Primates: The Most Developed and intelligent Animal Species

The Greater Apes: The ground dwellers Gorillas

Primates: The Most Developed and intelligent Animal Species

Primates, they most Developed and intelligent animal species on our planet. It also includes humans, who happens to be the most developed and intelligent.

Basic knowledge about primates

Primates are characterized by large brains relative to their body shape, and an increased dependency on their visual acuity compared to their other senses.

Compared to other mammals, they tend to have slower rate in reaching maturity. But on the bright side, have a longer lifespan.

They are very social animals. But depending on the various species, some may live in solitude, paired or groups in their adult lives.

Do you love climbing on stuff, from trees, mountains, hills? Don’t worry, you are a very normal private. Because privates involves species that posses adaptations for climbing trees. So yes, lets use our climbing skills effectively.

Some groups of primates

  • Humans which includes you and me.
  • Greater apes which includes Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans
  • Lesser apes includes Gibbons.
  • Monkeys which includes both the old and new world monkeys
  • Prosimians which includes lemurs, lorises and allies.

What does this show?

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