My Everything

She is my everything, Reason for my existence, Reason behind my smile and happiness, She is my world. As I waited to enter 2019, I texted her a sweet message as I could not be able to be with her, She responded with the sweetest message as usual, But this time, it’s had something extra.Continue reading “My Everything”

Would you help your enemy?

Would you help your enemy, incase they needed your help? Before you answer that, let me give you a true story I heard somewhere. It was a bright day just like other weekends. And kids were at home.  There was this one mother who had left her little one under the care of the bigContinue reading “Would you help your enemy?”

Why am I angry?

I still don’t really know why am this angry at her. It was an eventful day and was happy about it. Unfortunately , on my way home this happened. I came across a couple fighting. Waiting they were not fighting since the lady was the one receiving the beating. The guy was fighting her ruthlessly,Continue reading “Why am I angry?”

Now I get it

I still remember that day when we officially called it quit. And decided to go separate ways. It was very painful on my end and left me devastated. I spent months asking myself hard questions that I never had answers for. I kept blaming myself for the failure of our relationship. Maybe I was tooContinue reading “Now I get it”


What do you understand about “Love”? What does it mean “To be in Love”? Is it an idea, noun or verb? Is your love attached to anything? Are they are standards to be meant for one to earn your love? Is it conditional or unconditional? Do you love to be loved back? Or do youContinue reading “LOVE”


What is self-love? What you understand regarding self-love? Does it mean anything to you? Do you give yourself some self-love? Do you believe it has any benefits to you? What are these benefits? Can people really benefit from you having some self-love? How do others benefit from you loving yourself? Does it really matter toContinue reading “SELF-LOVE”