Are the Environmental Warriors Safe?

Have you ever thought of it and are they safe?
Personally , I have and it was always leave me worried and angry at the same time. The environment warriors fight for something that will benefit all of us regardless of what we do towards environment. They are always at loggerheads with very powerful people who have a lot but they still strive to ensure environment has a voice in the midst of all. 
My worries got confirmed the other day as I was watching the news. Activists fighting against logging at Mt. Kenya may get sued by some of the saw millers businessperson. 
Deforestation is the main threat to all our forests in Kenya but thanks to the Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service for the incredible efforts towards protecting them. We are also blessed with many organizations such as Wildlife Direct, Friends of Nairobi National Park, county governments , NGOs, among others. All these bodies work tirelessly to ensure that our natural resources survive all the threats facing them. 
Back to my worry concern…..Can you really manage to pay value for a 45 years old tree? And does having a licence to cut down trees make it right to destroy the forest? And threatening to sue an activist for speaking out for environment is just another level of…..These  are the thoughts that raced my head as I watched the very angry man explaining to the journalist on how he was going to deal with the activist and justifying their act.
The controlling organisation was also present and they too explained their art. So according to them , they do allow these guys to cut down the very old trees and even went ahead to explain that they do regulate the equipment to be used by the saw millers. My problem is how can an organisation meant to protect environment side with those who destroy it just because they have issued them a licence? To be very sincere with ourselves, we all know that these rules are bent all the time. So how are we sure that the set rules only will protect the voiceless trees. Maybe someone can  assist me in  this…
My question is will you wait for another 45 years so as to come for another tree? Since the parties involved defended themselves with that argument, that they only cut old trees. It’s a business, right, they need the wood supply frequently, right, and of course they need a mature tree. So how long will the forest manage to stomach them?
To the eyes of the business persons, trees may seemed to have no value when still attached to the soil but it does. It’s crucial to the ecosystem. There’s a whole process involved that only few seem to understand / appreciate. It involved  long-term processes that can not be placed any price tag..
Not all saw mills are bad, in fact some of them are very reasonable. They have taken a step forward to ensure that our environment survives by having their own lands for planting trees that they need. In Kenya we have several of those. They have bought huge pieces of land in different parts of the country and plants trees in huge numbers. The trees have been planted in a way that they are available for harvesting all year round. They are organized and don’t have to invade the trees inside the protected areas ie the conservation areas.
The same county is losing natural resources at an alarming rate, the snow on the Mt. Kenya is melting away, the lake Olbolosatt is drying up, just to name a few. So with this in mind , what is the way forward?
Important fact to remember is that if the environment dies we will all suffer and no amount of money will enable us purchase good climate. The global warming affects everyone, all the countries regardless of the amount of gases you emit to the atmosphere.
My thought: Trees inside the parks and reserves should not be touched no matter how old they are. Let them die and decompose if they have to because that’s how nature works and its excellent at its natural processes. Let’s not have an excuse to allow selfish humans into the conservation areas with the excuse that the old trees can be cut. We know ourselves very well, no one will sincerely cut the old trees and pass the beautiful one just because the forest organization forbids. They will find a way to cut them.
Sad 🙁 thing is, am just a drop in the ocean and I may not actually save these trees. The big guys have money, power and all, you name it. They always have it their way most of the time and then mock us with few dollars of donation towards reforestation. Money can never buy good climate that’s why whether you live in the developed or developing countries, we are all suffering the climate change. The global warming does not care who  you are or what you did, it affects all of us. So when you are bravely defending your acts of cutting trees whether licensed or not, just know that the hot sun will be roasting all of us since the ozone layers is giving up on planet earth day after day. Trees will have nothing to lose and worse thing is, you will have no more trees to cut down.. So what’s next.
Unlike wildlife, once the trees disappear the consequences are worst. If you have ever visited a desert even just for a day then you have a rough idea on how things will be. We are good at inventing things but we have to remember natural resources are way ahead of our league. Is giving up on planet earth day after day. Trees will have nothing to lose and worse thing is, you will have no more trees to cut down.. So what’s next.

I really hope that one day my tiny little voice will be heard.


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26 thoughts on “Are the Environmental Warriors Safe?

  1. Thank you for this, Cheche…we should never underestimate the value of lots of voices, working for the environment in our local areas. You are not alone in your concern, and people all over the world are waking up to what’s happening to our beautiful planet. After all, as you say, we will all suffer as climate change gets worse.

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  2. Excellent blog post. Sometimes I do wonder if earthquakes, mudslides, snowstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes are Mother Natures way of attempting to expel humans from her environment and purify the planet.


  3. I don’t even know the way I finished up here, however I assumed this put up was once good. I don’t realize who you’re but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!


  4. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!… Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me….


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