It’s not always about the money

We spend 99% of our lives working to pay our bills and live a better live, You may get confused and tend to think that’s its all about the money, That’s why you find yourself working in a job you hate, Working very hard to a point of not allowing your body to breathe. NowContinue reading “It’s not always about the money”


Don’t be afraid of change

Change can be really threatening and humbling, But mostly come with best fruits. No one likes change even the risk takers, They have just taught themselves how to deal with changes. Change may bring unexpected results but you have to encourage yourself, To push forward no matter what, Evaluate if you have to make moreContinue reading “Don’t be afraid of change”

Now I get it

I still remember that day when we officially called it quit. And decided to go separate ways. It was very painful on my end and left me devastated. I spent months asking myself hard questions that I never had answers for. I kept blaming myself for the failure of our relationship. Maybe I was tooContinue reading “Now I get it”

Thank you for not giving up on me

I never thought I would make it out alive, I had given up on everything, Including myself, But you stood by me throughout. Why did you do that for me? Will I have done the same for you? Those questions still exercise my mind, But am always grateful to have you as my best friend.Continue reading “Thank you for not giving up on me”