In Support of, ”This is Ground Zero. Support the Future”

In Support of, ”This is Ground Zero. Support the Future” In Support of, ”This is Ground Zero. Support the Future”. This has been done in different cities through protests by school kids. With one message, for political leaders to pay attention and stop politizing everything. Greta Thunberg is a sweet girl aged 16 years. VeryContinue reading “In Support of, ”This is Ground Zero. Support the Future””

What is this Carbon Footprint?

What is this carbon footprint? Have you heard of it or saw it in some titles ? People throwing the word as they talk about climate change. Urging us to reduce our carbon footprint. Then you wonder what is this thing that am to reduce? Definition Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide releasedContinue reading “What is this Carbon Footprint?”

Where do we stand as a planet?

Where do we stand as a planet? In terms of natural resources and health of our atmosphere. Do you have any idea? Or have any clue? Unfortunately some people don’t believe in science or their research. Hence ignoring all the reports given regarding anything. Am not sure what they use to understand the changes weContinue reading “Where do we stand as a planet?”

What Do You Understand about Climate Change

Most of us don’t really understand what climate change is. Its more of threats being given to us by scientists . We see it as predictions and hence fail to give it the attention it needs. I read somewhere how someone thinks that climate change is just some science crap that will never happen. HeContinue reading “What Do You Understand about Climate Change”