Am Afraid to renew our friendship

You ask why I no longer seem to care about you, And sincerely I don’t know how to put it politely, But I can’t be your friend again, I think it will be nice we go separate ways. Don’t be confused and think that I lied, When I said that I have forgiven you, Yes,Continue reading “Am Afraid to renew our friendship”


Is Respect still earned?

The respect you hold for people, what do you base it on? Is it on their fame, money, influence, what they do for you, achievements, age, size, or something else? Do you still believe that respect should be earned? A young lady went to the washroom while the cleaners were doing cleaning, Ignoring the signContinue reading “Is Respect still earned?”

I could relate

She sat beside me as we headed to town, Looked very calm with a sad face, Then she could look at her face from time to time, After a few glance to her phone, Tears started to roll down her cheek, She typed something and looked outside, Got a text and shed more tears asContinue reading “I could relate”

I Salute You Mum

A day like today many years ago, my mum was somewhere experiencing labor pain because of me. In that year, it was a Thursday. I really did not want mum to get to weekend without me. I had to pop up before the weekend could officially begin. Mum told me that I gave her aContinue reading “I Salute You Mum”