Is it out of Necessity or Greed?

Is it out of Necessity or Greed? Is it out of Necessity or Greed? Whatever you do no matter how small or big it may appear. How important or what value it may have on you. What drives your motivation? When Government acts after the public takes laws into their hands (Necessity or Greed) WhyContinue reading “Is it out of Necessity or Greed?”

Protect what is close to your heart

Protect what is close to your heart We should be able to protect what is close to our hearts. Because they mean a lot to us. We should not allow anyone, absolutely anyone mess up with them. These things include our natural resources, cultures, public resources, etc. Anything we owe as a public, we shouldContinue reading “Protect what is close to your heart”

Who does natural resources belong to?

Who do you think natural resources belong to? Is it the public as stated by constitution in most countries? Or citizens of that particular area/location. Or individuals who think that it does belong to them. From my understanding, natural resources belong to the public. Benefits obtained from them should be used enjoyed by all citizens.Continue reading “Who does natural resources belong to?”