The Greater Apes: Orangutan and Bonobos

The Greater Apes: Orangutan and Bonobos

The Greater Apes: Orangutan and Bonobos

Today lets get to know two more greater apes, Orangutan and Bonobo


They are found in the rain forests, and native to Indonesia and Malaysia. These rain forests include that of Sumatra and another one for Borneo.

Their name loosely means a person in the forest.

Orangutan species

  • Tapanuli orangutan
  • Bornean orangutan
  • Sumatran orangutan

Unlike the ground-dwelling gorillas, Orangutan love to spend most of their time on trees.

Physical features

They have a reddish-brown hair covering their body.

The males are much bigger than the females. Dominant male have unique cheek pads.

They don’t have any tails. With very long strong arms and short bowed legs.

They are not very social

I tend to think that orangutans are the introverts in the greater apes kingdom. This is because, they are very solitary whereby relationships are only found between mums and their babies.


They are omnivorous, although fruits make the biggest portion in their diet.

Brain of orangutan

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