Love yourself first
Love yourself first
It will find you
It will find you
Be yourself
Be yourself
Bonus_ For my love for Captain cold
Bonus_ For my love for Captain cold

I Don’t Care

Gone are the days,
When I really cared on others,
Not hurting their feelings,
But now,
I don’t care.

I used to concentrate on other’s feelings,
And in return ,
Hurting my own,
I only cared about them,
But now,
I don’t care.

I could be so afraid to “harm” anyone,
Not able to say truly what I meant,
As long as, they were happy,
I struggled to keep it that way,
But now,
I don’t care.

Most of them made me their door mat,
Requested for abnormal favors,
After all,
I always said yes to them,
But now,
I don’t care.

Saying NO was a foreign language to me,
I sacrificed everything to just not giving it when applicable,
The response was what you already have in mind,
No one cared about me,
But now,
I too don’t care.

My third eye is open,
And I come first while the rest follow,
“NO” has become my closest buddy,
No more “pleasing”
Because I don’t care.

It feels good to say NO once in a while,
To have people understand that you are not their doormat,
That you matter,
And most importantly,
Understand that you don’t care.

You are worthy some TLC,
Being concerned is okay,
But caring,
Choose who to give it to diligently ,
Who really needs to be cared for.

Don’t be too hard on Yourself

For you to succeed in Life , we are advised to push ourselves to the limit. This will ensure that we are able to utilize all our gifts, talents and knowledge. In return, we are able to accomplish more and make our dreams come true.

Allow yourself some slack

But how far should you push yourself? When do you know that you need to cut yourself some slack? When do you allow yourself some breathing space?

You may be so good at something and still mess up. Do something you are not supposed to do. Fail again despite promising yourself never to do that thing. Simple things like never eating junk food, but you end up eating some. You know, after maybe six months of successfully avoid junk and boom. It makes its way to your plate.

As long as you gave it your best, don't look down on yourself

What do you think or feel about your action? Do you consider it a stupid thing to do, a weakness, see yourself as a loser or give up on yourself? What do you do to yourself, psychologically and mentally?

We don’t always win despite the hard work and all the sacrifices. Some days we will win and others we will lose. Some days you will need to depend on your friends for a change. While others days you will just have to consider it a draw.

Its important to understand that. We are humans and prone to make errors. They are what make us strong and smarter. Something may keep slipping our fingers. Causing us to repeat that one mistake a zillion times. But trust me , one day one time , you will manage to do it right.

Be there for yourself

Pat yourself at the back when you get it right, encourage yourself when things go south and never  lose focus. Mental health is important, lets not harass this big guy.

What happens when you push the engine to its limit. Not allowing it to do what it can handle. It eventually gives up and most of the time dies. Good thing is that you can always replace a destroyed engine.

But think about it, we have no spare brains to replace with if we mess up with the current ones we have. Yes, our brains can do extra ordinary things we could never imagine of. But do it systematically. Allow it needed support and timelines to effectively serve you.

You can always ask for help when need be

If you failed to get it right today, you have an opportunity to get it right tomorrow. You will not always manage to conquer stuff, some of them need more practice. Understand that.

Please don’t be too hard on yourself.

May June Be Awesome To You

Don't be one of these people
Don’t be one of these people
Don't allow the past to hold you back
Don’t allow the past to hold you back
Eliminate what didn't work out and embrace what did.
Eliminate what didn’t work out and embrace what did.
Empty out the garbage pulling you back
Empty out the garbage pulling you back
May this month help to make your dreams come true
May this month help to make your dreams come true
Happy new month Friends
Happy new month Friends