Oloolua Nature Trail Place is the place to be after a long week at work

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Oloolua Nature Place is the place to be after a long week at work.

Especially for those who are still in the city. Those who will not manage to visit family in upcountry due to various reasons. As well as those who love nature and hiking.

Welcome to Oloolua nature trail.
Welcome to Oloolua nature trail.

It’s a place for everyone who loves nature and awesome environment. Located at a very convenient place outside the city and very affordable. Not forgetting the climate inside there. It’s like a very different areas from the rest of Nairobi.

It allows you to enjoy picnic, light hiking, waterfall, camping, team building, among others. You just have to be creative and maximise on what Oloolua offers you.

This nature trail opens as early as 9:00 am, and go ahead to allow you enjoy yourselves till 6:00 pm. For those not camping. FYI, it never closes. It’s open 24/7.


Daytime visits

Citizens/ students Ksh 200 /= each, Children 100/= each
Residents Ksh 400 / =, Children 200/=
Foreigners Ksh 600 / =, Children 300/=

Evening camping per night

  • Adult Citizens Ksh 2000 /= , Children 1000/= `
  • Groups (10 people) Ksh 5000 /=
  • Residents Ksh 2, 5000 / children 1,500 /=
  • Foreigners Ksh 3,000/=, Children – Ksh 1,500/=
  • Foreigner group (10) Ksh 8,000 /=

The River

The river is the first blessing that welcomes you to this amazing nature trail. You can spend few minutes at the bridge, admiring the water flow or planning how you will undertake you hiking within the trail.

At the bridge
At the bridge

The Nature Trails

The trails.
The trails.

The nature trail have been strategically placed within Oloolua. Hence no need for a tour guide. You can simply follow the trail and manage to cover all the places within this nature trails.

The place is a bit humid hence slippery. And the woods used to mark the trail help in providing support as well.

There are alot of roots and fallen trees. So slipping should not be a worry. There are plenty of structures to support you. From the overgrown huge roots, shrubs, fallen twigs, among others.

The Water Fall

The Water fall
The Water fall

There is a water fall that is very easily accessible. Allowing you to almost get at its exact location. It provdes the best view and a good place to relax by the river side. As you watch birds get busy building their nest on the nearby trees.

Trying to get closer

Most of the biggest trees in this nature trail are found near this river.

Happy to see the water fall

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