Nature and Wildlife should be part of our education

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Nature and Wildlife should be part of our education system

Nature and Wildlife should be part of our education system . It should be taught at schools just like the other basic subjects. So as to help kids appreciate and understand more about them from the beginning.

Giving Nature a Voice

Giving Nature a Voice

It’s a programme in Kenya that helps spread conservation education and awareness among the communities. They help young conservationists come up with ideas, help them develop a film and show it on the media. It’s a great tool and support for conservation.

I was lucky to attend one of their meetings yesterday. Whereby they were luncing their next season of films. It was a great experience. Meeting with conservationist across all ages and races. It’s like a cocktail of determined conservationists. Ready to cause positive developments in the world of conservation.

Several people got an opportunity to explain few topics on the conservation status in our country. Aired out the challenges as well as the victories.

The young ones are embracing conservation

The youngsters are embracing conservation too.

There was a group of young students in attendance. They were very vocal and didn’t shy to air out their ideas.

They wondered why wildlife was not taught at schools and wished that would change. They want such important issues to be part of their learning at schools.

I was moved by how good they had researched on the current status of various species in the world. They knew which species were at the verge of extinction. And also understand very well , that media can be a game changer in all these.

They explained how media can be used to help many understand basic information about wildlife and nature. And the fact that, currently, media moves information around in a lightening speed.

So I thought to myself, if those kids learnt about wildlife from few meetings and got that attached to them. To a point of creating their own group to create awareness. What would happen if it was part of their education. How much could they be able to do for the wildlife and nature.

It will also reach those schools in other towns outside Nairobi. Hence extending the coverage.

Education is the Key, Knowledge is Power


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10 thoughts on “Nature and Wildlife should be part of our education

  1. That’s awesome to see people actively engaging young people in conservation causes.

    In America, outdoor recreation is largely a “white” thing, and it can be rare to see a person of color in the backcountry. It’s a shame, because our public lands belong to all of us, not just us white folks. There are programs to get inner city youth of all races & ethnicities out into nature, and that helps. I love being in the backcountry because it’s what my family did when I was a kid. If we can get more young people interested in outdoor recreation, we’ll be able to turn a lot of them into environmental activists.

    Nature has so many valuable lessons for us; I want everyone to be able to experience some of what I have.

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