Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019

Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019 Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019. Kenyans in the coastal areas were able to interact with conservationists who taught them more about marine conservation. There have been increased awareness among the local communities regarding wildlife and pollution. Especially in the coast, Ocean cleaningContinue reading “Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019”

What I learnt from the Blue Economy Conference 2018

What I learnt from the Blue Economy Conference 2018. The conference lasted for three short days and I believe its was a success. As I got to learn more and I know some people somewhere agree too. It had the best timing and if all the wordings are made to reality. Then our oceans areContinue reading “What I learnt from the Blue Economy Conference 2018”

What is Blue economy?

What is blue economy? What does it entail? The Blue economy conference for 2018 kicked off two days ago and will be concluding today. It brought many nations, organisation and people together. Let’s get to understand what it entails In general terms, it is use of marine environment for its economic value. Include activities suchContinue reading “What is Blue economy?”


Oysters are salt-water bivalve mollusks found in oceans/sea/brackish habitats. They belong to the ostreoidea family. They can be consumed raw or cooked by humans. And some of them have pearl that is harvested to make decorative objects. Types of Oysters 1. True Oysters Comprises of the edible oysters. Examples include belon oyster, Olympia oyster, pacificContinue reading “Oysters”

Sea Urchins

Sea urchins are marine creatures. They are echinoderms and belong to the class of Echinoidea. And can be found in the floor of oceans. They prefer areas with coral reef for safety measures. Sea urchin have more than 100 known species. Which are different in sizes, color and shapes. But mainly in round to ovalContinue reading “Sea Urchins”