Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier.

It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’s time to just relax and have some good time.

Beaches and big hotels maybe most preferred by many. Enjoying some vitamin D and sand bathing. What if you still get that vitamin D and get to make awesome memories. This is because Africa is hot, literally hot. Vitamin D from the sun is everywhere every day at least twelve hours.

Africa is still developing, so most of it is still in its raw state. Developments are yet to cover all places. So you will be able to get an insight of how things ran many years ago in its remote places. Simply, Africa is full of surprises and very welcoming to everyone in the world.

That said, what are some of these places can you be able to enjoy all these.

Here we go:


Chyulu hills

It hosts the greatest wildlife estate called Maasai Mara National Reserve. Also known as one of the best wildlife destination in the world. The Maasai Mara Reserve is also where the greatest wildebeest migration takes place.

It’s a home to a variety and good number of national parks and reserves. Not forgetting the historical sites, cultural centres, sanctuaries, nature parks, mountains, among others.


Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s the other half of the greatest wildebeest migration. A home to some of largest herds of wildlife mammals.

For beach lovers, Zanzibar offers you exactly that. And a lot of history to learn from.


Murchison Falls National Park

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What I learnt from the Blue Economy Conference 2018

What I learnt from the Blue Economy Conference 2018.

The conference lasted for three short days and I believe its was a success. As I got to learn more and I know some people somewhere agree too.

It had the best timing and if all the wordings are made to reality. Then our oceans are in great hands.

So what re some of the things that really impressed me

Blue economy offers a lot of opportunities
Blue economy offers a lot of opportunities Blue economy offers a lot of opportunities

Blue economy will unlock potential by marine and its resources.

For a long time, we (developing countries), have not taken water resources seriously. We lack an effective framework to sustain-ably  exploit these resources.

Requirements for a sustainable blue economy

A successful blue economy has to be sustainable. To avoid over-exploitation and destruction of the resources we look forward to exploit. Unlike gold mining, ocean will need to be allowed time and subjected to conducive environment for its resources.

For fishing to excel, then we should not fish the little ones or flock in the water bodies. We should allow fish time to procreate and grow in size. Hence able to strike the balance.

Blue economy plays an important role to other economies

Blue economy is a new dimension in our economies and hence inadequately exploited. It’s the new jack pot and we should be careful to do things right from the very beginning.

If sustain-ably exploited, then we are to gain much more and still maintain healthy waters.

Conservation of marine and its resources is paramount

A healthy ocean and other water bodies will be able to offer the resources to be exploited. Hence their conservation is a must. For a cow to give more and good milk, then you have to take good care of her. Same applies to all water bodies. It’s a two-way traffic relationship.

Successful blue economy is a global teamwork

No one country can claim ownership of the oceans and its resources. This is because they touch different continents and always on the move with its resources. The fish migrate all the time, same to other species found in the waters. So if one country decides to mishandled these species while they are in their territory. Then the effect will be felt by all nations associated to that ocean.

As a planet its our responsibility to collectively take good care of marine and its resources.

Nations got an opportunity to read their commitments towards sustainable blue economy during the conference. This shows how  serious we need each other to succeed and have healthy oceans.

Sad fact: Research shows that if we don’t stop treating oceans like dumpsites. By 2050, plastic will be more than fish in our oceans.

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How to tell between Crocodiles and Alligators

How to tell between crocodiles and alligators? Do you know how to go about it?

They can be easily confused with each other. This is because they do have a good number of similarities. They are some of the awesome reptiles to explore.

Some people have also gone an extra me to pet them. And developed friendship with. But they still remain dangerous animals. Hence care should be highly considered while dealing with them.

Alligator Alligator
Crocodile Crocodile

What are some of their similarities?

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Humble request

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Be Safe While Enjoying Game drive

It’s important to be safe while enjoying game drive. We still need you to explain to us all the fun stuff and experience you get there. And you can only do that by being back completely and healthy. With no incidents.

Every conservation area does have rules and regulations. Which helps to guide and guard all the visitors. Sadly, just like the terms and conditions, very few do read them. Most of us just ignore and think we can handle it with no guidance. Until we do something crazy and things turn ugly.

Never Forget

Wildlife kill or get killed. They have no rules to follow or care about any. After all, its their home and they are wild. They have their own ways of living. They only care about what to eat, reproduce and survive. So they will literally do anything to keep it that way.

Some incidence that made me wanna pull some visitors’ ears

If you do game drives frequently, you get to meet different types of visitors. They sometime do crazy stuff either due to ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Taking photos carelessly in the wild

The selfie generation is the most annoying one. While in the wild, put a pose to your selfie moments. There was this family who had got out of their car to take selfies and photos. In the middle of the park. There were bushes nearby. They seem not to understand what danger they were exposing themselves to. Can you imagine they were in company of two toddlers?

