We are in a combustible Planet : Wild Fires

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We are in a combustible Planet : Wild Fires

We are in a combustible Planet , hence the presence of Wild Fires in different continents from time to time.

This is due to factors such as :

  • Flora rich in carbon
  • The seasonal dry climates
  • Presence of oxygen in the atmosphere
  • Lightning
  • Volcanic activities
  • Human negligence while handling man-caused fires

According to nature and it’s ecosystem processes, these wild fires are very important for the growth and development of some plant species. This only applies to the natural wild fires. The ones that have not been contributed by human activities.

The need to manage forests and it’s vegetation. The involved parties may cause a managed wild fire. This helps to promote growth and reproduction of these vegetation. Get rid of the unwanted vegetation hence reducing the fuel build up. And avoid occurance of the natural wild fire than may get out of hand. Destroying more vegetation and even human life.

How can Humans contribute to wild fires

Humans can introduce these fires intentionally or unintentionally.

These means include:

  • Arson
  • Discarded cigarettes
  • Faulty power-lines
  • Sparks from equipment
  • Land clearing fires that spread to the nearby forests.

Our Mount Kenya has been burning for the last six days

Read the full article here.


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