Letter to all Rapists

How is the going,

Living with the knowledge of what you have caused to your victims,

Do you pose for a minute and reflect on the impact you left in them.

Maybe you enjoyed it, or felt remorse afterwards, or yet to figure out what you feel about the whole thing.

Many lives have been lost, others destroyed and more damage done,

The weak ones gave up and ended their lives,

The strong ones keep fighting to have courage to stay alive,

The confused ones are yet to know what to do next.

If they thought in terms of revenge,

They would wish that one day,

You too have  kids just like them,

Then these kids cross ways with a monster just like you,

And get raped.

As they crawl and cry for help,

Trying their best to overcome the pain and accept the situation,

You will watch the pain you made someone go through ,

Through your kid’s eyes,

Maybe then you will fully understand the consequences for your monster actions.

But what they will do is forgive you ,

Try to make peace with the past,

Hoping karma will catch up with you,

Forgiveness is the only thing that will heal the wounds,

As well as boast will to live.

If you thought you conquered,

Then you are terribly wrong,

Yes you were a stumbling block,

And that was turned  to be  stepping stone,

For a bright future,

So you were damn wrong.
If you are victim or have a relation with one of them. Maybe a friend or a sibling or

anyone you know. Help them understand that it was never their fault to go through it.

We may never understand what it really feels but we will always be there for them. Live

is precious and a gift, problems and such incidences can be used to build strength. Lets

concentrate on the positives and make peace with the past. As long as you are still

breathing, you have a purpose to accomplish.


Please Forgive Me

First and foremost.

I would like to ask me to forgive me.Forgive me for all the frustrations I exposed myself to. The hurting I caused myself with the heavy heart I carried with me around. Forgive me for being too hard on me even when it didn’t make sense. Blaming me on the various mistakes and failures along the way. Forgive me for not allowing half time and assess the situation.

I realize I pushed me too far. Stretched me beyond limits. I may had good intentions. But went overboard. All in all, we have the best moments and those are what I will dwell on as I fare thee well this life.

Friend, forgive me

Forgive me for not being there for you. With no explanation. I know I just vanished when you needed me the most. I was a afraid to fail you. So I cowardly ran away. Decided to go MIA on you. You tried to reach out but I blocked all our communication channels. You did nothing wrong. I was just too scared to let you down. I was afraid to let you know that the problem you were facing, was too big for me to help out.

Am sorry for not being a good friend. For not being helpful. Neglecting our friendship from time to time. Blaming you when you couldn’t help. Not considering that maybe it was beyond you. Hence couldn’t help. Am sorry for expecting a lot from you rather than cherish our friendship. Sorry for everything. Too bad I was not a good friend.

Relatives , forgive me

Forgive me for being too busy for you. Not showing up on the family meetings. Having excuses each time. Distancing myself from all of you. I saw myself as a bother to all of you. I saw that I had too many problems and of little if none help. So I had to eliminate the burden (me) and disappear. Some of you may have run into wrong conclusions but I will try my best to be a good family member as I take my final breaths.

Parents, forgive me.

Forgive me for not being a good kid. For not following instruction and advice. Apologies for deviating from the right path you guided me into. You did a good job in raising me well. But I ended up ignoring all that. I though I was more clever than you. Saw you as just mere old folks. But here I am facing consequences of my stupidity. I may be too late to salvage. But I hope you forgive me for everything.

If I had another shot in life.I would try to make things right. Try to make you proud. But I guess am too late for that.



Don’t allow yourself to reach this point. Make amendments when you still have strength. Forgive where you need to . And ask for forgiveness too. Make peace with your past to avoid it catching up with you. Make time for both yourself and others. Live life and enjoy the ride.

May we all have a fabulous weekend.