Its very dangerous to get out of your car while in the wild. Unless you have a sign advising you so. Anything could have been in that bush. And wildlife could harm you badly before you make it back to your car. So its a terrible and dangerous to get out of your car while game driving.

You may think that you have checked for any wildlife presence. Hence safe to get out. But its wildlife habitat, they know their home well. And hiding favours them. Most wildlife will just allow you to spot them. But if they decide to hide, you will not be able to spot them. Let that sink in and remain in your car always.

Leaving windows and rooftops open

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What drives you while planning for safaris?

What drives you while planning for safaris?

What convinces you to hit the road and pay a visit to the wildlife in the wild?

“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”
Karen Blixen

What is a safari?

When the word “Safari” is mentioned, Africa and its wildlife pops into our minds. This is because Safari is used to describe the journey to Africa’s conservation areas.

The journey includes hiking, photography, rock climbing, camping, trekking, expeditions ,and also sort of awesome crazy stuff we are able to do in the jungles.

In short, safari is a visit we pay wildlife and indigenous communities.

Options while doing a safaris

Safari has evolved with time and activities keep changing with time. Just like technology, it keeps changing.

Virtual safaris

Safaris can be very expensive and more tourists and embracing virtual  safaris.

This involves streaming a safari at the comfort of your home. Organisations stream live from the jungles and allows you to join in virtually.

All you need is good internet connection and a laptop/smart TV.

Volunteer safaris

This is for those who don’t mind offering a helping hand and mingle with the locals.

It allows you to offer free services to the conservation areas such as the orphanages, santuaries, conservancies, among others. In return , you are provided with a place to sleep and meals.

It also allows you to offer donations for the wildlife and community welfare.

Its one of the most noble form of safari.

Road-trips safari

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How do we get a balance between Wildlife Conservation and Community Welfare?

As Humans, how do we get a balance between wildlife conservation and community welfare.Humans have been the major threat and cause of nature/environment problems.

This is due to various factors such as:

  • Need for space for the rapidly growing population.
  • High poverty levels.
  • Starvation.
  • Industrialisation and urbanisation.
  • Developments.
  • Among others

As days goes by , things are getting complicated and sophisticated. More developments being practised. In need to have a “better” life. Which sometime does the opposite.

As we embraced new technologies, life became easier and cheap but expensive to our environment. Environment was never taken into account while making such decisions until it was too late.

Things have changed, nowadays each developer has to assess their impact on the environment before undertaking any projects. Organisations were set up as well to make sure this is adhered to. And also responsible to come up with laws and ways that can help rejuvenate our environment.

It’s not all of us who agree or adhere to these rules due to different reasons. That is:

  • Lack of knowledge about environment conservation.
  • Lack of understanding and appreciation of the nature conservation.
  • Corruption and lack of political good will.
  • Lack of alternatives to their negative actions.
  • Just to name a few.

Can conservation education and awareness help change their mind?

You will easily protect or fight for something you love. And you can only love something you understand well about. Or able to relate to.

If we are able to help the local communities appreciate wildlife, they will be able to find ways to co-exist with them. They will be able to manage or approach human-wildlife conflicts in a better way.

Wildlife has no brains but we do have.So its our job to ensure the co-existence is successful. It will mean we do the following:

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Consider both sides of Human-Wildlife Conflicts

Do we really consider both side of human-wildlife conflicts? That is damaged caused to both wildlife and humans. Or do we incline on one side and neglect the other party.

Wildlife conservation success depends on people’s good will. As much as the wildlife is considered voiceless, we should not turn a blinding eye to the affected humans. We can start by trying to put ourselves into their shoes. Then maybe we can have a snippet of what human-wildlife conflicts impact their livelihood.

Habitat fragmentation and land encroachment are the major causes of human-wildlife conflicts. Conservationist have been advising and fighting about it for sometime now. And the governments have started reclaiming back such land. Although we are yet way behind to accomplish something conclusive. Wildlife land still remain under attack.

But does this means it okay to have humans hurt or killed by wildlife when they cross path?

I don’t think so. Human life is equally important as that of the wildlife. Each of these species will do anything to defend themselves when death threats face them. So if wildlife kills humans or the other way round, before we harshly judge humans . We should understand all the facts right.

Was the human with conservation areas? Was the wildlife outside their protected areas? Was their death as a result of defence? What were the available options at that particular time for both parties? With all these answers then we can ahead and do the ”blaming game’.

