Female-hood In The Wild

Why Do You Fight For Wildlife?

Female-hood In The Wild

Femalehood In The Wild. Is it any different from ours or for domestic species. As we get to celebrate women around the world on this special day. Lets celebrate the ladies in the wild too.

I wish all ladies around the world, happiest International Women Day. May we continue to shine and sky should not be the limit. Thumbs up to all men who support women.And those who are yet to join the team, we are waiting for you to transform. Women are the light and great asset in our community.

Today I was like us to get to know several females in the wild that make me smile every time I think about them. They include:

  • Lioness
  • Northern Jacana
  • Black Rhino
  • Baboon

You will manage to see which of them has traits you like or have.



Despite being smaller than the lions (male), they are better hunters and does most of the hunting. Surprisely, male lions are the ones that consume the prey first.

They are not only the bread winners, but lead the pride too. While their male counterparts, ensure no intruders. Defending the pride’s territory as well as marking it with their scent markings.

They do most of their huntings at night and in groups.

Northern Jacana

Northern Jacana

Now this one, is the best to study.

She lays the eggs and the male incubates them. She rarely or reluctantly incubates her eggs.

She lives within a territory of 1 – 4 mates. She will mate with several of them away or form more than one pair bonds with her mates. This is because they have a simultaneous polyandrous mating system.

Black Rhino

Black Rhino with her calf
Black Rhino with her calf

She has a very strong relation to her half. But not her mate. Spends time mostly alone and bond with a male while mating.


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