Promoting The New Conservation Model

Promoting The New Conservation Model Promoting The New Conservation Model. Through a talk by CEO of Elephant Neighbour Center, Mr. Jim Justus Nyamu. One of the greatest conservation heroes. Do you remember the man I told you literally walks for the elephants? He is now promoting a new conservation model that is aimed at. PromoteContinue reading “Promoting The New Conservation Model”

Let Us Embrace Culture For Growing Trees

Let Us Embrace Culture For Growing Trees Let Us Embrace Culture For Growing Trees. Just planting trees, will not offer any help in our fight against climate change. We need to help the tree grow and make it to a point where it can survive on its own. Planting versus Growing of trees Planting treesContinue reading “Let Us Embrace Culture For Growing Trees”

Let us allow Nature to heal

Let us allow Nature to heal Let us allow Nature to heal. Time heals everything and nature has its own prescription. All we have to do is, allow it some humble time and space. We all know that nature heals, but we tend to forget that as much as it may heal us. It doesContinue reading “Let us allow Nature to heal”

Are we misusing the word Sustainability?

Are we misusing the word Sustainability? Now that we have been attaching it to any project we want to prosper. Nowadays, if you want to get support. Then you have to convince us that it’s sustainable. But do they really mean it in action? What is Sustainability? In regards to economic growth, sustainability refers toContinue reading “Are we misusing the word Sustainability?”

Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature

Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature. The second week of May allows us an opportunity to celebrate all the mothers in all corners of our planet. We get to salute them for the great job and sacrifice they offer the babies. Both biological, adopted or any form that they got theirContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature”

We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk We Need To Talk. The most fear sentence of line by human kind. I looked at him and wondered, “Why are so sad?”and what’s the need of the talk?” He just shook his head and looked the other side. Had I done something wrong? I needed to know, so I wentContinue reading “We Need To Talk”

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud Thinking Out Loud. I would like to share with some of my thoughts that came as a result of seeing something really depressing. With the dry seasons everywhere, fires have become part of our days. Whereby fires have been burning stuff everywhere. The wildfires at Mount Kenya and Arabuko Sokoke, are someContinue reading “Thinking Out Loud”

How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?

How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted? How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted? Environmental concepts have been facing opposition or get diluted when we push hard for them. Public and other related parties are supposed to be able to embrace such concepts. By first understanding them,Continue reading “How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?”

Urban Versus Rural Areas Waste Management Culture

Urban Versus Rural Areas Waste Management Culture Urban Versus Rural Areas Waste Management Culture. Same species but different behaviors observed. The urban culture seems not to care much of their treatment towards the environment. While the rural culture has little to expose the environment to. Rural Areas Waste Management Culture People in the rural areasContinue reading “Urban Versus Rural Areas Waste Management Culture”

What’s your preference between bathtub or shower?

What’s your preference between bath tub or shower? The question that came to my mind today morning as I took a shower. I thought of the water volumes involved and thought why not explore it with my readers. Most of us will prefer shower, especially in the mornings on your way to work or somewhereContinue reading “What’s your preference between bathtub or shower?”