We are not short, we are fun size….

Do you ever think of all the awesomeness you have in you , the uniqueness you posses…


Well today I decided to check out the fun facts about my height and they are just super awesome, thanks buzz feed. Enjoy….

  • No one ever asks us to help them lift things! And this works out fine for us.
  • We can nap anywhere.
  • We can use taller people as human shields from the elements and enemies.
  • We have a huge personality to make up for our small stature. No one ever expects it.
  • Legroom on airplanes/ car is never an issue.
  • Oh, and of course, long-legged people who need the front seat are always grateful when we volunteer to fit in the back.
  • We can shop in the petites section and the regular section.
  • Our feet often never reach the ground when relaxing in a chair. This means that we can pretend to not be an adult for that much longer, and tell ourselves to swing away!
  • We pretty much never have to worry about being taller than our date.
  • Because we have a low center of gravity, we’re less likely to topple over.
  • We’ll never be too tall for a bed.
  • We gain upper-body strength from climbing literally everything.
  • While tall people suffer from the extremely low shower heads in hotel rooms, we wash our hair in triumph.
  • We never have to worry about bumping our head on stuff.
  • Evidence suggests that shorter people live longer lives.
  • Short people actually experience things faster than taller people.
  • With being short comes tiny feet and with tiny feet comes cheaper (kids) shoes.
  • Shirts and skirts can be dresses. If a maxi skirt is too long, just pull it up to make a maxi dress for half the price.
  • Tall people let us go in front of them at concerts. So while our tall friends are at the back, we’re getting an amazing view.
  • We can duck out of uncomfortable group conversations and nobody really notices.
  • Even though reaching things may be an issue, tall people always seem to be friendly enough to help a stranger out.
  • We can always hem long pants shorter…but you can’t make too-short pants longer. So, we win.
  • We’ll never have to worry about blocking someone’s view in a movie theater.
  • We can be expert couch surfer because we’ll always fit on a sofa.
  • People tend to mistake us for being younger than we are (at least, in our early twenties this seems to happen a lot).
  • We’re excellent at hide-and-seek.
  • Everyone loves to hug us, because we’re the perfect size for cuddle.
  • Because we know we’re in good company with all the other fine short folks out there.
  • We look small and petite, but secretly love the surprise on people’s faces when they realize we’re strong and independent.


But do we say…

Embrace your awesomeness and enjoy the weekend in style.


Published by Cheche Winnie

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34 thoughts on “We are not short, we are fun size….

  1. Lol! Good things come in small packages. I’m sharing this on FB. I have friends who will appreciate it. Of course, “shortness” is all relative. My husband tells me I’m short. I’m 5’5″. My sister tells me I’m tall. She’s 5′ 1″ (almost).

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