Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier. It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’sContinue reading “Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out”

Holiday month

December is here! A month that has a celebration  univeral to the whole planet. Christmass,  a holiday celebrated by almost everyone irregardless of their believes. Some just use it to have good time with the families. Simply what a holiday entails. To some its time to have a break from the offices that prisons usContinue reading “Holiday month”

Be Safe While Enjoying Game drive

It’s important to be safe while enjoying game drive. We still need you to explain to us all the fun stuff and experience you get there. And you can only do that by being back completely and healthy. With no incidents. Every conservation area does have rules and regulations. Which helps to guide and guardContinue reading “Be Safe While Enjoying Game drive”

Leopard : Fast and beautiful

Leopard are the fastest felines as they can run up to to 58 km/h. The rosettes (dark spots that  resemble the shape of a rose) on their coats makes them look very beautiful. The rosette patterns are unique to each leopard. Leopards in East Africa tend to have circular rosettes while the ones in SouthernContinue reading “Leopard : Fast and beautiful”

Kenya is one of a kind

Kenya is one of a kind. Unique in many ways and a home to a wide range of amazing people. If you haven’t visited Kenya yet, it should be your next destination. Kenya is a country found within Africa. In fact most people think of Kenya when Africa comes to their mind or conversations. AmongContinue reading “Kenya is one of a kind”