Spoilt kid

How do you help such kids, They have everything they desire, Get attended to no matter how stupid their demand can be sometimes, Everything is at there disposal. They get so absorbed in their arrogant behaviors, And somehow forgets the reality of life, They take everything and everyone for granted, Hence care less about them.Continue reading “Spoilt kid”

I loved them

“Mum am done with the chores, can I take princess now?” she jumped with joy as she approached her mother. It was during my visit to the hair dresser. My hair dresser have wonderful kids. I have always loved the way she relates with them. They are admirable . But today, the talk was aContinue reading “I loved them”

A Letter From A Frustrated Parent

What has happened to you son? I have been wondering for a while now with no answer. Is it something I have not done right? Or something I haven’t provided yet? Or just a choice you have made. To frustrate me. It’s like I no longer know you. It feels like am no longer yourContinue reading “A Letter From A Frustrated Parent”

What’s Happening with Kids Nowadays

I still don’t understand how kids turned out this way. They are no longer kids per say but unprepared adults. They are busy getting babies so in short, babies have babies. And sad thing is , almost everyone is getting comfortable with the idea. I remember when I was growing up, despite my mum beingContinue reading “What’s Happening with Kids Nowadays”