My Everything

She is my everything,
Reason for my existence,
Reason behind my smile and happiness,
She is my world
As I waited to enter 2019,
I texted her a sweet message as I could not be able to be with her,
She responded with the sweetest message as usual,
But this time, it's had something extra.
Her message gave a big smile to both my lips and heart,
Each word carried heavy weight with it,
Full of love and happiness,
I could feel her embraces and kisses as I read her response.
Mom, you are the best in the whole world,
Am the luckiest lady to have you as my mom,
You have been my rock, counselor, best friend, simply everything,
And never complained about it ever.
Most things that you wish for me always come to pass,
And the ones that have not yet come to pass,
You keep promising that they will eventually happen,
Love you very much mom,
You are my heartbeat and love of my life.

How does climate change affect wildlife?

How does climate change affect wildlife? Are they safer than humans, or worst off ?

Wildlife seems to be the unlucky species lately in this planet. They almost have enemies from all angles. Yet they can do very little if any for themselves. To make the survival a success.

They suffer:

  • Habitat fragmentation and loss. Their land is been encroached from all sides each passing day. Hence reducing in size and quality.
  • Poaching and hunting. For many unqualified reasons, they lose their lives. Humans have been known to kill wildlife for their body parts, as source of food and worst as a form of entertainment.
  • Such to name a few…

So how does climate change affect wildlife?

Climate change is the new “world war iv”. It’s killing and destroying this planet at an alarming rate. With its power and discard among humans, it’s winning in various ways.

But as we come together and speak in one uniform voice. Adhere to the agreements and actions agreed upon, maybe we can save our home, planet earth.

Some of the ways climate change affect wildlife includes:

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Her Wish

Her wish is difficult to give,

And its even harder to let her know.

She has never asked me for something this passionately,

To a point of allowing me break some rules,

Just to be able to make her wish come true.

I feel as if am the bad person here,

With no option to change things,

And give her this wish,

I just gave her a smile and no answer,

Empty hopes and possibilities.

I love her so much,

And breaking her heart will literally kill me,

Am torn within and really confused,

Yet to decide what to do about the wish.

Animals Too Have Feelings

Just like humans, animals too have feelings. I was very happy when I saw billboards advising citizens to respect animals by not being cruel to them. They went ahead to show some of the actions considered cruel while handling animals.

Most people tend to assume that animals don’t feel anything . Or maybe what they may feel doesn’t matter or count. Hence end up mistreating them in awful ways.

Some of the acts may even be due to ignorance. Whereby the perpetrators has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

These actions include:

  • Feeding pets human foods.
  • Confiding pets in cages with environment that is not conducive
  • Neglecting a pet.
  • Remaining silence about it and allowing it to continue happening.
  • Killing them mercilessly.
  • Using them for experiments unethically.
  • Smuggling animals.
  • Feeding wildlife in the conservation areas and zoos.
  • Poaching
  • Killing animals for fun. (trophy hunting)
  • Using animals for entertainment (bull-fighting, dog-fighting, cock-fighting, animals circuses, among others)
  • Leaving pets unattended to for a very long time.
  • Causing pain on animals from beating them.
  • Denying them….

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She doesn’t know how to

She stares at the window as her thoughts carry her away. She is trying her best to fight her ‘demons”. Which seems to have won the fight. But she is yet to give up. She has hope of victory but doesn’t know how to.

She was raised by an absent dad. Who never bothered about their basic needs. He used drugs and was aggressive. To the siblings, their mum and herself. This was her life for the better part of her childhood. She got exposed to a harsh domestic environment right from the beginning.

Her father used to call her a loser. And claimed that she was stupid and unlucky in life. He said all sort of bad stuff and discouraging comments to her. Things escalated to physical abuse.

Schools became her safe haven. And school holidays became a night mare. When other kids jumped with joy to go back home. Suicidal thoughts found a home in her head.

She was raised in church. So she feared taking away her life. Not to end up in hell. But sometimes, she thought to herself. Maybe hell is much better. She struggled to stay alive.

