Everyone Loves Good Leather

That’s right, we all love good leather. It has to be genuine of best quality. This cut across all the leather products. From shoes, clothes, watch wrists, bags, just to name a few.

Leather is expensive but that doesn’t hinder or lower our. We are more than willing to incur the cost. With something made of leather, your status is pampered. It brings a good feeling and confidence.

A leather belt never disappoints.

But have you ever thought of its production process. Of course we know where leather comes from. It comes from animals. So how is it extracted?

Thanks to the documentaries.

Have you watched any documentaries illustrating the journey of your wonderful pair of shoes. Very few may have gotten this opportunity to have a look. And for sure, these documentaries are not for faint-hearten. Especially if you love animals.

It will be very easy to disown everything made of leather just by watching these documentaries. I saw one the other day. And gotten help to shed a few tears.

Animals too have rights. They are not to be subjected to cruelty and animosity. They do feel pain too. That should be always in our mind.

These guys are no longer safe. And their huge size makes them more vulnerable.

The documentary was on how snake’s skins are extracted. These poor creatures are being…….