How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?

How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?

How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted? Environmental concepts have been facing opposition or get diluted when we push hard for them.

Public and other related parties are supposed to be able to embrace such concepts. By first understanding them, accepting and appreciating them. When they get to understand why doing something in a certain way is safe and important. They will be able to accept that particular way.

The next step would be to appreciate that proposed way wholly without looking for shortcuts or cheaper ways. After all cheap is expensive.

Appreciation will help the involved parties to stick to the given concept without thoughts that may lead them to it’s dissembling it to fit their greed desires. They will strive to meet the standard for a given concept and thus accomplishing the desired results

Some of the concepts that been diluted and conformed negatively

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What’s your preference between bathtub or shower?

What’s your preference between bath tub or shower? The question that came to my mind today morning as I took a shower. I thought of the water volumes involved and thought why not explore it with my readers.

Most of us will prefer shower, especially in the mornings on your way to work or somewhere in a hurry. While bath tub are preferred and associated to romance or just having some quality time after a long day.

But does our water usage impact considered while decided whether to go for a shower or opt for a bath tub. I doubt if it even come to our imagination.

I think we are only advised to wash our hands under running water. But the rest of the body can accommodate less water.


While standing below a running shower, you may not realize how much water you are using.

Some of us leave the showers open from the minute we set foot into the bathroom till the end. Not forgetting how some of us spends lots of minutes inside there. So you can guess how many cubic meters of water waster in every such baths.

Bath tub

For bath tub, the amount of water is controlled and constant. Hence can be controlled to avoid misusing water.

Although, some times we tend to have huge bath tubs that end up consuming as much water as the one that would have used ina shower.

So why am I talking about shower and bath tubs?

Water is one of the natural resources that are becoming too scarce with time.

Safe water for drinking will soon disappear from our taps. And the long tantalizing warm showers will be a history.

We are yet to embrace 100% water cycle around the world.

Meaning, most of the used water get wasted into the soils that are too dry to enable the water make way into the water tables.

Drylands are the worst victims, as the water tables are getting deeper and deeper. Thus too hard to be dropped.

Fresh water has directly been affected by the climate change. The rivers are drying, deforestation took away all the trees that helped in rains formation, among others.

This means that if we continue wasting the available fresh water, we have few years to do so. After which we will have no more fresh water.


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When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen

When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen

When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen. The just concluded Bloggers sensitization workshop just gave me hope in our ministry of Enviroment and Forestry once again.

A few years ago, immediately after graduating and getting my bachelors degree in Wildlife Management. Just like any graduate, I started looking for a job and my first stop was at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in one of the county government.

Very prepared and confident that I will get a chance to apply what I had learned in class. I was ready for either a job or an internship, but not what I encountered that day.

As you all know how hard it is to have a sitting with the big guys in the government office. So getting an appointment with him was after a few weeks of constant calls and visits to his office. So he had no choice but allow me a few minutes of his time.

I requested him to let me know some of the projects he was currently having for the benefit of our environment and forest. And the answer almost made me lose my cool. He shamelessly told me that, he was currently helping in digging dams for the community. So as to allow them access to water.

That was not a bad idea, but isn’t that supposed to be done by guys from the ministry of water? So innocently made my question clearer, and inquired if he had any projects that directly profited environment or forest management/cover. And there was none.

I had just got my final paper at the university published and it was promoting the planting of indigenous species. As well as highlighting the negative effects of exotic species. It was one of the ideas that I was to share with him but he was not in a position to welcome the idea. So sadly, I went back home and lost faith in this ministry.

Then Blogging Happened

I tried other environmental fields to get a job, but none came through. Since I had to take care of myself and lessen my parent’s burden, I decided to take any job that crossed my path.

My passion for the environment still stayed with me and that’s how I ended up blogging. I realized I could still educate others through this channel.

And blogging through BAKE (Blogger Association of Kenya) helped me get this amazing opportunity to interact with incredible climate change stakeholders.

When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen

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We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk. The most fear sentence of line by human kind.

I looked at him and wondered, “Why are so sad?”and what’s the need of the talk?”
He just shook his head and looked the other side.

Had I done something wrong?

I needed to know, so I went ahead and planted my face to his.
He took a deep breath and requested me to sit with him.

“Have you ever though how things would be running here, if human species was never part of it?”

That was not what I was hoping for, so I just stared at him.

