Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier.

It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’s time to just relax and have some good time.

Beaches and big hotels maybe most preferred by many. Enjoying some vitamin D and sand bathing. What if you still get that vitamin D and get to make awesome memories. This is because Africa is hot, literally hot. Vitamin D from the sun is everywhere every day at least twelve hours.

Africa is still developing, so most of it is still in its raw state. Developments are yet to cover all places. So you will be able to get an insight of how things ran many years ago in its remote places. Simply, Africa is full of surprises and very welcoming to everyone in the world.

That said, what are some of these places can you be able to enjoy all these.

Here we go:


Chyulu hills

It hosts the greatest wildlife estate called Maasai Mara National Reserve. Also known as one of the best wildlife destination in the world. The Maasai Mara Reserve is also where the greatest wildebeest migration takes place.

It’s a home to a variety and good number of national parks and reserves. Not forgetting the historical sites, cultural centres, sanctuaries, nature parks, mountains, among others.


Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s the other half of the greatest wildebeest migration. A home to some of largest herds of wildlife mammals.

For beach lovers, Zanzibar offers you exactly that. And a lot of history to learn from.


Murchison Falls National Park

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Random Quote

“December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come.”
― Fennel Hudson


Holiday month

December is here!

A month that has a celebration  univeral to the whole planet.

Christmass,  a holiday celebrated by almost everyone irregardless of their believes. Some just use it to have good time with the families.

Simply what a holiday entails.

To some its time to have a break from the offices that prisons us most of our days. Others its time to go for a safari, sunbath at the beaches, hit roads by doing road trips, go visit our parents, see countrryside and give cities a break, among others.

Its that month to be merry and thankful to have made this far. The 365 days are almost done.

Make December an awesome one and burry all the worries.

Do you have any plans this weekend?

Hello dear ones, do you have any plans this weekend?

The week has finally come to an end. Time to relax and do something for fun. Get out there and interact with nature. Give your body and soul some treat.

So what are some of the activities you can enjoy this weekend?

  • Game drives / Short safaris
  • Hiking / Mountain climbing
  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking
  • Bird-watching
  • Free style street photography
  • Camping
  • Cycling
  • Ballooning
  • Swimming
  • Sky diving
  • Walks on the beach/nature parks
  • Volunteering in the communities or animals orphanage/sanctuaries.
  • Long naps
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Go for a movie
  • The list is endless….
Animal therapy

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Do you easily take ownership of your mistakes?

How often do you take ownership of your mistakes without blaming it on something or someone?

Especially the devil, I don’t know about where you are. But wher I am, most people when they have no one to blame for the mistakes or something to use as an excuse. Then the devil is used as the guine pig. And they will easily blame it on the devil/demons. Not forgetting parents, friends, enemies, collegues, cars, alarm, and the list is endless. Am not very sure if that’s suppossed to be the case.

The more we keep looking for excuses and things/people to blame for our mess. We deny ourselves an opportunity to learn from them. Sometime, its true something or someone may have contributed to our mess. But we remain the CEO of your life, hence have the final go ahead in everything you do.

What about you? Do you take ownership of your mistakes?

Her Wish

Her wish is difficult to give,

And its even harder to let her know.

She has never asked me for something this passionately,

To a point of allowing me break some rules,

Just to be able to make her wish come true.

I feel as if am the bad person here,

With no option to change things,

And give her this wish,

I just gave her a smile and no answer,

Empty hopes and possibilities.

I love her so much,

And breaking her heart will literally kill me,

Am torn within and really confused,

Yet to decide what to do about the wish.

Will she ever get past it?

Mistake is only mistake if repeated, loosely translated from a swahili say. 

How do you forget something or remind yourself to forget?

It even becomes harder if the involved person is someone close to you.

She saw what she was not supposed to see,

Read what was meant for another person,

Despite being made to believe others,

But he doesn't know that.

He thinks business is as usual,

Doing his best to give  a good impression,

Working hard to show a better version of him,

What he thinks she will appreciate.

She sees him as a pretender,

But also thinks maybe he is a nice guy,

Maybe he will change or depart from his other side of himself,

Or maybe he will never change.

So everything he does for her,

She appreciate half-halfheartedly,

Sees it as a lie or a trap,

Hoping he will eventually reveal his 'true' self.

It seems she will never manage to get past it,

She will eventually walk away,

Disappear with no reason or trace,

And hope he will figure it out. 

I don’t hate, I take time to know someone

As I was having a conversation with one of my friends during those lazy weekends. His friend joined us and I unknowingly zoomed out. I slowed down contributing to the talk. And shortly afterwards, I excused myself.

