Marine experience at the Nairobi National Museum

IMG_20180223_162731IMG_20180223_162740IMG_20180223_162803IMG_20180223_162827IMG_20180223_162858IMG_20180223_162932IMG_20180223_162942IMG_20180223_162948IMG_20180223_162956IMG_20180223_163022IMG_20180223_163045IMG_20180223_163225 - CopyIMG_20180223_163245IMG_20180223_163251IMG_20180223_163314IMG_20180223_163418IMG_20180223_163437 - CopyIMG_20180223_163443 - CopyIMG_20180223_163546 - CopyIMG_20180223_163546IMG_20180223_163620 - CopyIMG_20180223_163620

8 thoughts on “Marine experience at the Nairobi National Museum

    1. Water bodies especially the big one have wide variety of species you can explore. You will get exposed to wonderful stuff like the corals, colorful fishes, among others. I too love them but haven’t explored them physically except in museums and artificial aquariums as well as documentaries. Let’s learn more and share what we learn from them

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