Why am I angry?

I still don’t really know why am this angry at her.

It was an eventful day and was happy about it. Unfortunately , on my way home this happened.

I came across a couple fighting. Waiting they were not fighting since the lady was the one receiving the beating. The guy was fighting her ruthlessly, even throwing stuff like broken bottles at her. She was trying her best to apologize but this guy seem not to get any of that.

People had just surrounded them , as if watching tv show. No one tried or showed sign of helping these people out. Claiming that fights between couple should be left to the couples to solve. But hey, this lady’s life was on line here. This guy could end up ending her life while they watched.

I tried to ask one of the guys in the audience to try to hold down the fighting dude since he was the big one. He just snobbed me and told me to enjoy the show just like everyone else. This was bullshit so i went for the extreme measure. I decided to give a call to one of my friends who happens to be in the police department.

At least he seem to care and able to do something. He was very effective because they responded in the shortest time possible. The lady was already bleeding from all the cuts she got from the broken glasses.

Then boom, she almost gave me a heart attack. She requested the police to release his husband, As it was a simple misunderstanding. That things will be okay. What was wrong with her?

The police had no choice but release the guy. And they left.

Guess what!

Just as the police car left and I decided to go home and mind my own business. I had the screamings again. The fight resumed.

Am still very angry when I remember or think about this incidence.

LETS ALL SAY A BIG NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. No person is allowed to cause any kind of abuse to their partners.



What is really happening in our homes these days? When did it become okay to kill your spouse and kids ? When did love and family values left our homes?

It has become like a norm these days on our news. Domestic violence has gone to another level. Both men and women are suffering wrath from their spouses. And now children too are being targeted. Disagreements will always be there. We disagree to agree. And if it fails to work, we have friends and relatives to help out.

Marriages have become like graveyards. It’s hard to believe that two people who loved each other enough to marry would one day take each other’s life away. Is it frustrations, ego,mental health, lack of communication, etc? What is happening in homes nowadays.

Burning your spouse and beautiful kids before taking away your own life. Strangling them then doing the same to yourself. Make arrangements for your family to be killed. When did we get there?

I remember when the men from Nyeri would be brutally cut by their wives. The wives were angry because the men were busy drinking and not feeding the family. Several men even risked losing their private parts. They were being chopped off since they were no longer in service.

After a while, the incidences reduced. Several organizations came to the rescue of these men. They were introduced to several programs like rehab . This helped them turn away from their lost way. Unfortunately, illicit brew still remains a problem in our country.

Did we concentrate too much on the girl child and women empowerment? And forgot about the male counter parts. As the evaluation and research are being down, women have been reported to be progressing. Which is a good news to the community and a step forward to gender equality.

My heart breaks each time I watch news and witness another death of a whole family. Reason being a quarrel. neighbours narrating how the deceased family would argue time to time. Very little babies dying painful deaths for no good reasons. Relatives being left behind with untold pain and questions they will never get answers for.

Lives are precious. Problems are inevitable. Love conquers everything. Communication is the key to a health relationship. Nothing is impossible. Always look for a better solution and not death.