transform and join the rest of the world.
We are told if you go to Rome, you better do as Romans do. Had I considered they came from and their beliefs. I would have presented my argument gently. No one love change or their ego bruised.
That’s where I learnt the importance of patience. I take my sweet time to get free with anyone. Give myself time to learn and try to have an idea on where they come from. And what are their believes.

As much as you may disagree with someone on something, you have to respect each other’s opinion.

Power of Earphone/headphones

Earphones are life savers, especially to the introverts in crowded places, 

Its helps to create you your own world and an escape plan,

After all, its an international language to tell the others to keep off. 

Music is the best medicine after laughter,

It has calming and soul uplifting effect,

Helps you celebrate your wins, mourn your losses, become calm,

Just to name a few.

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of unfamiliar crowd,

You are trying to have a conversation with your head,

But the people around you keep trying to engage with you,

Yet you can't really keep up with them.

You pretend to go to washrooms or answer a fake call,

Just when you think you have survived,

Other ones approach,

And you wish the earth could just open up and swallow you whole.

But with earphones,

Even without having them do anything,

Sends a signals to keep off,

For the stubborn one who still insists in engaging with you,

Few nodes with no words, soon sends them away too.

Its not that we don't like speaking to people,

But it can be really tiring and a hustle,

Speaking is like chores ,

Has to be meaningful and productive.

True Friends

Everyone has that one friend who gets them 100%. The friendship is not perfect but feels more of a family.

You may not talk in months. Or stay away from each other for a very long time. But still have one of the best time when you finally meet. Its like you have been together forever.

You may fight with each other, disagree and even take few breaks to exhale. But you always get back together. Forgeting about the past and moving together forward.

You get opportuinities to have deep discussions and laugh off your past fights.

Sometimes, you just need to sit in a room. And enjoy the peaceful silence together. No words involved rather relaxation fully observed.

Its an easy friendship. Nothing complicated. Things just flow. Unfortunately, such friends are not easy to find.

Does is It Make Sense?

Does is it make sense to clear the indigenous flora species and replace them with the exotic ones?

In most cities, beautification process is including plantation of various flora species. Which is a good progress. Beautification does not have to be confined in monuments, bill boards, cemented path ways, among others.

Flora bring a sense of life in our highways and cities. They reduce the impact of the scorching sun. As well as offer us beautiful view to enjoy as we transit.

But I have one problem with the flora species that they are planting. Why would they destroy the indigenous species and replace them with the exotic species.

Most of the flora species being used for beautification are mainly the exotic species. As much they may seem more beautiful than the indigenous one. They do have a lot of cons that are avoidable.

Exotic species will take some time to adapt to the new environment. Needing extra care and responsibilities for their survival. Sometimes they eventually die despite all that care. They are expensive to maintain.

Why do the governments go ahead to misuse public funds in such projects that most of the time fail. Especially in Kenya, a country handicapped with other monsters such as corruption. Millions are wasted in ridiculous beatification projects that keep failing over and over again.

The sad thing is that we don’t learn from our mistakes. We just keeping redoing in. We destroy the indigenous flora species that have been present over the years. Flora species that didn’t need the much needed attention and resources to maintain.

What if?

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Am Afraid to renew our friendship

You ask why I no longer seem to care about you,

And sincerely I don't know how to put it politely,

But I can't be your friend again,

I think it will be nice we go separate ways.

Don't be confused and think that I lied,

When I said that I have forgiven you,

Yes, I did forgive you and working on forgetting what happened,

But am unable to have you as a friend.

Our talks lately seem to only do one thing to me,

Drying out life in me,

Killing me within and I can't pretend just to accomodate you,

I no longer feel comfortable sharing stuff with you,

Or giving you my opinion without wondering if you will appreciate it.

We are good,

And i would love it to remain that way,

I wish you well and am sure you will get a new friend.

Is Respect still earned?

The respect you hold for people, what do you base it on?

Is it on their fame, money, influence, what they do for you, achievements, age, size, or something else?

Do you still believe that respect should be earned?