Surprisingly, she made it to the university and secured  very good grades. Seems God preserved her brains. She too wonders how she managed to stay sharp with all troubles in her life.

The father never changed. He is growing old but his aggressiveness keeps escalating. He even threw her out of the house before she could even get a job. He claimed that she was a parasite that need to die.

She is a survivor. With the small will and hope that helped to push her forward. She was able to find a job and a place to live. Life was tough. Poverty, worthlessness and daily hustle made the suicidal thoughts more strong.

She is the silent type. No friends to mingle with. She kept things to herself. And when the journey got tough, all she could do. Was cry herself to sleep. She was slowing losing it.

She stopped going to church, minimized her calls back home and shut everyone out. She became more like a machine. Going to work, do what is expected of her and go home. She lost test of life.

TV helped make time pass by and made her forget her pathetic life for a minute. She was simply afraid of taking away her life. But she was already dead inside. She was just waiting for something to help end her life.

No one notice what she was going through. As they got used of her silence. They thought she was okay. With the ever smiling face and few words. No one knew what ready happened behind the smile. She was good at hiding it from everyone.

She is now almost 40 years old. Just like everyone else, her biological clock is clicking. She has managed to ignore with success but not anymore. She scared away all the nice guys who approached her. By being too ”busy” or even being extremely rude to them. Most of them gave up.

Then this guy happened. A guy who paid no attention to her refusal or excuses. He has been on her case for sometime now. Patiently taking in all her coldness. He seems not to go away anytime soon.

He also seemed to have managed to touch her soft part. He has been too nice to her. Something that’s is seen as  foreign to her. She is used to people being harsh and mean towards her. She doesn’t trust anyone even her own self.

A very tiny part of heart, thinks its time she allowed someone in. But a big part of her is raising alarms about it. What if he turns out like father? Then again, not everyone is bad. But still, being alone. No one will manage to hurt you more. She is torn in between.

She feels safe alone and fears another pain from unsuccessful relationship. But she also feel lonely and desire a family of her own. As little as she wants to open up to him, she doesn’t know how to.

Her thoughts go blank leaving flashbacks of all the earlier mistreat dancing in her head. She is unable to shake it off. So as usual, she takes her sleeping pills and head to bed.


Rare Animals Found In The Deep Water Bodies

After reading more about the animal with albinism and how rare they are. I was motivated to research on the rare animals found in the deep water bodies. Rare status motivates curiosity.

Rare animals are  species that are  not common and not easily encountered. They are not necessarily endangered or threaten.

I was able to read about the many rare animals found in the ocean. And saw it was fit I share some of the information with you.

Lets expand our knowledge on these species together. So we will discuss the following species:

Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark
They are found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Their named is based on their appearance of its six pairs of gill slits that are frilly.
They are similar to snakes in several ways. Namely;
Their feeding habits of swallowing their prey whole. And needle like teeth that makes it difficult for their to get away.
Their body shape.
Their way of hatching babies. A process known as viviparous.
They are of no economic value hence not looked for by fishermen.

Goblin shark

Goblin shark

They are widely spread in the oceans.
This a rare shark that has an almost transparent skin. The have unique tooth structures and snout.
Their long and flat snout decreases with age. They are of less concern as their encounter with humans is rare.
Their method of reproduction is yet to be confirmed.

Giant Spider crab 

Giant Spider crab 
It is found in Japan.
They are considered a delicacy. This has promoted over-fishing which seriously reduce their population.
The distance between its claws can go upto 5.5 meters and weighs close to 19 kilograms.
Their claws can cause harm. And they have survive after losing their legs.

Atlantic wolffish

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What do you know about Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin?

Turtle, tortoise and terrapins looks almost the same physically. Apart from that, what do we know about these amazing creatures?

Let’s do a comparison between them. This will help us know both their similarities and differences.




Comparison table for Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin

Turtle Tortoise Terrapin

§  They are mainly found in the sea and oceans.

