Consider both sides of Human-Wildlife Conflicts

Consider both sides of Human-Wildlife Conflict

Do we really consider both side of human-wildlife conflicts? That is damaged caused to both wildlife and humans. Or do we incline on one side and neglect the other party.

Wildlife conservation success depends on people’s good will. As much as the wildlife is considered voiceless, we should not turn a blinding eye to the affected humans. We can start by trying to put ourselves into their shoes. Then maybe we can have a snippet of what human-wildlife conflicts impact their livelihood.

Habitat fragmentation and land encroachment are the major causes of human-wildlife conflicts. Conservationist have been advising and fighting about it for sometime now. And the governments have started reclaiming back such land. Although we are yet way behind to accomplish something conclusive. Wildlife land still remain under attack.

But does this means it okay to have humans hurt or killed by wildlife when they cross path?

I don’t think so. Human life is equally important as that of the wildlife. Each of these species will do anything to defend themselves when death threats face them. So if wildlife kills humans or the other way round, before we harshly judge humans . We should understand all the facts right.

Was the human with conservation areas? Was the wildlife outside their protected areas? Was their death as a result of defence? What were the available options at that particular time for both parties? With all these answers then we can ahead and do the ”blaming game’.

We live Lake Nakuru National Park and it helped me experience human-wildlife conflicts first hand. During my internship at the Hell’s Gate National Park, I was able to get to experience the conservation bodies part. And it can be a very tricky situation that needs 100% fairness.

Wildlife being wildlife will do what they do best irregardless of where they are. So if they found themselves in your homestead and you have livestock. Then that’s food for them. You are required to call wildlife rangers in such cases. You have to secure yourself, family and maybe your livestock before you get courage to make that call. Not forgetting what may happen as you wait for the response team to show-up. And this confirms how things can get really messy and complicated.

Baboons needs few minutes to turn everything upside down.

Did you know that baboons from Lake Nakuru National Park can distinguish between a female from the male? Through dress code. And they don’t fear females, they consider them weak. They will easily chase after the males. And run away from the males. Next time you pay Lake Nakuru National Park a visit, ensure you interact with the locals. And ask them about the baboon menace. Or visit Langa Langa hospital in Nakuru town and ask about the people admitted as a result of baboon attack.

What do we do?

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