A young lady went to the washroom while the cleaners were doing cleaning,

Ignoring the sign post indicating cleaning in session,

She arrogantly went ahead to the washroom,

The old woman clean the washroom tried to stop her,

But she rudely ignored her and clicked as she forcefully made her way into the washroom.

According to her, the cleaner is not worthy enough to respect,

So she chose to snob her.

An old woman in a public bus decides and insists of being dropped in undesignated drop-off point,

She is made to understand that that's not possible,

And she need to be patient and went for the next drop-off point,

She becomes dramatic and start calling the bus driver all sort of bad names,

But driver said nothing to her in return.

Have also noticed how rich and famous people are treated?

Even the arrogant ones are treated very well,

While the poor and not-well known people,

Most people just ignore them and give no respect.

I still think and believe that respect should be earned.

I could relate

She sat beside me as we headed to town,

Looked very calm with a sad face,

Then she could look at her face from time to time,

After a few glance to her phone,

Tears started to roll down her cheek,

She typed something and looked outside,

Got a text and shed more tears as she looked at her phone.

This went on like this till our bus got to town,

The more she looked at her phone,

The more she cried,

At one point I wish she could stop looking at her phone,

Maybe she would stop crying.

Then I remember my own scenario sometime back,

I had just got bad news and was not handling the situation very well,

I was able to hold myself well for a few days,

Until I couldn't anymore,

When I was busy, I was able to escape the sadness,

But when not doing anything challenging,

It would overwhelm me.

I would find myself crying in public places ,

In the bus on my way to work or back home,

In my coffee breaks when alone,

And in my house,

I could not control the sadness,

Tears would just flow as my brain go blank,

Before confining it's self to think of only what was causing the sadness.

Comparing my situation to hers,

I understood why she could not control the situation,

No one likes to be vurnerable in front of strangers,

Especially in public places,

But immense sadness or depression,

Cares none of that.

Now I get it

I still remember that day when we officially called it quit. And decided to go separate ways. It was very painful on my end and left me devastated.

I spent months asking myself hard questions that I never had answers for. I kept blaming myself for the failure of our relationship. Maybe I was too busy for you, or I did something wrong unknowingly, or I pushed you away with my actions, and the blames were endless.

I spent nights crying and days pretending that everything was okay. That I was strong than you thought. But when I got home and alone. He’ll would break loose. I never allowed anyone see me cry. I had to be strong. That’s what I kept telling myself.

Everything that has a beginning, surely has an end. I got over myself and self-pity/blame. And decided to give my life a meaning. I had a meeting with myself and set records right. Cleaned all the unnecessary stuff and put things into perspective.

I was able to see clearly on the bigger picture. My life was back and more interesting. I even came to realize that I was missing a lot. Life was sweeter once again.

In my where about, got several hits here and there. But I had promised myself not to board that bus yet. I was enjoying single-hood’s bus. And not ready to alight yet. So I ignored all them.

One of them refused to give up. He kept up the spirit for a few months. He endured the harsh treatments. He was determined. He finally got the idea of some of the things that makes me go bananas. And he offered one of them. I had to play hard to get irregardless.

Did so for a few more months. Then I decided to give it a trial. As a friend and nothing more. This was made clear to him from the beginning. And of course he agreed. There was no way he could allow such to kill any hopes he had.

With caution , I scrutinized each part and section of him. I placed him under microscope and still learning more about him. Things have been super awesome.

Where has he been all this time? If we had no call it quits, then I would have missed it? All the lessons and experiences would be missing.

Now I get it.

Thank you for not giving up on me

I never thought I would make it out alive,

I had given up on everything,

Including myself,

But you stood by me throughout.

Why did you do that for me?

Will I have done the same for you?

Those questions still exercise my mind,

But am always grateful to have you as my best friend.

Everyone ran way when I started to cave in,

Coffee meetings reduced and everyone became busy,

Messages and calls vanished,

It was like I was living in a ghost town.

I know I was difficult,

Am naturally stubborn,

Even to my own self,

Salute for managing all that.

Are you sure we are not sisters,

Maybe we will be in another life,

The way you handle me,

Always amazes me.

Thank you very much for being awesome,

I love you more BFF.