Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier.

It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’s time to just relax and have some good time.

Beaches and big hotels maybe most preferred by many. Enjoying some vitamin D and sand bathing. What if you still get that vitamin D and get to make awesome memories. This is because Africa is hot, literally hot. Vitamin D from the sun is everywhere every day at least twelve hours.

Africa is still developing, so most of it is still in its raw state. Developments are yet to cover all places. So you will be able to get an insight of how things ran many years ago in its remote places. Simply, Africa is full of surprises and very welcoming to everyone in the world.

That said, what are some of these places can you be able to enjoy all these.

Here we go:


Chyulu hills

It hosts the greatest wildlife estate called Maasai Mara National Reserve. Also known as one of the best wildlife destination in the world. The Maasai Mara Reserve is also where the greatest wildebeest migration takes place.

It’s a home to a variety and good number of national parks and reserves. Not forgetting the historical sites, cultural centres, sanctuaries, nature parks, mountains, among others.


Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s the other half of the greatest wildebeest migration. A home to some of largest herds of wildlife mammals.

For beach lovers, Zanzibar offers you exactly that. And a lot of history to learn from.


Murchison Falls National Park

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Holiday month

December is here!

A month that has a celebration  univeral to the whole planet.

Christmass,  a holiday celebrated by almost everyone irregardless of their believes. Some just use it to have good time with the families.

Simply what a holiday entails.

To some its time to have a break from the offices that prisons us most of our days. Others its time to go for a safari, sunbath at the beaches, hit roads by doing road trips, go visit our parents, see countrryside and give cities a break, among others.

Its that month to be merry and thankful to have made this far. The 365 days are almost done.

Make December an awesome one and burry all the worries.

Be Safe While Enjoying Game drive

It’s important to be safe while enjoying game drive. We still need you to explain to us all the fun stuff and experience you get there. And you can only do that by being back completely and healthy. With no incidents.

Every conservation area does have rules and regulations. Which helps to guide and guard all the visitors. Sadly, just like the terms and conditions, very few do read them. Most of us just ignore and think we can handle it with no guidance. Until we do something crazy and things turn ugly.

Never Forget

Wildlife kill or get killed. They have no rules to follow or care about any. After all, its their home and they are wild. They have their own ways of living. They only care about what to eat, reproduce and survive. So they will literally do anything to keep it that way.

Some incidence that made me wanna pull some visitors’ ears

If you do game drives frequently, you get to meet different types of visitors. They sometime do crazy stuff either due to ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Taking photos carelessly in the wild

The selfie generation is the most annoying one. While in the wild, put a pose to your selfie moments. There was this family who had got out of their car to take selfies and photos. In the middle of the park. There were bushes nearby. They seem not to understand what danger they were exposing themselves to. Can you imagine they were in company of two toddlers?

Its very dangerous to get out of your car while in the wild. Unless you have a sign advising you so. Anything could have been in that bush. And wildlife could harm you badly before you make it back to your car. So its a terrible and dangerous to get out of your car while game driving.

You may think that you have checked for any wildlife presence. Hence safe to get out. But its wildlife habitat, they know their home well. And hiding favours them. Most wildlife will just allow you to spot them. But if they decide to hide, you will not be able to spot them. Let that sink in and remain in your car always.

Leaving windows and rooftops open

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Leopard : Fast and beautiful

Leopard are the fastest felines as they can run up to to 58 km/h. The rosettes (dark spots that  resemble the shape of a rose) on their coats makes them look very beautiful.

The rosette patterns are unique to each leopard. Leopards in East Africa tend to have circular rosettes while the ones in Southern Africa and Asia, have squarish rosettes.

Leopard subspecies include ;

  • African leopard
  • Indian leopard
  • Javan leopard
  • Arabian leopard
  • Anatolian leopard
  • Amur leopard
  • Indochinese leopard
  • Sri Lankan leopard
As we can tell, these subspecies are named according to the places they are found. Some of the species have gone extinct, vulnerable or threatened. This is due to majorly humans and both habitat lose and habitat fragmentation.

Leopard are adaptable to almost every environment.

They can literally live anywhere in the world
They can literally live anywhere in the world


Most of our wildlife parks and reserves in Kenya have leopards. The famous ones and known for their leopards include Samburu National Reserve and Maasai Mara National Reserves.
They are also found in the ice continent. There is where you get the amazing snow leopard.
More about the snow leopard in the next post.

They are solitary animals
They are solitary animals

Leopards are solitary animals. They only come together during mating.

Do you know that black panther is the other name for a melanistic leopard?

I hope the famous black panther movie gave something back to the wildlife. The name really helped their brand, and leopards qualify for some pat at the back.
Melanism do affect leopards do. It makes the rosettes invisible under the black coat.

FYI : Leopard’s coat colour varies based on the climate and habitats they occupy. They vary from pale yellow to yellowish brown or golden. 

Their colour varies depending on climate and habitat
Their colour varies depending on climate and habitat

Apart from running very fast, leopards can leap as well as spring a height of  6 meters.

Leopard are nocturnal animals

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Kenya is one of a kind

Kenya is one of a kind. Unique in many ways and a home to a wide range of amazing people. If you haven’t visited Kenya yet, it should be your next destination.

Kenya is a country found within Africa. In fact most people think of Kenya when Africa comes to their mind or conversations. Among the African countries we do shine.

Let's Explore Nakuru town, Kenya

Some know Kenya for the bad light while others knows it from its awesomeness. Those who have visited us or live here now, can attest that Kenya is an amazing place to be.

Many are the times we have been brought down to our knees by terrorist, our own people and even leaders. We have been victims of many wars and unfairness. But we always rise above our pain and problems. We have learnt to move on and concentrate on the positive sides.

Kenya is a home for approximately 43.5 million people. It hosts both the locals, foreigners and refugees. Constitutes forty-seven tribes including the foreign tribes that were accommodated as natives.

Kenya’s Capital city is Nairobi. It’s a vibrant city and the largest one in the country. The official languages are Swahili and English. Making it easier for the visitors to communicate with the locals. Kenyans are very friendly people and easy to mingle with.

We love visitors and always assures them hakuna matata. Almost all our forty seven counties have conservation areas. In fact our country is named after a mountain in Nyeri ( Mt. Kenya).

Wildlife still roams freely among local communities in some parts of our country. The locals have a convenient relationship with the wildlife. Although sometime it may go south leading to serious human-wildlife conflicts.

We have a wide range of wildlife with famous one known as the big five. They can be easily sighted the conservation areas or areas neighboring them. Flora are not left behind either. From the indigenous ones to even the exotic one.


Apart from wildlife, we have multiple places for fun. Including rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, swimming, game-viewing, camping, among others. One of the things that make us one of a kind.

We have amazing tourism attractions. From the wildebeest migration, humpback whale migration, game viewing for the big five, cultural tourism and research. It’s rich with resources to learn from and have fun.

We have a national park in the center of our capital city. Which was once known as the city on the sun. But unfortunately that has changed with time. Due to climate change, overpopulation, pollution, land encroachment.

Kenya is a land of almost everything. From arid and semi-arid areas. Wetlands and rain-forest. The coast. Rivers, lakes and streams. The equator cut across our country.

Most tribes in our country still practice their tradition ways of living. Hence a good place to learn some of our cultural values. Some major cities like Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, among others have embraced urbanization. And are mostly cosmopolitan.

The view was enough to make you smile
The view was enough to make you smile

Foal have brownish and white stripes.
Foal have brownish and white stripes.

Grevys zebra Thomson gazelles They are social animals


Snake skeleton at the Nairobi National Museum
Snake skeleton at the Nairobi National Museum


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