Shame to all of us

Few days ago our primary schools did their final exams. And our news were full of girls who sat the exams pregnant. While others end up giving birth during the exams. They still did the exams. But at the hospitals. With all the childbirth pain, police and invigilators “guard” them while they did the papers.Continue reading “Shame to all of us”


Power of Earphone/headphones

Earphones are life savers, especially to the introverts in crowded places,  Its helps to create you your own world and an escape plan, After all, its an international language to tell the others to keep off.  Music is the best medicine after laughter, It has calming and soul uplifting effect, Helps you celebrate your wins,Continue reading “Power of Earphone/headphones”

True Friends

Everyone has that one friend who gets them 100%. The friendship is not perfect but feels more of a family. You may not talk in months. Or stay away from each other for a very long time. But still have one of the best time when you finally meet. Its like you have been togetherContinue reading “True Friends”

Why do you keep postponing?

It has been a while now,you keep changing dates when to actually do it. You thought it will be okay that you start on Monday then this changed to Saturday and shortly you thought maybe first day of a new month will do. But here we are . We are yet to action. Do youContinue reading “Why do you keep postponing?”

Never do that again

Am still wondering how you got guts to judge me, You have no right nor place for that, What did you expect to accomplish after all that? She walks towards me majestically,I don’t pay any attention to her. I don’t know her, and I thought she wanted to sit on the empty seat next toContinue reading “Never do that again”