We live Lake Nakuru National Park and it helped me experience human-wildlife conflicts first hand. During my internship at the Hell’s Gate National Park, I was able to get to experience the conservation bodies part. And it can be a very tricky situation that needs 100% fairness.

Wildlife being wildlife will do what they do best irregardless of where they are. So if they found themselves in your homestead and you have livestock. Then that’s food for them. You are required to call wildlife rangers in such cases. You have to secure yourself, family and maybe your livestock before you get courage to make that call. Not forgetting what may happen as you wait for the response team to show-up. And this confirms how things can get really messy and complicated.

Baboons needs few minutes to turn everything upside down.

Did you know that baboons from Lake Nakuru National Park can distinguish between a female from the male? Through dress code. And they don’t fear females, they consider them weak. They will easily chase after the males. And run away from the males. Next time you pay Lake Nakuru National Park a visit, ensure you interact with the locals. And ask them about the baboon menace. Or visit Langa Langa hospital in Nakuru town and ask about the people admitted as a result of baboon attack.

What do we do?

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Snow Leopard : Ghost of the mountains

Snow leopard is also known as the ghost of the mountains. This is as a result of their extreme solitary behaviour. These leopards don’t even have a group name. That’s how serious they observe their solitude.

They are one of the wildlife in my bucket-list to look for before i bid this world goodbye. I came to appreciate and love them through a conservationist blog. She is using her blog to raise awareness and offer support towards snow leopard conservation.

Where can you find them?

Snow leopard can be found in Russia, China, Tajikistan, Nepal,Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kazahstan , Pakistan as well as India.

Did you know ?

China holds 60% of the snow leopard population

Their Habitat

They are adapted to the cold mountainous areas. Hence able to withstand very low temperatures and high altitudes.
They prefer the rocky mountain but can also be found in the dense forests.
Their coat offer them camouflage to their environment.

Physical appearance

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Let’s Explore Zanzibar

Lets explore Zanzibar,Christmas is almost here. It may be your destination in the next one month. Its a home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So if you love beaches, lets explore it.

Zanzibar is in Tanzania, one of the East African countries.  Its a semi-autonomous region, hence has its own government despite being under the Tanzania government. Zanzibar government is made up of Revolutionary council and house of representatives.
Interesting fact: Zanzibar is an Arabic word meaning the coast of black people.

How do you get there

You can get to Zanzibar via road plus water or air.
If you love sailing, you can get to Dar es saleem via air. Then take a ferry ride into the island. You will enjoy the sea to its fullest. More of your early experience at the beaches.

Zanzibar in details

Zanzibar is one of the Indian Ocean islands adjacent to Tanganyika. It is separated from the Tanzania mainland by a narrow channel.
It comprises of several islands with two larger ones. That is, the Ugunja and Pemba. Ugunja being the largest island of them all.
Its an island well populated, packed with several historical sites (in fact considered as a World Heritage Site), best natural spices , among others.
The main language spoken in the island is Swahili. Although Arabic, french as well as Italian is spoken by some of the residents. Being one of the most loved tourists destination, local tour guides have learnt different languages in the world. Hence you should not be afraid of language barrier.
Did you know? Zanzibar is the world’s oldest functioning Swahili city.
Zanzibar is mainly occupied by Muslims. Christians are found in small numbers. It wont hurt to have some few reservation to respect their regions. Everyone likes it when others respect what they believe on. Even if their believes are different. Respect goes a long way, you may be able to get a new local friend hence more fun at a low rates.

What about wildlife

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Does is It Make Sense?

Does is it make sense to clear the indigenous flora species and replace them with the exotic ones?

In most cities, beautification process is including plantation of various flora species. Which is a good progress. Beautification does not have to be confined in monuments, bill boards, cemented path ways, among others.

Flora bring a sense of life in our highways and cities. They reduce the impact of the scorching sun. As well as offer us beautiful view to enjoy as we transit.

But I have one problem with the flora species that they are planting. Why would they destroy the indigenous species and replace them with the exotic species.

Most of the flora species being used for beautification are mainly the exotic species. As much they may seem more beautiful than the indigenous one. They do have a lot of cons that are avoidable.

Exotic species will take some time to adapt to the new environment. Needing extra care and responsibilities for their survival. Sometimes they eventually die despite all that care. They are expensive to maintain.

Why do the governments go ahead to misuse public funds in such projects that most of the time fail. Especially in Kenya, a country handicapped with other monsters such as corruption. Millions are wasted in ridiculous beatification projects that keep failing over and over again.

The sad thing is that we don’t learn from our mistakes. We just keeping redoing in. We destroy the indigenous flora species that have been present over the years. Flora species that didn’t need the much needed attention and resources to maintain.

What if?

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