Have you ever been prank called?

If Yes, How did it go? And what crazy stuff did you do or say?

Prank calls  bring laughter and mostly worst out of people. It’s one of the entertainment I love most. Its best if you are not the one getting the prank call.

I can remember of two prank calls done on me. And both got me off-guard. It’s rare to manage to notice a prank early.

So my former high school friend decided to prank me. On a night when things were quite rough on my end. I had just broken up with my ex. He claimed to be calling from the criminal investigation office. Mark you, my ex was working in that department.

He was so convincing and caught me well. He toyed with my brains and I got really frustrated. Just when I had given up explaining my innocent to the ”allegations’. He gave me his true identity.

Damn, I was angry and happy at the same time. We had not spoken for almost five years, I guess that why I was unable to recognize his voice. I really laughed at myself. This must be one of the best bonding moments with my long-lost friends.

The second prank didn’t end so well. In fact , it was more of me doing the prank to myself through her. Just like many Kenyans, she has several contact numbers. And I had only saved one. So I was not sure of the other numbers. The number happened to look almost similar to one of my other friend. Who we had just spoke during the day. And she was to call back in the evening to close up on a deal we had.

I answered the call and went to the point thinking she was the one. And my friend played along. She fooled along for about 30 minutes. After which she loudly laughed at me , announcing her name. I really got pissed. I don’t know why.

All in all I love hearing and watching people get pranked. And there’s one radio station which has mastered this act perfectly.

Can you imagine someone giving you a prank very early in the morning. When you are half asleep and prone to hear and say your own things. Shaffie Weru of Kiss 100 does exactly that. This is after your loved one gives him sufficient information about you. So getting off his hook , maybe a little bit tricky.

He makes our morning refreshing and full of laughter. I like listening to him do the prank call to the poor innocent people. Do you imagine being pranked on a national radio live?

What’s your prank story?