Like pole repel, unlike poles attract

Does this rule applies to humans too. Where by the poles represents gender. I read a post from one of my online friends. She had written her experience in Nairobi during her vacation. And yes it was great as expected. But there was a funny little problem. The few females she meet on the streetsContinue reading “Like pole repel, unlike poles attract”

You Should Try This Some Day

So the other day I was bored and didn’t have anywhere interesting to visit . And I didn’t  want to spend it indoors either . I needed some fresh air. As I stepped out of my house, I had no idea where I was going to. After few steps, I had an idea. I liveContinue reading “You Should Try This Some Day”

How Do you Feel?

How do you feel When you look back From where you have come from To where you are right now. How do you feel When you watch your previous places Schools, colleges and university you attended Things that shaped your intelligence developments. How do you feel When you analyze all your deeds Both good andContinue reading “How Do you Feel?”

Just A little Longer

Just a little longer, Things will eventually work out, You will no longer have a long sad face, And tears on your pillow. Just a little longer, You will gain courage, To face your fears and great opportunities, Everything will be accomplish-able. Just a little longer, You will get that dream life you dream ofContinue reading “Just A little Longer”