True Friends

Everyone has that one friend who gets them 100%. The friendship is not perfect but feels more of a family. You may not talk in months. Or stay away from each other for a very long time. But still have one of the best time when you finally meet. Its like you have been togetherContinue reading “True Friends”

Thank you for not giving up on me

I never thought I would make it out alive, I had given up on everything, Including myself, But you stood by me throughout. Why did you do that for me? Will I have done the same for you? Those questions still exercise my mind, But am always grateful to have you as my best friend.Continue reading “Thank you for not giving up on me”

Letter to all Rapists

How is the going, Living with the knowledge of what you have caused to your victims, Do you pose for a minute and reflect on the impact you left in them. Maybe you enjoyed it, or felt remorse afterwards, or yet to figure out what you feel about the whole thing. Many lives have beenContinue reading “Letter to all Rapists”

What I have Learnt From Having My Mum as My best Friend

It is always parent’s wish to have their kids trust and confide in them. But this changes as we grow up. Mix with different kids and get exposed to the outside world. It sometimes gets to its worst, when the parents get caught up with their careers. Am sure they would want to spend moreContinue reading “What I have Learnt From Having My Mum as My best Friend”