Letter to all Rapists

How is the going,

Living with the knowledge of what you have caused to your victims,

Do you pose for a minute and reflect on the impact you left in them.

Maybe you enjoyed it, or felt remorse afterwards, or yet to figure out what you feel about the whole thing.

Many lives have been lost, others destroyed and more damage done,

The weak ones gave up and ended their lives,

The strong ones keep fighting to have courage to stay alive,

The confused ones are yet to know what to do next.

If they thought in terms of revenge,

They would wish that one day,

You too have  kids just like them,

Then these kids cross ways with a monster just like you,

And get raped.

As they crawl and cry for help,

Trying their best to overcome the pain and accept the situation,

You will watch the pain you made someone go through ,

Through your kid’s eyes,

Maybe then you will fully understand the consequences for your monster actions.

But what they will do is forgive you ,

Try to make peace with the past,

Hoping karma will catch up with you,

Forgiveness is the only thing that will heal the wounds,

As well as boast will to live.

If you thought you conquered,

Then you are terribly wrong,

Yes you were a stumbling block,

And that was turned  to be  stepping stone,

For a bright future,

So you were damn wrong.
If you are victim or have a relation with one of them. Maybe a friend or a sibling or

anyone you know. Help them understand that it was never their fault to go through it.

We may never understand what it really feels but we will always be there for them. Live

is precious and a gift, problems and such incidences can be used to build strength. Lets

concentrate on the positives and make peace with the past. As long as you are still

breathing, you have a purpose to accomplish.


What I have Learnt From Having My Mum as My best Friend

It is always parent’s wish to have their kids trust and confide in them. But this changes as we grow up. Mix with different kids and get exposed to the outside world. It sometimes gets to its worst, when the parents get caught up with their careers. Am sure they would want to spend more time with you but gets complicated. But this doesn’t cover those parents who make no effort to create time for their kids.

Mum has been actively involved as the major bread-winner. So her schedule has been super crazy since we were all born. But she came out to be the best mum ever. She is our hero and we love her very much. She does more than just being a mum. When bullies headed our way, she literally fought those battles for us.

I remember one incidence when one boy from the neighborhood snatched my present for being the best performer in our class. He not only took my present but beat me up. I went home crying and all sad. Mum could not take it. She closed her shop and head to the  boy’s home. She brought my present back and gave the boy a good beating. It felt good and she has always remained my hero.

This was just one of the many fights and situations, mum defended us. Such acts helped us to build a friendship relationship with her. We can talk to mum about anything without holding back. She has a magic way of balancing between parenting and being a friend.

She can be tough if need be. And yes, she could give us a beating to reckon for a longtime. She didn’t have to warn us twice. No one ever wanted to be on her wrong side. Dad some times had to give us a heads up to run for our lives as she approached when we were on the wrong side. This worked some times but other time he was the one who gave us the first round of beating. Before handing us to our mum. So we had to be disciplined and be good kids.

The relationship we have with our mum allows us to talk with her about almost everything. From our fears, happy moments, jokes, among others. She has the best communication tactic. From the funny texts, calls and face to face talks. She ensures we all keep in touch almost everyday for some of us who are away from home.

Due to the constant communication, she is always aware of whats happening in our lives. She also has a way of knowing when things are not okay. She goes deep and take serious any issue we mention to her. She likes it when we are happy and heading the right direction.

Mum's best
Mum’s best


I normally see like she has a magic way of reading me from miles away. More than a few times, she has called when I was too sad to even tell her what was going on. Her voice alone over the phone, made me break down if things were going side ways. She would allow me cry it out over the phone. Then slowly help me overcome the issue. After everything cools down, she then assist to make sense out of the whole scenario. She goes ahead to play her role as both a parent and friend effectively.

This happened to  me quite a lot and am always grateful for having her as my mum.Am sure it would have been worst if she was not the way she is.

Parents are naturally tasked to protect their off-springs. No matter how you may turn out to be or what you may get yourself into. They are to stand by you. Protect you and ensure you get the best.

When they are able to be your friend, it’s even better. Because you get to understand that it is okay to confide in them without fear of being judged. They get to offer friendship and not judgement. With the years of experience, they offer wise advise and keep you in shape. They allow you a safe space to air out what’s not doing okay in life without fear.

With that, you don’t have to bottle up issues or run into bad company full of bad advises. Things are changing and advancing at a lighting speed. Advises are all over and easily available, most of which are not so positive. Internet may have made things in life but wise counseling from the elders is vital.

Schools, colleges and universities are full of different people. Both bad and good. Choosing friend can be tricky and ending up with the wrong crew may be very easy. Different kids have been raised differently. Some are strong to fight peer pressure while others are too weak to resist it.

While I was joining campus, mum wrote a letter and hid in my handbag. She didn’t tell me about it but texted that she had place a surprise in my wallet. My first thought was that she had placed more pocket-money. So i didn’t rush to check until I fully settled in the campus. I opened my surprise on my second day in campus.

It was a letter. I was confused why did mum need to write me a letter yet we texted every time. But she explained that too in the letter. She knew texts will keep coming from her, and she didn’t want whatever she was writing be  too far from my reach. She wanted me to always read the letter when I felt lost or got confused or afraid.

Surprisingly, whatever mum wrote me in that letter came to be true during my time there. It served as a reminder and strength. And she offered the best background and foundation.

Wait, what about the light moments we share with her. Sharing jokes and laughter in our long phone calls. And even better in our long nights chats when i visit home. This has helped us manage to live bravely above the effects left behind by our dad’s alcoholism scandals. We are able to concentrate on the positives and accept him as he is. She has taught us to accept, love and respect him as our dad, irregardless of what alcoholism turned him into.

Are your friends with your kids? Are you friends with your folks? Do you agree friendships between parents and their kids will help reduce the suicides among youth?

I would love to know your thoughts.

I Don’t Care

Gone are the days,
When I really cared on others,
Not hurting their feelings,
But now,
I don’t care.

I used to concentrate on other’s feelings,
And in return ,
Hurting my own,
I only cared about them,
But now,
I don’t care.

I could be so afraid to “harm” anyone,
Not able to say truly what I meant,
As long as, they were happy,
I struggled to keep it that way,
But now,
I don’t care.

Most of them made me their door mat,
Requested for abnormal favors,
After all,
I always said yes to them,
But now,
I don’t care.

Saying NO was a foreign language to me,
I sacrificed everything to just not giving it when applicable,
The response was what you already have in mind,
No one cared about me,
But now,
I too don’t care.

My third eye is open,
And I come first while the rest follow,
“NO” has become my closest buddy,
No more “pleasing”
Because I don’t care.

It feels good to say NO once in a while,
To have people understand that you are not their doormat,
That you matter,
And most importantly,
Understand that you don’t care.

You are worthy some TLC,
Being concerned is okay,
But caring,
Choose who to give it to diligently ,
Who really needs to be cared for.