“More species are getting extinct each passing day. The climate and weather patterns are no longer predictable. Infact they are becoming unbearable.

The temperatures in the oceans are rising and poles are rapidly melting away. Oxygen is becoming a critical need in the ocean’s floor. How are those species supposed to survive without oxygen.

It’s funny how you joke of how in near future, ice cone will be melting in your hands before you even get a chance to lick it few times. The heat is already here, and as always. It has not yet shock you enough. Can you know enjoy your ice cream in the open around midday?

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Importance of having wildlife road signs in highways cutting through conservation areas

Importance of having wildlife road signs in highways cutting through conservation areas

Importance of having wildlife road signs in highways cutting through conservation areas. Since developments have led us to make way even in the most inappropriate places. Trying to connect various destinations.

Wildlife Road Signs

They are road signs used to alert the drivers on the possibility of wildlife in the vicinity. Hence requiring them to reduce on their brakes, give way to wildlife and most importantly, avoid running them over.

It covers all form of wildlife, from the very small ones to the huge ones. Each of them deserves right to safely cross the road.

After all, it’s our highways that are crossing through their natural homes. So we are the ones to be careful and alert.

Why is it important to have wildlife road signs in our high ways cutting through conservation areas

The number of wildlife killed by speeding vehicles is rising each day. Sadly, no one seem to act on it. Wildlife are losing their lives to hit and run monsters. Yet they have right of way.

Most highways connecting various destinations cut through conservation areas. Which is the natural habitat for these wildlife. We have built roads in their homes and sadly brought death to their doorstep. We should be able to take care of the impacts of having these highways and protect wildlife.

Being tarmacked roads, speeding is almost impossible to control. The drivers are carried away by the tarmacked road convenience hence enjoy high speeds. And when the accidentally encounter an innocent wildlife crossing, it get very difficult to avoid hitting them.

Very few if any, bother to attend to a wildlife that has been hit. Mostly, the drivers ignore the wildlife, leaving them to die. As they go on with their journeries as if nothing really happened. The hurt wildlife may have had chances to survive the accident but not allowed that chance.

We seem not to use our brains. With or without wildlife road signs, we should be very careful while driving anyway. We should respect each living organism and allow them time to cross the roads. We as able to observe our surroundings so technically, we should be able to tell that we are passing through an area with wildlife. Hence should except to have some crossing the road or nearby. With that in mind, we will be able to respect their lives and ensure no incidents.

My plea to the Kenya Wildlife Service

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My Everything

She is my everything,
Reason for my existence,
Reason behind my smile and happiness,
She is my world
As I waited to enter 2019,
I texted her a sweet message as I could not be able to be with her,
She responded with the sweetest message as usual,
But this time, it's had something extra.
Her message gave a big smile to both my lips and heart,
Each word carried heavy weight with it,
Full of love and happiness,
I could feel her embraces and kisses as I read her response.
Mom, you are the best in the whole world,
Am the luckiest lady to have you as my mom,
You have been my rock, counselor, best friend, simply everything,
And never complained about it ever.
Most things that you wish for me always come to pass,
And the ones that have not yet come to pass,
You keep promising that they will eventually happen,
Love you very much mom,
You are my heartbeat and love of my life.

How does climate change affect wildlife?

How does climate change affect wildlife? Are they safer than humans, or worst off ?

Wildlife seems to be the unlucky species lately in this planet. They almost have enemies from all angles. Yet they can do very little if any for themselves. To make the survival a success.

They suffer:

  • Habitat fragmentation and loss. Their land is been encroached from all sides each passing day. Hence reducing in size and quality.
  • Poaching and hunting. For many unqualified reasons, they lose their lives. Humans have been known to kill wildlife for their body parts, as source of food and worst as a form of entertainment.
  • Such to name a few…

So how does climate change affect wildlife?

Climate change is the new “world war iv”. It’s killing and destroying this planet at an alarming rate. With its power and discard among humans, it’s winning in various ways.

But as we come together and speak in one uniform voice. Adhere to the agreements and actions agreed upon, maybe we can save our home, planet earth.

Some of the ways climate change affect wildlife includes:

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Her Wish

Her wish is difficult to give,

And its even harder to let her know.

She has never asked me for something this passionately,

To a point of allowing me break some rules,

Just to be able to make her wish come true.

