What I have Learnt From Having My Mum as My best Friend

It is always parent’s wish to have their kids trust and confide in them. But this changes as we grow up. Mix with different kids and get exposed to the outside world. It sometimes gets to its worst, when the parents get caught up with their careers. Am sure they would want to spend moreContinue reading “What I have Learnt From Having My Mum as My best Friend”

Don’t be too hard on Yourself

For you to succeed in Life , we are advised to push ourselves to the limit. This will ensure that we are able to utilize all our gifts, talents and knowledge. In return, we are able to accomplish more and make our dreams come true. But how far should you push yourself? When do youContinue reading “Don’t be too hard on Yourself”

February was Stupendous

Its a month that officially kicked off my 2018. I was able to pay a visit to some of my best friends, made new ones along the way, visited few places, had awesome time with my family and learnt alot. Its a month that allowed me enjoy what I really love and have passion for.Continue reading “February was Stupendous”

Happiest Birthday Brother

It your special day baby bro, May you get to enjoy it to the fullest, You have grown so fast which makes me very happy every time I see you, Just the other day you were in diapers, now they confuse who is supposed to be the older, I guess nature compensated my height on you.Continue reading “Happiest Birthday Brother”

Stop Taking Moments For Granted

Yes, we usually take a lot of things for granted from our friends who stick by us through thick and thin, jobs we think are too low for us, good health, wonderful parents who are aging, outdoors activities that make us connect to the nature and promote true self evaluations, community that brought you up,Continue reading “Stop Taking Moments For Granted”