Lost Trust = Lost Friendship

Trust once broken can not be fixed,
Its just like a piece of glass shuttered into many pieces,
Or a broken egg or even spilled water,
Nothing can really be done to fix the situation.

Forgiveness is encouraged among people,
And we are further advised to ,
Forgive and forget,
But the forgetting part has conditions attached.

We don't just forget,
Resume to normal life,
And catch up from where we left.

No no no,
I don't think so,
We are all humans and will wrong each other,
Once in a while.

The mistakes helps to bring out what we may have given a blind eye,
So they cheated on you and you caught them,
What if you never caught them?
You may never be able to truly know that side of them.

So do you forgive them and forget?
Embrace them with warm hugs,
And act like nothing happened,
Because you chose to forgive and forget?

Your friend betrayed you,
They even costed you to lose a job or a good deal,
Or even sent you to jail,
Then you embrace forgiveness culture.

Lost trust can never be fixed 100%,
Yes we can try to build friendship again,
But its not a continuation of the previous one,
Because the previous one is dead dead.

Being treated well and friendly by someone you wronged,
Should never be mistaken for things being normal again,
Its just another shot to do things right,
With a benefit of doubt.

Don't expect to be treated like before,
Or enjoy things you did,
This time round,
You are just a stranger trying out their second chance.

Published by Cheche Winnie

Article Writer and Blogger I am blogger , proof reader, writer and copy writer with a Bachelor degree and three years of experience. I write easy to read articles with excellent English and zero grammatical error. Articles that are creative and deliver the inteneded message . I do intense research while writing the articles. I always deliver my work on time and adhere to the timelines given. Always online hence able to start working on your piece as soon as your hire me. I work in real time. Nature Conservationist Passionate about nature conservation education and awareness. I believe that our existence depends on the mother nature. I am also have skills in researching and have managed to publish my own article on the effects of the exotic plants species on the indigenous plants in the Arid lands of Kenya.

14 thoughts on “Lost Trust = Lost Friendship

  1. Hello Cheche. Thank you for sharing this post. I like that you expressed your honest thoughts here. In my opinion, I think that if the person who wronged us is willing to change or is already changing, there is no use remembering what they did, because what they did was a part of who they used to be, now they are new people, because they have eliminated that part of them through self-discipline. 🙂

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