I feel as if am the bad person here,

With no option to change things,

And give her this wish,

I just gave her a smile and no answer,

Empty hopes and possibilities.

I love her so much,

And breaking her heart will literally kill me,

Am torn within and really confused,

Yet to decide what to do about the wish.

Animals Too Have Feelings

Just like humans, animals too have feelings. I was very happy when I saw billboards advising citizens to respect animals by not being cruel to them. They went ahead to show some of the actions considered cruel while handling animals.

Most people tend to assume that animals don’t feel anything . Or maybe what they may feel doesn’t matter or count. Hence end up mistreating them in awful ways.

Some of the acts may even be due to ignorance. Whereby the perpetrators has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

These actions include:

  • Feeding pets human foods.
  • Confiding pets in cages with environment that is not conducive
  • Neglecting a pet.
  • Remaining silence about it and allowing it to continue happening.
  • Killing them mercilessly.
  • Using them for experiments unethically.
  • Smuggling animals.
  • Feeding wildlife in the conservation areas and zoos.
  • Poaching
  • Killing animals for fun. (trophy hunting)
  • Using animals for entertainment (bull-fighting, dog-fighting, cock-fighting, animals circuses, among others)
  • Leaving pets unattended to for a very long time.
  • Causing pain on animals from beating them.
  • Denying them….

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She doesn’t know how to

She stares at the window as her thoughts carry her away. She is trying her best to fight her ‘demons”. Which seems to have won the fight. But she is yet to give up. She has hope of victory but doesn’t know how to.

She was raised by an absent dad. Who never bothered about their basic needs. He used drugs and was aggressive. To the siblings, their mum and herself. This was her life for the better part of her childhood. She got exposed to a harsh domestic environment right from the beginning.

Her father used to call her a loser. And claimed that she was stupid and unlucky in life. He said all sort of bad stuff and discouraging comments to her. Things escalated to physical abuse.

Schools became her safe haven. And school holidays became a night mare. When other kids jumped with joy to go back home. Suicidal thoughts found a home in her head.

She was raised in church. So she feared taking away her life. Not to end up in hell. But sometimes, she thought to herself. Maybe hell is much better. She struggled to stay alive.

Surprisingly, she made it to the university and secured  very good grades. Seems God preserved her brains. She too wonders how she managed to stay sharp with all troubles in her life.

The father never changed. He is growing old but his aggressiveness keeps escalating. He even threw her out of the house before she could even get a job. He claimed that she was a parasite that need to die.

She is a survivor. With the small will and hope that helped to push her forward. She was able to find a job and a place to live. Life was tough. Poverty, worthlessness and daily hustle made the suicidal thoughts more strong.

She is the silent type. No friends to mingle with. She kept things to herself. And when the journey got tough, all she could do. Was cry herself to sleep. She was slowing losing it.

She stopped going to church, minimized her calls back home and shut everyone out. She became more like a machine. Going to work, do what is expected of her and go home. She lost test of life.

TV helped make time pass by and made her forget her pathetic life for a minute. She was simply afraid of taking away her life. But she was already dead inside. She was just waiting for something to help end her life.

No one notice what she was going through. As they got used of her silence. They thought she was okay. With the ever smiling face and few words. No one knew what ready happened behind the smile. She was good at hiding it from everyone.

She is now almost 40 years old. Just like everyone else, her biological clock is clicking. She has managed to ignore with success but not anymore. She scared away all the nice guys who approached her. By being too ”busy” or even being extremely rude to them. Most of them gave up.

Then this guy happened. A guy who paid no attention to her refusal or excuses. He has been on her case for sometime now. Patiently taking in all her coldness. He seems not to go away anytime soon.

He also seemed to have managed to touch her soft part. He has been too nice to her. Something that’s is seen as  foreign to her. She is used to people being harsh and mean towards her. She doesn’t trust anyone even her own self.

A very tiny part of heart, thinks its time she allowed someone in. But a big part of her is raising alarms about it. What if he turns out like father? Then again, not everyone is bad. But still, being alone. No one will manage to hurt you more. She is torn in between.

She feels safe alone and fears another pain from unsuccessful relationship. But she also feel lonely and desire a family of her own. As little as she wants to open up to him, she doesn’t know how to.

Her thoughts go blank leaving flashbacks of all the earlier mistreat dancing in her head. She is unable to shake it off. So as usual, she takes her sleeping pills and head to bed.