Just because you ain’t the one doing it

Have you met these people in life? Who think everyone else is doing it wrong, And they are the only ones who can do it right. It gets really annoying when you end up doing it, Then when they come after you, Act as if you have not done anything. Worst of all, they paraphraseContinue reading “Just because you ain’t the one doing it”

It’s not always about you

Have you ever met this kind of human beings? Everything that happens around them, they will always find a way to make it about themselves. And am like, do you know how many billions we are on this poor planet. You are just like a drop in the ocean. So relax and understand that itsContinue reading “It’s not always about you”

She doesn’t know how to

She stares at the window as her thoughts carry her away. She is trying her best to fight her ‘demons”. Which seems to have won the fight. But she is yet to give up. She has hope of victory but doesn’t know how to. She was raised by an absent dad. Who never bothered aboutContinue reading “She doesn’t know how to”

What’s Your Emergency?

What’s your emergency? Is it an ex, retrenchment, unplanned pregnancy, broken relationship, Joblessness, poverty, self-esteem, love, thoughts, depression, etc, You know it deep down your soul. What are you doing about your emergency? Have you chose to ignore it, Or look / ask for help, Because every emergency needs some help from outside. It doesn’tContinue reading “What’s Your Emergency?”


What is self-love? What you understand regarding self-love? Does it mean anything to you? Do you give yourself some self-love? Do you believe it has any benefits to you? What are these benefits? Can people really benefit from you having some self-love? How do others benefit from you loving yourself? Does it really matter toContinue reading “SELF-LOVE”