Simple Ways to lose weight

Our current lifestyle mostly involves spending long hours in offices and eating of fast foods. As a result, we have gained more weight and number of individuals with obesity is growing at an alarming rates. Experts have created awareness on obesity encouraging people to check on their calories intake by ensuring that we eat healthy diets.

Having excessive weight has a million problems attached to it, for instance, you; can’t enjoy yourself at the beach in a bikini, can’t play with your kids, hiking and partying is intimidating and it also makes you look old, among others.

No one would like to suffer the above and if you would like to shed those extra pounds then try the following tips;

Always eat your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will include a mix of proteins and whole grains. Proteins will reduce the urge to frequently snack during the day while whole grains will provide your bodies with vital elements such as carbohydrates, nutrients and fiber.


Not all of us love gym or activities involved. You can start by dancing to TVs commercials, radios jams, dance while you do your chores, practicing yoga , rope jumping , taking 30 minutes’ walk daily, taking breaks at workplace in between the shift, taking stairs instead of lift, among others. These are simple exercises that will boost your weight lose activity.

Eating of healthy diets

For you to succeed in losing weight, you will need to eliminate sugars and starches in your meals. Eliminating these foods will help you manage to lower your insulin levels, reduce appetite and hunger rates. A healthy diet includes proteins, vegetables and fats. Eat small servings and adopt slow eating.

Are you ready to get back to shape?

Published by Cheche Winnie

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