What do you need to have unforgettable trip in the wild?

What do you need to have unforgettable trip in the wild? Everyone looks forward to having an epic time out there during their trip. To create unforgettable moments and memories. To have one of a lifetime trips/weekend/safaris, etc. It’s a time to shake up the usual, let go the burden and stress of life asContinue reading “What do you need to have unforgettable trip in the wild?”

Do you have any plans this weekend?

Hello dear ones, do you have any plans this weekend? The week has finally come to an end. Time to relax and do something for fun. Get out there and interact with nature. Give your body and soul some treat. So what are some of the activities you can enjoy this weekend? Game drives /Continue reading “Do you have any plans this weekend?”

Is it a bright day.?

We are shortly past mid year, so 2018 is quickly fading away. We have made progress and failures along the way. Maybe we are not yet where we promised ourselves to do this year, but we still have 5 months to make it happen. Am not very happy with the death of some rhinos thatContinue reading “Is it a bright day.?”