Like pole repel, unlike poles attract

The Homely WCK Hostels in Mombasa

Does this rule applies to humans too. Where by the poles represents gender.

I read a post from one of my online friends. She had written her experience in Nairobi during her vacation. And yes it was great as expected. But there was a funny little problem.

The few females she meet on the streets were no so “friendly/helpful”. The scenario was different when she visited the markets, malls as well as restaurant. In those places, the females were helpful with smiling faces.

But on the streets, according to her story. They only gave her stares and not offer help when she requested for one.

So what exactly did she need help for?

She needed one of them to take her a photo in one of the beautiful buildings and streets. And whenever she handed them her phone, they simply declined and only offered stares as they walk away.

In conclusion, she concluded that most females in Nairobi are not friendly or helpful in that matter.

On the other hand, the males that crossed her path were super helpful and friendly.

As I read her beautiful post, I tried to analyze and similarize her situation to some situation in my life. And the question I asked myself, who have been more helpful in my day to day life. Male or female.

Who do I find it easy to mingle or share ideas with. Without the fear of anything whatsoever.

And that’s when I remembered the magnetism rule. In my opinion, I don’t think it apply 100% in humans. Whereby people’s urge to help is affected by gender basis.

In most cases that I have observed that, males will easily help females as females will easily connect with males.
For instance during hikings, I have hiked with different groups. And males will always offer helping hand easily to females than they will do to the fellow males having the same difficulties.

Even on the roads, a male driver will easily give way to a female driver. But will hesitate when it comes to a fellow male driver. I guess it just happens without us reliazing.

But we also witness both males and females fighting for each other. Females fighting for gender equality and males sharing great ideas. They both do so with and for people of the same gender as them.

Maybe my friend met with the unfriendly females in our city, but there are nice ones too. Next time she may be lucky to cross their paths and get to enjoy their open arms.


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