Do you express your creative side? Are you doing enough and satisfied with your accomplishments? What are the most important things in your life? How do you fulfill them? Are head the right direction and serving your purpose? What priority have you given your self-fulfillment? Are you able to enjoy fulfillment solely by yourself orContinue reading “SELF-FULFILLMENT”


What is the one thing that provokes you biggest? Is your hatred aggressive or passive? Between loving and hating, what comes to you easily? Does your hatred affect the quality of how you live? Does hatred offer any usefulness to you? What is the major cause of your hatred? Is your hatred highly directed toContinue reading “HATE”


Do you value what you do? How important is it to you? Do you base your self value on other peoples opinion or within? How well do you take care of both your mental and emotional needs? Are you contented with your present or needs some improvement? How do you handle your mistakes? How doContinue reading “SELF-ESTEEM”


Do you recognize solitude? Do you appreciate me time? Do you spend time with yourself? Do you create some alone time? What priority do you give it? Is it a hustle or a norm? Does solitude have any benefits? Is there any necessity to observe solitude? Can solitude help you find peace and contentment? CanContinue reading “SOLITUDE”


  What do you understand by being mindful? Are you aware of things happening around you? What do you observe right now around you? Do you day-dream? Does your thoughts, emotions and surroundings carry you away sometimes? Do they affect your daily activities? What matters to you the most? Is it your past, present orContinue reading “MINDFULNESS”


What do you understand about “Love”? What does it mean “To be in Love”? Is it an idea, noun or verb? Is your love attached to anything? Are they are standards to be meant for one to earn your love? Is it conditional or unconditional? Do you love to be loved back? Or do youContinue reading “LOVE”


What is self-love? What you understand regarding self-love? Does it mean anything to you? Do you give yourself some self-love? Do you believe it has any benefits to you? What are these benefits? Can people really benefit from you having some self-love? How do others benefit from you loving yourself? Does it really matter toContinue reading “SELF-LOVE”


Are you happy or unhappy? Are you living a happy life? How do you feel every morning you wake up to a new day? Do you hold anything above your happiness? Do you allow desires and expectations limit your happiness? Is they anything limiting you from being happy? What makes you happy? What are theContinue reading “HAPPINESS”


What do you understand by the word wisdom? What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge? If you were to choose between being wise or genius, which one would you pick? Do you agree that wisdom comes with age or you are born with it or you learn it? What does mistakes do to you?Continue reading “WISDOM”