§  They lay their eggs on the shores.


§  They are mainly found on the land.

§  They are mostly found in hot and dry areas.


§  Just like the turtles, they live in water.

§  They are found in freshwater bodies.

Physical appearance

§  Their shell is much flatter and looks oval.

§  They have flappy feet.

Physical appearance

§  Their shell shape is somehow circular.

§  They have elephant-like feet.

Physical appearance

§  Unlike the turtle, their feet resembles those of the tortoise.

§  Their shells are flat and streamlined.


§  They are omnivores.


§  They are vegetarians.


§  They are omnivores.


§  They have large upper eyelids that protect their eyes.

§  They do not have an external ear opening.

§  They will dig into mud during cold seasons and go into a torpor state.

§  Their life span ranges between 10-80 years


§  They can retract their head under their shell.

§  They have been known to live for more than 150 years.

§  They are believed to have good luck.


§  They have large upper eyelids that protect their eyes.

§  They do not have an external ear opening.

§  They are usually smaller than turtles.


What are some of the Similarities between Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin?

  1. They are reptiles and belong to the order, Testudinidae.
  2. They are all ectothermic hence their body temperature is based on the temperature of the air or water around them.
  3. All three lay eggs.
  4. They breathe air through their nostrils.
  5. They have scales.
  6. They have shells.
  7. They build nesting burrows and lay eggs.

Did you know that turtle, tortoise and terrapins can be kept like pets?

Yes, they can be kept as pets. But they need a lot of attention and care considerations. If you are animal lover and willing to go an extra mile to ensure comfort to your pets. You can try out these amazing animals.

Things to note if you consider petting Turtle, tortoise and terrapins.

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What Will People Say

“What will people say ?” is the notorious hindrance to many dreams and destinations. As much as we are always advised to ignore what people will say, it’s debatable sometimes.

We are social beings by default. We depend on each other. And of course, no man is an island. You want more people to flock in your website and enjoy your blogs, definitely they will be in your mind. Right ? You will ensure that your YouTube videos are one of a kind. Unique videos that will attract a wide range of people.  You will do your best to ensure that whatever you present to them is exactly what they love and even more. You will always be working to offer great posts. This is the reason why even google g ahead to offer you the most searched keywords to help you come up with relevant contents.

Are we still together? So do care what people will say? Do you think its okay to care what they will say?

Don’t be confused yet, let me give you another scenario. You want to quit your boring job and enjoy your passion. Most of the times, the passion may not really offer what your boring job did in terms of finances. In fact, its the other way round. Before you really get on your feet while investing in your passion, you will spend a lot. You may end up being broke, lose friends and even change your lifestyle. On the plus side, you will get to enjoy true happiness, get new friends, learn new things and the list is endless. So whatever people may say will not affect you in any way if you give them a deaf ear and pursue your passions.

Am I making sense here? What do you think? Would you handle those two scenarios different from my approach ? I would love to hear your side of the story and how you do it?

So here we are. Same person faced with two different opinions that test your act of not giving in to what people will say. Personally , I think  it can be in two different ways. There are those times when you need to care what people will say/think and when you don’t need to. You just have to choose wisely.

I would go on to give you more situation samples including:

  • Activities that involves team work. You will need not to compromise the team just because you don’t like some things and care less on what others says.
  • Management positions. Despite all the powers you have, your decision making will always  need to have your people’s concern in mind.
  • Business. You need people to prosper in it, people are a crucial point to think of and be treated with care.
  • Growing of your talents. You don’t need any one’s approval to decide on growing them but you will need their support (from the like minded) to do so.
  • Branding of ourselves. While building our brands, we will need to hear both the bad and good opinions from people. From there, you can then go ahead and act on those that matters to you.

Make a wise choice while deciding on whether to care or not on what people will say while carrying out our daily life activities. Always remember that we only live once. And every day is a new day to right the wrongs. Its never too late to recover from the wrong ways. Mistakes are the best teachers , don’t shy away from them.