Do we embrace coal mining or conserve the old town of Lamu?

Lamu is faced with a tough decision on whether to continue conserving it or allow coal mining in the area. The coal mine is to provide the needed power as per our vision 2030. If we go ahead and embrace the coal mining, we will be placing our environment in crisis. The environment impacts toContinue reading “Do we embrace coal mining or conserve the old town of Lamu?”

Effects Of Invasive species To The Ecosystem

Invasive species are species that have been introduced into a new area they have never been to before. They tend to do very well compared to the indigeous species in that particular area. This results to various negative outcomes to the species in the ecosystem. Are invasive and exotic species similar? They share some similaritiesContinue reading “Effects Of Invasive species To The Ecosystem”

What Are Endangered Species

Endangered species are those species considered to be nearly extinct as per the IUCN. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) are responsible of categorizing all the world species as per their vulnerability to extinction. They have a Red List that places species into the following categories: Extinct – No species still alive ExtinctContinue reading “What Are Endangered Species”

Its A Wonderful Wake Up Call

Ban on logging in Kenya has given birth to various steps and decisions that are super helpful to environment, Our members of parliament have at least agreed on the need to have a serious discussion on our forest cover, They all agree that the ban should even be permanent in that case, This is aContinue reading “Its A Wonderful Wake Up Call”