After several months, we were in the same situation. But with a different stranger. The cycle repeated itself. Then he pointed out about it. He had observed me for some time and noticed. I rarely like most people at the first sight or even few days.
That’s when I decided to confirm his observation. Since personally I had not really notice it. Am not very outspoken to strangers face to face. And it was true. I take time to like someone or be free with them.
Sometimes it may come out as if i hate or dislike someone. But that’s not the case. I just take time to get to know someone. Before I can actually get free with them.
I wouldn’t want to say something or joke about something  or even point out about something. Which will be misunderstood or used in a wrong way while referring to that chat.

One time while I was still in campus. We were just chatting about random topics. Then a topic about roles of females in the community came up. To be specific, role of a wife.

The feminism and love for gender equality in me could not allow me stay calm ,as they tried to imply that wives were meant to be in kitchens cooking and taking care of the babies, and their husbands. Some even went ahead to say arranged marriage is the solution to the many broken homes.
Each side of the conversation gave their opinion and what we each thought will work best for a good home. This was not my problem. My problem was aftermath.
Most of the people in that chat started avoiding me and labeling me. Apparently they were all from a community that believes women have no say in the society. So they thought I was disrespectful. They didn’t have to say it on my face, their actions spoke louder.
My problem was not how they treated me or stomached my opinions. But from where they came from. I think they were yet to open up and embrace what I told them. They were brought up believing what they aired during the chat. And were yet to transform and join the rest of the world.
We are told if you go to Rome, you better do as Romans do. Had I considered they came from and their beliefs. I would have presented my argument gently. No one love change or their ego bruised.
That’s where I learnt the importance of patience. I take my sweet time to get free with anyone. Give myself time to learn and try to have an idea on where they come from. And what are their believes.

As much as you may disagree with someone on something, you have to respect each other’s opinion.

Shame to all of us

Few days ago our primary schools did their final exams.
And our news were full of girls who sat the exams pregnant. While others end up giving birth during the exams. They still did the exams. But at the hospitals. With all the childbirth pain, police and invigilators “guard” them while they did the papers.

I have not given birth myself. But from the few friends I have been with during that period. That state begs for support and patient , and not stress. So will it not be unfair to expect these girls to perform any better in those exams. Is KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) or any other exams, a matter of life and death?

Not forgetting those ”men” who impregnated these poor girls. Are they even qualify to be called men. How do you sleep with a minor and allow yourself a peaceful night? There are literally babies whose decision-making is weak. So you are the one in charge. And you decide to destroy their future.

Surprising enough, these so called men. Range from religious leaders, older men, business personnels, relatives, among others. Old enough men to understand the consequences of their actions.

They gladly disappear after impregnating the little girls and laws unsuccessfully bring them to justice. The girl’s parents left to deal with the aftermath.

If it was your daughter, would you see it normal? Do nothing about it and move on with life. Its a sad and shameful situation to all of us.

What are we doing to protect the young ones? The minor rapists still evade the long arm of the law. We keep going to the streets, making threats and promises made in return. But all that goes to waste after a short while. The problems remain the same.

The poor girl child continue being subjected to motherhood before they even embrace adulthood. Sadly we have reached a point whereby, everyone for themselves, GOD for us all.

All in all, lets not give up on the girl child efforts yet. The few men who have proved to be useless and monsters, will get what they have been looking for. Jesus himself told us to be like children. He loves children and those who mess up with them , will get their punishment soon or later.

Lets be each other’s sister. Reach out to the girls in the vurnable areas and do something. To prevent any of them going through such in the future. No girl should be denied an opprotunity to fully enjoy their childhood.



Poor thing

She is angry but he doesn’t know that or why.

Unlike other mornings, she doesn’t wake up jovial and energetic. Instead, she pretends to oversleep and ignore him. He taps her on he shoulder, but she doesn’t move an inch.
So he thinks maybe she is too tired, and allows her to continue sleeping.
He fixes his coffee and head to work. Leave her a note, to wish her a good day. Not knowing what is really happening to his sweetheart.
She eventually wake up. Tries to make some breakfast, but not happening. So she simply drink some mango juice and head back to bed. A text from her husband stirs things up. By simply reading the text, her anger escalates. Instead of replying to the text, she switches her phone off.
Wait…..what’s happening here? What is really happening with the queen. Who pressed the wrong button or said the wrong word. Do anyone know what’s really happening apart from her. Any ideas?
Unfortunately, she is the only one who knows the root cause of her problem. He forget their anniversary. The poor thing is suffering for something he forgot and not in a position to redeem himself.
After a no reply to his text, he decided to rush home during lunch break. He was worried and thought maybe she is not feeling well. But all he found at home, was his love who didn’t want to see him. She was still in bed and remained silent. Despite the numerous shaking and calls.
She finally dropped the bombshell. With few words but very angry. He was surprised, it had completely escaped his mind.

What next?