Can a mother neglect her baby?

Do you think its possible for a mum to neglect her baby? In this era, I have come to learn to learn that everything is very possible. Even the most craziest think you can think of. It’s possible. We are in an era whereby physical appearance have been given a lot of weight. People areContinue reading “Can a mother neglect her baby?”

What Will People Say

“What will people say ?” is the notorious hindrance to many dreams and destinations. As much as we are always advised to ignore what people will say, it’s debatable sometimes. We are social beings by default. We depend on each other. And of course, no man is an island. You want more people to flockContinue reading “What Will People Say”

Whats happening to Our Youth Population

It’s sad when a young person dies. They vanish with their wonderful dreams that could change our world for the best. More young people are losing their lives leaving behind their old folks. Is this how its supposed to be? Look around and recheck all your friends that you have buried so far? How areContinue reading “Whats happening to Our Youth Population”

Common Sense Is Not Very Common

Do you agree/disagree with me? Whoever named it “common sense” may need to reconsider this name. What is “common sense” ? It is believed to be the ability to understand, judge and perceive. This ability is peceived to be gifted to everyone. That’s why is it perceived common. It is basicaly a normal native intelligence.Continue reading “Common Sense Is Not Very Common”


Do you express your creative side? Are you doing enough and satisfied with your accomplishments? What are the most important things in your life? How do you fulfill them? Are head the right direction and serving your purpose? What priority have you given your self-fulfillment? Are you able to enjoy fulfillment solely by yourself orContinue reading “SELF-FULFILLMENT”


What is the one thing that provokes you biggest? Is your hatred aggressive or passive? Between loving and hating, what comes to you easily? Does your hatred affect the quality of how you live? Does hatred offer any usefulness to you? What is the major cause of your hatred? Is your hatred highly directed toContinue reading “HATE”