Do your best

We have to do the best we are capable of. This is our sacred human responsibility.

Albert Einstein

You need a reboot

When you have worked on something for so long,
But gained very little,
Motivation is depreciating each passing second,
Strength to move on seems painful,
You need to reboot.
This doesn't mean you erase everything,
Not really, just the necessary ones,
Allowing pending commands to flow,
And no backlogs to drag you behind.
The reboot allows you to freshen up,
Get new ideas to support the existing ones,
Space to take a breath and see how far you have come,
Time to evaluate the remaining steps.
Let no one rush you,
Take your sweet time and enjoy each step of the way,
Understand the importance of reboot,
And match forward to your awaiting success.

My Everything

She is my everything,
Reason for my existence,
Reason behind my smile and happiness,
She is my world
As I waited to enter 2019,
I texted her a sweet message as I could not be able to be with her,
She responded with the sweetest message as usual,
But this time, it's had something extra.
Her message gave a big smile to both my lips and heart,
Each word carried heavy weight with it,
Full of love and happiness,
I could feel her embraces and kisses as I read her response.
Mom, you are the best in the whole world,
Am the luckiest lady to have you as my mom,
You have been my rock, counselor, best friend, simply everything,
And never complained about it ever.
Most things that you wish for me always come to pass,
And the ones that have not yet come to pass,
You keep promising that they will eventually happen,
Love you very much mom,
You are my heartbeat and love of my life.